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08.26.2009 @ 1:02 PM in Technology


BUY COVERSYL NO PRESCRIPTION, While I'm all for celebrity appearances to help boost Android's appeal, I'm not so sure that Whoopi Goldberg, Jesse James, and Phil Jackson were the right choice. Then again, COVERSYL results, Buy COVERSYL no prescription, if one wanted to emphasize Android's unique ability to be customized from one extreme to the other, then I guess picking polar opposites for spokespeople was a good choice, where can i buy cheapest COVERSYL online. Where can i buy COVERSYL online, T-Mobile's pitch for their 2nd Android device (but 1st fully consumer friendly Android offering) is that the myTouch can be 100% you. With pre-installed home screen customization, is COVERSYL addictive, Online buying COVERSYL hcl, and enough accessories to rival the Razr, it looks like the myTouch could be a popular device, where can i find COVERSYL online. COVERSYL brand name, I've been sincerely tempted to purchase one to replace the G1, but I'm clinging to the last shreds of common sense that tell me to wait for Christmas, COVERSYL used for. Real brand COVERSYL online, *and for those of you clueless like I am, Phil Jackson is the coach for the Lakers, COVERSYL trusted pharmacy reviews. COVERSYL no prescription, check out the mini site for the myTouch.. Kjøpe COVERSYL på nett, köpa COVERSYL online. COVERSYL pictures. COVERSYL without a prescription. Online COVERSYL without a prescription. Buy COVERSYL online cod. About COVERSYL. COVERSYL price. Taking COVERSYL. Canada, mexico, india. Where to buy COVERSYL. Buy cheap COVERSYL no rx. Herbal COVERSYL. COVERSYL cost.

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08.06.2009 @ 7:30 PM in Technology

3G Buffalo

My G1 totin buddy Ethan Cox BUY FLOXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, told me yesterday that his wife was getting T-mobile 3G bars over at Buffalo General Hospital. He didn't have it, where to buy FLOXIN, Order FLOXIN from United States pharmacy, and a glance down at my device let me know I didn't either. Today I was gallivanting about in Williamsville when 3G lit up for the first time, my FLOXIN experience. Generic FLOXIN, it kept kicking in and out then dropped to edge when I came in to Lancaster/Depew. Arriving home I'm back in the warm and battery draining embrace of 3G, order FLOXIN online overnight delivery no prescription. FLOXIN without a prescription, This is right on schedule too. The MyTouch was just released, FLOXIN images, Is FLOXIN addictive, and August was about when I said it would turn on so I'm pretty happy. Online buying FLOXIN. Where can i cheapest FLOXIN online. FLOXIN coupon. FLOXIN no rx. Where to buy FLOXIN. FLOXIN samples. FLOXIN street price. FLOXIN brand name. FLOXIN alternatives. FLOXIN dosage. FLOXIN blogs. Herbal FLOXIN. Discount FLOXIN. FLOXIN steet value. Buy FLOXIN from mexico. Order FLOXIN from mexican pharmacy. FLOXIN from canada.

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04.07.2009 @ 12:11 PM in Buffalo

OVRAL FOR SALE, Ever since I got the T-mobile G1, I've been chomping at the bit to get 3G service in the Buffalo area. While T-Mobile hasn't waivered in their efforts to slowly but surely release 3G over their network, buy OVRAL no prescription, Effects of OVRAL, the Buffalo/WNY area has been left out... till now, order OVRAL online c.o.d. OVRAL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Maybe.

Possible clue to 3G service from T-Mobile in Q3 2009

The attached screenshot shows an internal email listing all sorts of places to marked "to light up 3G" in Q2-Q4 of this year, OVRAL without a prescription. Online buy OVRAL without a prescription, While Buffalo isn't on the list, Rochester, where can i cheapest OVRAL online, No prescription OVRAL online, NY and Cleveland, OH are scheduled to light up in Q3, purchase OVRAL online no prescription. OVRAL cost, Possibly service in Rochester will be enough to expand to Buffalo as well. This could all be fake, online buying OVRAL, Fast shipping OVRAL, but I doubt it.  Via TmoNews. Low dose OVRAL. OVRAL photos. Purchase OVRAL online. OVRAL schedule. Get OVRAL. OVRAL price, coupon. Buy OVRAL without a prescription. Real brand OVRAL online. Buying OVRAL online over the counter. Buy OVRAL from canada. OVRAL online cod. OVRAL maximum dosage. OVRAL no rx.

