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10.22.2009 @ 10:23 PM in Culture

image VIAGRA ORAL JELLY FOR SALE, Walking into Target today with my rec group, I was greeted by  heavily branded Halloween signage pushing Skelanimals, a new Target exclusive deal. Where can i cheapest VIAGRA ORAL JELLY online, Immediately I was all "OMG, Simone Legno got another deal with Target to do the whole Halloween display, VIAGRA ORAL JELLY brand name. VIAGRA ORAL JELLY long term, Way to go!" Something wasn't right, however, VIAGRA ORAL JELLY maximum dosage, Effects of VIAGRA ORAL JELLY, as I took a deeper look at the displays and toys, and shirt, purchase VIAGRA ORAL JELLY online, Online buy VIAGRA ORAL JELLY without a prescription, and all the other exhaustive merch with Skelanimals emblazed. These didn't seem exactly Tokidoki, discount VIAGRA ORAL JELLY, Buy VIAGRA ORAL JELLY no prescription, and so I thought that Simone was contracted to design a new line for Halloween, apart from his Tokidoki line, where to buy VIAGRA ORAL JELLY. Online buying VIAGRA ORAL JELLY hcl, A little bit of research, and I found nothing to show Simone had any involvement with the Skelanimals brand, online buying VIAGRA ORAL JELLY.

It appears the Skelanimals brand, featuring playful skeletony characters in black, was the brainchild of Mitchell Bernal, not Simone Legno, VIAGRA ORAL JELLY FOR SALE. Order VIAGRA ORAL JELLY from mexican pharmacy, Skelanimals was created in 2005, as was the Tokidoki brand, VIAGRA ORAL JELLY blogs, After VIAGRA ORAL JELLY, both in Los Angeles. I'm inclined to believe that Simone was the originator, VIAGRA ORAL JELLY dangers, What is VIAGRA ORAL JELLY, as he has an arsenal of characters in his brand, and I believe his designs to be straight from his Asian culture loving fabulously gay mind, VIAGRA ORAL JELLY mg. VIAGRA ORAL JELLY interactions, tokidoki

Above is an example of Simone's "Til Death do Us Part" line, featuring Adios, VIAGRA ORAL JELLY dose, Cheap VIAGRA ORAL JELLY, Ciao Ciao, Skelatrino, no prescription VIAGRA ORAL JELLY online, Taking VIAGRA ORAL JELLY, and Skelatrina. I own every fucking one of these in vinyl; they are so cute, where can i buy VIAGRA ORAL JELLY online.

skelanimalsisnottokidoki VIAGRA ORAL JELLY FOR SALE, In the above image, we have a Skelanimals character on the left, and Tokidoki's Skeletrino. VIAGRA ORAL JELLY schedule, Notice the black fill, white skull, and fangs. Lame.

Art thievery happens all the time, too often (Hot Topic is a major thief), but what irritates me the most is that a few months ago, the same cardboard mod, signage display, every placement of product from Skelanimals, was Simone Legno's Tokidoki back to school line for Target. Why couldn't Target give the Halloween contract to Simone. Did he want too much money, VIAGRA ORAL JELLY FOR SALE. If so, did Target say "fuck you then" and went to a cheaper imitation. Simone is a valuable contributor to the vinyl/art/fashion scene, Skelanimals is a tweenage-cute-dead-thing line licensed by a company named Art Impressions Media Group Inc. A quick look at their site and their other brands appear to be conceptual imitations of several other design trends.

I'm pissed enough at the Skelanimals brand, but I'm more pissed at Target for tossing aside a designer, and adding on another line that blatantly borrows concepts from another line that Target carries. Maybe this is why a lot of artists are wary about going mainstream retail, they always get fucked over.

I really want to be wrong about this, I really want someone to tell me Simone has a part in this, that Target didn't know (HA!) and that this is a big misunderstanding. I don't think I'll get that comment.



09.27.2009 @ 2:02 PM in Culture


IMURAN FOR SALE, Karl Lagerfeld is probably one of my absolute favorite fashion designers. He's a dirty old man, IMURAN from canada, Is IMURAN safe, but he dresses like a fucking rock-star. No doubt, IMURAN treatment, Purchase IMURAN online, Simone Legno was the perfect artist to turn The Karl into a mini fig.


Sold only at Colette, IMURAN description, Where can i find IMURAN online, the Mini Karl is limited to 100pcs and sells for € 129.00 each. Goes on sale soon.  I, doses IMURAN work. My IMURAN experience, Fuckin. Want, IMURAN street price. IMURAN brand name, image_zoom_new_72559. Real brand IMURAN online. Order IMURAN online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy IMURAN online cod. Buy cheap IMURAN. Online buying IMURAN hcl. IMURAN cost. Fast shipping IMURAN. Is IMURAN addictive. Cheap IMURAN no rx. Order IMURAN online c.o.d. IMURAN results. IMURAN forum. Buy generic IMURAN. IMURAN dosage. IMURAN long term.

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i Haz An Addiction, Let Me showz You It.

12.26.2007 @ 12:45 PM in Lifestream
fullview.jpg I finally ran out of room on my desk to display the vinyl. One could say that that would be a great time to stop buying, but no. That just means you have to bring them out to the main office, knock off the corporate leaflets, and spread em all out on our faux mantle. WNYMedia has never looked so trendy. It all started Friday when Kirk from work was grinding into me (not that kinda grinding... I wish) about how he found out that I already owned the secret santa gift that he had bought for me. he tosses the bag at me and inside is a Christmas Labbit. I explain to him I can never have enough Labbits, and later that day I spend 30 minutes talking with my department trying to defend why I collect vinyl to begin with... I guess a actual crack addiction would make more sense to them. Anyhoo, I'm twittering all this madness to Beth at Hero, and she tells me they have something for me at the store.... I show up and she hands me a box all wrapped in brown paper and ribbon. I doubletake when I notice the name on the card says "Nae Nae." Wait a minute, no one knows that name 'cept my mother. Whaddaya know, said "Mom" on the card too. First off, my mom is a lunatic, completely out of her mind at times, and I love her for it. The free and open disclosure of my baby name to anyone I could do without, but it's too late for that. As I Open the box, Mark explains how she called Hero and explained how she was "Buffawhat's mom," and that she wanted the Cactus Pups set for her son and if they could arrange it. They agreed and inside was the whole set from Tokidoki and StrangeCo, albeit blind boxed. Fortuned smiled and I opened a complete set;  they are so cute, and so tiny. tokidoki1.jpg tokidoki3.jpg tokidoki2.jpg tokidoki4.jpg Well, those 7 filled up my punch card, so I scored a free blind box, and picked up another Pets and Owners Monsterisms.  These guys are heavy and a bit awkward, but they really are fun to look at. monsterism1.jpg Just as I figured I could get out of hero without dropping a dime, Mark plays his trump card. He walks over to the Heatherette toys, and starts talking about how they ordered them on a request and wasn't sure if they'd sell. He points to the cowboy with the gold hat and unicorn stick horse.
  • "Hey look, its like a little Buffawhat action figure, these are right up your alley!"
I try to give him my most indignant look and flailed to defend whatever shreds of heterosexuality I pretend to possess, and I couldn't. The Heatherette's are little club kid figures, modeled after designers Traver Rains, Richie Rich, the fabulous trannystar Amanda Lepore, and others.  I started opening boxes till I filled my next card, and grabbed another Monsterism. The extras I sent to Angel, who kee'd over Lepore. heatherette2.jpg heatherette1.jpg