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Auditorium Demo is Soundsational

12.03.2008 @ 1:03 PM in Culture

Immerse yourself in a soothing but challenging new flash game called Auditorium. the goal is simple: navigate a flow of sound particles into audio level squares, according to their color. As you fill in an audio level, a part of the soundtrack fills in as well. Completing the puzzle brings in all the musical parts but the journey is just as beautiful.

You have a number of orb-like controls to move around that help you nudge and pull the flow where it needs to be. Obstacles like color rings change the color of the flow to match the audio level it needs to hit, while others like ion storms or black holes can totally harsh your flow (literally, dude). The folks behind the game (CypherPrime) have a 3 act game with five levels each to get you hooked. And to get you drooling, they say they might be convinced to port this game for consoles or mobile devices, once finished.  I can see this selling as a 9.99 game for the iPhone and even for Android.  Head on over and