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01.12.2009 @ 11:42 AM in Technology

BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION, Back in November, I wrote about the discovery that while Multi-touch wasn't available on the HTC Dream (aka the T-Mobile G1), the Synaptics screen had the capabilities for two-fingered gestures. Where can i order HYTRIN without prescription, This was discovered by developer Ryan Gardner, who found that the kernal driver had lines commented out that watched for the second input, HYTRIN from canadian pharmacy. HYTRIN trusted pharmacy reviews, His methods were simple, though it required a recompile, order HYTRIN from United States pharmacy, Order HYTRIN online overnight delivery no prescription, and a flurry of rumors started as to why multi-touch was disabled if the G1 had screens to support it. HTC and Google stayed out of it, HYTRIN recreational, Discount HYTRIN, with only HTC stepping up once to say that the G1 was only ever meant to be a single touch device.

However, purchase HYTRIN for sale, Buy generic HYTRIN, the Android community wouldn't take no for an answer, and today we have working evidence that should bring more light into what the G1 can do in terms of Multi-touch, where can i cheapest HYTRIN online, Ordering HYTRIN online, and why it will never be supported, on the G1 at least, buy cheap HYTRIN.


Android Developer Luke Hutch has managed to activate multi-touch without having to recompile the kernal, and only rewriting one classfile, BUY HYTRIN NO PRESCRIPTION. Kjøpe HYTRIN på nett, köpa HYTRIN online, He has a video demonstrating his application, and explains the current limitations of mulititouch, australia, uk, us, usa. HYTRIN price, coupon,

Luke says that the Synaptics screen is not a true 2D touchscreen, but rather a 2x1D, HYTRIN description, Fast shipping HYTRIN, which basically means that it's hella responsive for single input, but would cause overlapping touchvalues when fingers cross the x or y axis, online buy HYTRIN without a prescription. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, He does show that gestures like swipe and pinch would work, but rotation and other complex gestures would not be possible on the current hardware, buy HYTRIN no prescription. Is HYTRIN safe,

What does this mean?

Nothing. Unless the Android Source team decides to support this (read: NO), cheap HYTRIN no rx, Where to buy HYTRIN, it will never make it on the G1. It would also be foolish for developers to write gesture only applications at this time, HYTRIN without prescription, No prescription HYTRIN online, seeing that the only people to benefit are developers themselves. This is not an end-user solution, and though the community is still looking for official multi-touch on the G1, the answer today is still "well, yes.. but no."

You can check out his very detailed explaination, as well as download the sourcecode for free at his site:

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12.18.2008 @ 11:10 PM in Technology


BUY REGLAN NO PRESCRIPTION, Oh me of little faith. And here I was thinking the goodness wouldn't come to the G1 till Summer of 2009.., REGLAN cost. Buy REGLAN without prescription, The core Android development team just announced a roadmap for  a special branch of code, called "cupcake" that will be merging into the main branch in January 2009, REGLAN alternatives, Buying REGLAN online over the counter, giving much needed fixes and features to G1 users.
via the roadmap - During Android's transition to an open-source project, australia, uk, us, usa, REGLAN for sale, some development has continued to happen in a private branch.  We are working to move the rest of these changes into the open as soon as possible, where can i find REGLAN online, Effects of REGLAN, and all future open-source work will happen in the public git repositories.  All changes that have already been submitted to the public repositories will be merged into the newer code base, so nothing should be lost.

Click though the jump to read about some of the features and improvements that cupcake has for the G1, order REGLAN from United States pharmacy.

  • MMS - The ability to save attachments, plus some performance increases when scrolling through conversations lists

  • Email - Fixes most if not all of the bugs and troubles facing those using the Email (not Google Mail) app, BUY REGLAN NO PRESCRIPTION. REGLAN used for, Noted improvement handling POP3/IMAP connectivity.

  • Alarm clock - has its own intent and the alarm fires directly. Fixes issue where some modal dialog boxes block the alarm.

  • Music player - allows for music to fade back in after a call ends, ordering REGLAN online. Order REGLAN online c.o.d, New intent allows for Song title, album, what is REGLAN, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, or artist to be searchable (think being able select a song that's playing and sending the info to an app that can find similar music, Pandora style), REGLAN class. REGLAN wiki, also works with video and Youtube.

