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Zach Deputy

11.07.2008 @ 2:10 PM in Lifestream
I got a text from my buddy Randall (and my tattooist) saying "Come to Nietzsches now." It was out of the blue, I was sitting down already in my pajamas watching Akira, but Randall always has a good reason for everything. I threw on some clothes, and walked down to West Allen. Nietzsches is the type of bar where there's always a show. Some shows are good, some some shows are not so good, but the guinness is cheap and the folk is ecclectic. Back in the day, cuntwhistle extroordinaire Ani DiFranco used to play there. Then she got really cool and bought a church. I walk in, pay my five bucks, and give Randall a big hug. Then he spins me around to the source of the Jam-bandy music: a furry visage in plaid shorts with long underwear and a long black shirt on which a glassblown pendant laid. Just being furry and cute was enough for me, but I soon realized that the source of all this music came from one guy, surrounded by pedals and sequencers, beat machines and microphones everywhere. I was floored. I don't really like lovey folk jam bands, but Zack Deputy is a machine. His eyes were nearly always closed as the most beautiful melodies flew from his lips. Imagine the tonal range of Justin Timberlake in the body of Grizzly Adams. He built up each song with a little beatboxing, then brought in various loops until taking over with his guitar. I'm totally clueless as to how he did it but at one point he made his his guitar sound like carribean drums. Check him out at his official website ( Buy his music, throw around some posters and he'll make you a deputy...  giving discounts on shows and free "Ziggy Bear Hugs."