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Wired 15th Anniversary: For the Love of PMS805

05.21.2008 @ 2:19 PM in Technology
Wired has long been a fan of using neon inks for their magazine covers, and Pantone 805 Orange-Red Neon Ink is somewhat of a signature color. To celebrate, they doused the entire cover in PMS 805; I literally saw the thing sticking out of the mailbox from the other end of the driveway (and I live in a carriage house!). The articles are pretty swell too, a farewell to Bill Gates, BSG, and a bit about how to really cut down global warming... Subscribe now (Only $10) and you'll get this issue guaranteed, or go the the bookstore and look for the sore thumb... Its totes worth it.

What Kind of Geek Are You?

03.20.2008 @ 9:03 AM in Technology

[click above to embiggen]

Page four-dee-too of April's Wired features a "field guide to the identification of unique species in the nerd underground." Here's the description for "gadget guy," the type I most feel associated with.. The Gadget Guy
  • Disposition: Sociable while waiting in line on launch day; ferocious in comments on Gizmodo. Seemingly unflappable in the face of early adopter's remorse (AKA Apple Newton Syndrome).
  • Beliefs: I can fix that. There's no god but Macgyver. The price will drop in a month but I need it now.
  • Turn-ons: Unboxing videos. Backup batteries. Blue LEDs. Laser pointers. People who RTFM. Things that make loud clicking sounds.
What kind of Geekster are you? Be sure to pick up April's Wired, its a good read (as always) and features an in-depth article on the battle of Gizmodo vs Engadget and why Brian Lam is such a jerk. If you don't subscribe to Wired, you really should, its the common denominator between all types of geek.