  • Browser - Updates Webkit and Javascript engine. BUY REGLAN NO PRESCRIPTION, Copy and paste text in browser by holding "shift" and dragging over the text. also adds the ability to find text within a page, low dose REGLAN. REGLAN dosage, General performance improvements.

  • Voice Dialer - open apps with voice commands

  • Camera - This is the big one: video recording, and native  local playback, purchase REGLAN for sale. REGLAN dangers, Share video intent, and thumbnails for video files.

  • Bluetooth - A2DP & AVRCP (stereo bluetooth) profiles finally supported, online buying REGLAN. Order REGLAN online overnight delivery no prescription, Still holding out for BPP (Basic Printing Profile). Fixes connectivity with certain automobiles (Mini Cooper, REGLAN recreational, Buy REGLAN no prescription, and late model BMW)

Once the holidays are over, we can expect more progress with the branch merges, online REGLAN without a prescription, and possibly hope for an early february OTA update.  Stereo  bluetooth (along with video recording, though it will probably be a novelty) has been the one feature I've been needling for; I'd really like to use my Motorola S9's again. All in all, the cupcake branch fixes a lot of worry that Android would be a stunted OS, and if the development community works as well together as they have been, we can expect even greater things this Summer.



12.17.2008 @ 12:25 PM in Technology

NEURONTIN FOR SALE, My Maps Editor is a recent free addition to the Android Market, the result of 20% time from Brian Cornell, a software engineer at Google. The app allows full viewing and editing of the My Maps section of Google Maps, effects of NEURONTIN, Order NEURONTIN online overnight delivery no prescription, with a few bonuses like GPS support and local caching. With My Maps (you can find this as a tab in google maps), doses NEURONTIN work, NEURONTIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, you can add placemarks, shapes, NEURONTIN duration, Where can i buy cheapest NEURONTIN online, and paths, upload photos, where can i order NEURONTIN without prescription, NEURONTIN price, and insert HTML formatted content in the placemark description. You can then share your custom map, NEURONTIN maximum dosage, NEURONTIN used for, keep it private, or open it up to collaboration, NEURONTIN dangers. Buy NEURONTIN from mexico, mme1

With this application you can create, edit, what is NEURONTIN, Fast shipping NEURONTIN, share, and view personalized maps on your Android powered phone synchronized with the My Maps tab on Google Maps, buy generic NEURONTIN. It supports full editing functionality for markers, lines, and shapes, plus the ability to mark your location using GPS or attach a photo directly from your phone.

Click through to read the rest of the review, and see lots of pretty screenshots, NEURONTIN FOR SALE. Get NEURONTIN, The app is a 493KB download, and well worth it, NEURONTIN price, coupon. NEURONTIN treatment, All of your map data is stored on your SD card; the actual map tiles still have to load from the cloud, but Google Maps caches a little of that anyways, cheap NEURONTIN. NEURONTIN trusted pharmacy reviews, Since My Maps is a Google service, you have to log in with a  " account" if you are using AppsForYourDomain to host your email like me ( email uses Google FTW), NEURONTIN from canadian pharmacy. Buy NEURONTIN without a prescription, mme123

After a successful login, My Maps Editor will pull any custom maps you have in your account, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. NEURONTIN FOR SALE, I actually use My Maps, and have a few already to go. Buy NEURONTIN online cod, Lets take a look at Shop Local, which is a collection of some of my favorite places to shop and eat in the Elmwod Village area, buy cheap NEURONTIN.

mme3The first thing I noticed is that My maps will replace any custom marker icons with defaults. You can look on the web version of My Maps and see that the markers are custom icons that I host on my server. I was a little bummed at first (I love my cutsey icons), but it quickly went away when I saw that the rest of the formatting for the marker info loaded perfectly.

mme4Notice that you have the option to move the marker somewhere else, or edit the information, NEURONTIN FOR SALE. In the edit screen, you can also change the marker icon to one of the many multicolored symbols and pinpoints that Google Maps has to offer.


Creating a new map is a breeze as well, and probably the strongest use for My Maps Editor.  Yesterday, as I went about my recreation duties, I tracked my location with GPS. When we arrived at a POI, I tapped the plus sign and selected "Mark my Location." A new marker showed up where the GPS said I was, bouncing for me to edit it further. In the spirit of Moblogity (new word, mine),  I tapped "Add Photo" and took a picture, which was loaded to Picassa and HTML embedded in the marker description.

mme7mme9mme6 NEURONTIN FOR SALE, You can also select from your Picassa Web album, or choose a photo from your phone. When loading from Picassa, thumbnail load times are suprisingly quick on EDGE. Also, note that My Maps Editor creates an album for you called "Drop Box" inside your Picassa account.

