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Want: SuperFishal Big Skull Pint Glass

05.22.2008 @ 8:01 PM in Lifestream

Remember Barry the Beaver? Well making questionable vibrating vinyl isn't the only thing Jeremy Fish does. He's actually a very talented artist, often working with Upper Playground to produce urban wear, art prints and apparently pub glasses too. Much to the delight of his alcoholic fans, you can pick up Jeremy's Big Skull Pint Glass for 15 bucks from Design Public.

Want: Kozik Anarchy Plush Labbit

05.06.2008 @ 11:26 AM in Lifestream
I've been a wee bit absent about designer toy posts for a bit, ok, pretty absent about a lot of stuff.. to think I let BRO beat me to the punch on the Elmwood Strip Updates because I was too lazy to get the info out first. I'm approaching that point right now where blogging is getting harder and harder because i'm working more and more. I've got some tricks up my sleeve though... Anyways, the Vinyl Toy Network was May 4th, an occasion full of collaborations and new customs and release teasers, like the one DKE Toys put out: a plush Anarchy Labbit. No word on price or release date, but I'm getting one.

WANT: KidRobot releases Adult Swim Minis in April.

03.06.2008 @ 10:56 AM in Lifestream


[Assy McGee, Lil' Squidbillie, Robot Chicken, and Grandma Squidbillie]

This is it. Convergence. The love of the toy merged with the love of late night absurdity... KidRobot plans to release a 20 toy blind box series this April featuring an allstar Adult Swim cast. The figures appear to be about 3 inches tall, and will retail at select retail stores for $7.95 Here's the lineup: Definitely I shall definitely be getting up on this series like a fat kid on a Snicker Bar. I'm not a fan of all the shows to be featured, but I plan on getting the ATHF, Robot Chicken, and Squidbillies. I really really hope the two mysteries are Master Shake and Meatwad from teh Aquateen Series...


  • Via Vinyl Pulse because KidRobot is keeping quiet. Apparently, during SDCC 2007, Kidrobot sent out a press release that they had secured the license to drop the minis this February. That never happened. No one really know why but if Vinyl Pulse is on the money (they nearly always are) then we will see these in early to mid April. Hopefully I'll hear more soon and I'll see what I can do about poking Hero Design to carry a box or three.

Want: A little bit of Squid Lovin

01.18.2008 @ 11:42 AM in Technology
tentacle_01.jpg For those times when a bitch slap just simply won't do, Gaia has given us the opportunity to stick it to 'em right, literally. The Tentacle Arm is 100% polyester, looks like plush on the backside with the underarm riddled with plenty of suction cups to let everyone know you mean business. Pick it up for $15.00.

Want: Size? Burgerman Umbrella

01.11.2008 @ 9:41 AM in Lifestream
I would never hint hint for gift ideas around near my birthday (WEDNESDAY JAN 16TH!!!!). Eff that, I want this! sizeburgerman.jpg Jon Burgerman is a doodle fiend. He probably scribbled these awesome exclusive pieces for size? in an hour and then cashed the check. I'm not sure what makes these so striking, is it the "?" riddled amidst a cast of contoured characters? Maybe. Is it the limited 300 per piece run worldwide availability that makes me wanna skip a rent check right now to get these the whole set? Perhaps. However it could just be the fact that this is the coolest umbrella I have ever seen in my entire life and I want it in my hands like Obama (nObama 2008!) wants Hillary (FTW!) in the back of his trunk. All that life changing, rain repelling, pimp statusing Mark-Brickey-Piss-your-pants-you-jealous-Mofo could be mine for £11.99, or ~$40US. The rest of the set is pretty slick: the Hoody is reversable (black with pockets lined) and along with the shirt and sweater they all feature unique drawings of their own. A belt was created too, but I couldn't find it for sale.

Lolspeak: I can haz alternet speeches?

12.13.2007 @ 12:18 PM in Technology
lolznate.jpg It's slowly becoming a trend among my geekier friends to use LOLspeak when describing want:
  • buffalogeek: I can haz template Nate?
  • buffawhat: OMGDIAF! TSFU!
  • buffalogeek: can haz nate?
  • buffawhat: Fine.
Lolspeak also helps to soften up a fellow when asking your friends for that eensy little favor:
  • buffawhat: Hey chris!
  • buffalogeek: whaddup, Yo!
  • buffawhat: can you send a request to dreamhost to fix that DNS issue. i'd do it, but I'm too busy watching Ms Piggle Wiggle on Hulu... KTHXOMGLUVYOUGAYKISSESBAI!!!!!
  • buffawhat has signed out
Evn when I haz convo with my friendz I luv to drop teh LoLspeak. My friends, they sayz I haz a brainz issuez. I haz a ? Iz teh LOLspeak teh next wave of Baby talk? Boinkology (I sayz not safe fer work sometimez) pointed thiz out first. They be on my blogrollz. Let me showz you it.

Want: The Christmas Gadget List.

12.07.2007 @ 3:19 PM in Technology
I think I've been very well behaved this year. I mean, compared to 2006, i haven't:
  • Broken any ex's ribs
  • Slept with any ordained minister
  • Been to an orgy
Er, The last one is debatable on NYS statutes. Anyhoo, this is my official obligatory holiday wish list.