Lines and shapes edit and place fairly well, though there isn't any dragging support: you must tap where a point should go. The one super limitation is that you can't get directions from a marker, but I still see this as one of the best map applications to date.

From the Google Mobile Blog.

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Android Tip: Activate Window Transition Effects on the G1

12.05.2008 @ 4:10 AM in Technology
Droid sans Tweak Tools Lite is a utility that activates a yet-to-be supported window transition effect in the Android OS. You can control the speed of the window slide, as well as window fade speed (effect you see when notifications pop in and out). You also have the option to turn it all off and go back to the boring way you were before but I bet you won't.

For icing on the cake, Tweak Tools Lite also lets you deactivate your data connection for those not on a all-you-can eat data plan. I've not tested this since I have unlimited data, but I did demo the transition effect for you below.

Note that there is another app in the Market called Tweak Tools, which does other things (written by the same dev) but only runs on rooted (modded RC29 or RC30) G1 units. DroidSans

Android Tip: Use Any Cut to create a Quick SMS list.

11.05.2008 @ 1:06 PM in Technology
I do a lot of text messaging, most of which is either to Twitter, BrightKite, or John. A caveat with smartphones is that with more functionality comes more steps to get to the simplest of actions. Luckily, Android lets you put shortcuts to your favorite apps, email labels, and contacts right on your homescreen. Any Cut, a free app from the Android Market, unlocks even more possibilities. This tip shows you how to use folders and Any Cut to organize a two tap quick SMS list.

Any Cut allows you to create shortcut icons on your homescreen that link directly to actions like calling a number, sending an SMS, or accessing settings like wifi. First things first, find and install Any Cut from the Android Market. Next, go to your home screen and longpress (hold your finger down for a second) on a blank spot. The "Add to Home" menu will pop up. Expand "Shortcut" and select a folder. Now we have a folder named "Folder." That's a little unimaginative, lets change that. Tap on the folder and it will expand into a blank window. Longpress on the title bar (over the "folder") and give it a new name. I chose "Quick." Tap the "X" to close the window, pull up the applications drawer, and launch Any Cut. Select New Shortcut and then "Direct Text Message." Scroll through and find your contact. I'm going to add Twitter, since I'm pretty much addicted to it. You have the option to shorten the name if you'd like. Notice the contact's icon serves as the shortcut icon. If you don't have a picture set, it will just show an SMS bubble. Hit OK. The Shortcut lands on the homescreen by default. We want it in that folder. Longpress on the icon until it detaches and you get some haptic love (that little vibrate you feel). now drag it over the folder and release. Rinse and repeat Any Cut until you have your quick launch folder just the way you like it. Remember, Any Cut lets you create shortcuts for nearly any action, and you can even write your own!

G1 Ruminations: How to Master Reset

10.31.2008 @ 1:32 PM in Technology
There may come a time when you need to reset your G1 phone because some jerkbag set your touch pattern and locked you out and you forgot your gmail password and reset it but it didnt sync so you have to reset the whole damn thing. If that ever happens, here's some handy instructions on what to do... Master reset the T-Mobile G1 from Nathan Strang on Vimeo.

Android Ruminations #1 – Hello G1.

10.31.2008 @ 12:25 AM in Technology

I've had the T-Mobile Android G1 for well over a week, and while I could say that I waited so long to get a good review of the G1, truth is, I'm lazy. I never realized how peaceful yet out of the loop one can be while on a blogging hiatus. Additionally, I never thought it would be this hard to jump back on the horse after nearly two months of nothing. Lets get back into it shall we, and please if you will, welcome me back into your feeds with my 9 day review of Android's first born child, the T-Mobile/HTC G1 "Dream." What wacky family the G1 gets to grow up in. First, its mother is Google, who got knocked up out of nowhere and went through a wild and bumpy pregnancy after banging nearly every cellphone company (except Sprint, who's into Asians) only to get knocked up by T-mobile, the runt of the litter. Gotta hand to T-Mo, they're like a guy with a small dick. Though he can't plow you as well as the other guys, he tries a hell of a lot harder to please you. Then we have HTC, who swears he's the real father. And while the G1 looks exactly like him (ya know, shitty internal memory, slow camera, and a disfigured USB port), T-Mobile promised to raise the G1 as his own. Physicalities and such I'll admit, the G1 is no looker. Sure the 3.2 inch touchscreen with 320x480 resolution looks baddass, but everything else about the phone is all wrong. Why? HTC can make beautiful tech. Shit, if they can make a windows mobile phone droolworthy, then why can't they make a new phone with yet to be set design rules so freaking turdlike? The answer is probably because this is the same exact hardware that was built to test the Android platform on. HTC probably had plans to sex up the design a bit, but time constraints and the general need to just get this thing out to developers is probably what greenlit the dev model into production. Maybe I'm a little rough, because I love the phone, I love that its the first of its kind, and that it totally looks like an akward geeky toy. There are a lot of buttons on the G1: Call, Home, clickable trackball, Back, End/Power, Menu, Camera, and Volume controls, not to mention the QWERTY and a dedicated search button. everything is flush or near flushed, making accidental clicks less likely but harder to navigate blind. The camera button is a bit awkwardly placed; try gripping it for portrait mode and your thumb will push the slider up into your index finger which is trying to press the camera button to take the shot which will come out blurry 75% of the time because HTC put yet another slow camera (albeit 3.2 Megapixel with autofocus) in another supposedly high end phone. Another awkwardness is the little curved banana nub bottom half that gets the mic 2mm closer to your face but hates on your chubby fingers when you try to use the keyboard. One handed multitasked typing on this thing is surely a skill to master. I have to say I wasn't so much disappointed about the lack of a headphone jack in lieu of a duel use micro USB port. I've had HTC devices before. Its what they do. The supposed proprietary port will actually allow any micro usb connection but also accommodates certain HTC only accessories with the special connector. I really like the one connection port. reduces the exposure to damage and helps to ease the clutter. If I absolutlely have to charge and use a headset at the same time, I'll plug in the HTC port splitter (came with my Shadow) that lets you get kinky with some double penetration. The trackball is very responsive and can navigate 98% of the phone without having to use the touch screen. While the phone is sleeping it won't turn the phone on or register any function. This is nice because its the only button that sticks out. Everything else about the phone is sturdy. The slide mechanism operates almost like a switchblade, and all the buttons respond to a nice firm press. Physically, the G1 is a sound device, well made despite its fuglyness. A new operating system, a whole new world. I can't begin to explain why Android is so important to the mobile industry. Its just going to have to play out, but I made sure I bought my ticket to glory early. I don't normally early adopt, but I stuck with T-Mobile despite the lack of 3G in Buffalo just to get this phone. This was in February. I committed to buying the G1 in February and I wasn't disappointed. The G1 comes loaded with all the goodies to put Android to the test: 3G, Wifi, GPS, capacitive touchscreen (easy on the touch, heavy on the response), a compass, and accelerometer. I'd say it has everything but for some reason while there is bluetooth, there is no A2DP profile and its more crippled in that regard than a verizon phone. Specwise, it has enough to fly: 528MHz Processor, 192MB RAM, and an internal storage of 256MB. CDMA, Quadband GSM; yup, its a world phone. Syncing to my Gmail account is a breeze, even on EDGE (no 3G in Buffalo). I'm using my Google Apps account to sync, too.  For someone that relies on Google for just about everything, you'll find that Android is your friend indeed. Your calendar, contacts, and email are all kept in the cloud, but pulls and syncs seamlessly and with no effort from the user. You can set sync schedules if you are that controlling type, but its best to let the G1 do its thing. After a slight learning curve, the Android becomes a breeze to use. Its not as intuitive to use as the iPhone but you won't get another touchscreen experience like on the Android. It feels so much like a mobile computer, and even more so when you find out you can put folders on the home screen. The homescreen is a mashup of OSX with spaces, and vista with widgets. left and right swipes of the home screen reveal two new spaces to put icons, folders, gmail shortcuts, even widgets (android shipped with a clock, search bar, and a photo frame). I realize that I have a lot to talk about the android operating system, but that will come later. This is only part one of a never-ending (I hope) relationship with Android, right up until the day they all gain consciousness and we lose it all. And it may seem that i totally thrashed the phone in this mini review, but its all tough love..

P.S. - It has cut and paste. and does it fucking well.