DEK: Designer Emulation Kits

  • The Designer Emulation Kits (DEK’s for short) are meant as the sincerest homage to some of the greatest modern designers of our time. The lamps and designers being “emulated” have a particular importance. They are represented in countless design tomes extolling the various movements, and they are held up as prime examples of “good design.” Deks are simple, and in that simplicity you have a conversation piece and a new lamp, albeit a small lamp.
  • $29.95, choose from five different designs.
  • Buy {Mike McKenna}

KidRobot: Stocking Stuffer Bundles

  • Blind Box toys give you hope, and Kidrobot makes you cool. as I heavily stress, vinyl toys are way better things to clutter your desk with than stuffy papers... makes you look more creative than you really are. Now with the Stocking Stuffer Kits from KidRobot, you can get an assortment of toys from various designers and kick start any new collection.. Of course these also rock for the avid collector since each set has either the series 4 Dunny's or some other Frank Kozik inspired awesomeness.
  • Everyone You Know Stocking Stuffers -$69.95, includes: 3 Bent World Vandals, 3 Scary Girl, 3 Smorkin' Labbit Series 3, 3 Fat Caps, 3 Dr. Ledoux Critter Splitter, 3 Dekoboko Friend Zipper Pull, 3 Sket-bots
  • Spiked Eggnog Stocking Stuffers -$99.95, includes: 5 Dunny Series 4, 5 Scary Girl, 2 Brockman Light Series 2, 3 Tofu Swing Sweets, 5 Dr. Ledoux Critter Splitter, 5 Heatherette The Empire, 5 Sket-bots
  • Buy {kidrobot}

Nabaztag/tag: The unpronounceable rabbit who reads the web

  • Don't try to pronounce it, just recognize that its the cutest feed-reading API powered gizmo to ever grace your desk, that is, if you are geek enough to adopt one.
  • Everything on the Internet spoken, sang, played, and danced by the most adorable and obliging of Rabbits
  • Blinks, moves ears, speaks, plays music
  • Reads out loud written texts in 16 languages
  • Obeys spoken commands through voice recognition
  • Detects and reacts to objects’ presence (RFID reader)
  • Feeds on the Internet. Reacts to anything happening on the web
  • Gives short news with speech & color-coded lights (weather, stock market…)
  • Reads out loud real time news from any web site (RSS)
  • Plays Podcasts and Internet radio at user defined schedule
  • Reads, sings, and dances messages and e-mails sent by friends
  • Chat with other Rabbit owners through voice, music and ear movements
  • Ability to create your own content and applications (API)
  • Easy to program
  • An ever expanding set of free content and services
  • Connects to a Wi-Fi network and works even when the computer is turned off
  • And much, much more…
  • $189.00
  • Buy {Zstore}

DIY: Neon Sign Kit

  • expensivish, but whats the price to have your name in light? $92.90, if you happen to be Buffawhat.
  • Up to 22 letters can be attached to one power supply
  • you buy the letters and numbers at $6.99 each. Power supply kit is 29.99. Extention to stack signs is 6.95.
  • A-Z, 0-9, "@",".", and space pieces.
  • Did I mention its blue neon?
  • Buy {Think Geek}

iRobot: Roomba 570

  • Ok, so I actually own an older Roomba Discovery, but the 500's were just released with a 100% improvement to every feature. That means I need to add another member to the family. One for the office and one for home, ya digg?
  • These babies really work, and the rumors are true: as soon as you get one, you will fall in love with it and treat it with love and respect, as well as getting all defensive when someone calls you out for selling your soul to a robot that will one day be your master. Just remember, denial is bliss.
  • Covers 4 rooms on a single battery charge
  • Wireless Command Center
  • On-board Scheduling
  • Self-charging Home Base™
  • 2 Virtual Wall® Lighthouses
  • 1 each Replacement Beater & Bristle Brush
  • $399.99 (you can get a cheaper model, but why would you?)
  • Buy {iRobot}

Art lebedev: Optimus Maximus Keyboard

  • To think this thing was almost vaporware. The Optimus is special because we spent two years waiting and hoping and wishing, through the OLED supplier drop out, to the price drop and raise, and now you can pre-order it if you are lucky and maybe get it by March 2008
  • Every key of the Optimus Maximus keyboard is a stand-alone OLED display showing the function it is currently associated with
  • Optimus is equally good for any keyboard layouts—Cyrillic, Ancient Greek, Georgian, Arabic—and so on to infinity: notes, numerals, special symbols, HTML codes, math functions, images etc.
  • Every button on the keyboard is easy to remove in order to clean or replace.
  • Configurator software allows for programming every button to reproduce a sequence of symbols (up to 256) and editing the image separately for each layout.
  • Price: $1564.37 for the full 113-key edition.
  • Pre-order {Art Lebedev}

Nokia: NSeries 95 8GB Black

  • Out of Everything I listed, this is the one I want the mostest. evar. This phone would be the gateaway to a lot of the blogging video projects i've been meaning to do. GPS, Wifi, 5MP camera with dvd like video capture at 30FPS..... i can go on and on, but this phone is the real deal...
  • Up to 8GB internal flash memory for multimedia content such as music, pictures, ringing tones, map data
  • Large 2.8" QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) TFT display with ambient light detector and up to 16 million colors
  • 5 megapixel auto-focus camera
  • GPS and Wi-Fi
  • Quad-band GSM
  • Bluetooth
  • microSD/TransFlash up to 2GB / hot-swappable
  • 3D stereo
  • HSDPA and EDGE data capable
  • Version 2 of Nokia's full web browser software
  • Speakerphone
  • Price: $779.00 (unlocked)
  • Buy {Nokia}