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Bonobos: Pants for Real Guys

06.03.2008 @ 11:30 AM in Culture

My workday is half sitting on my ass in an office, and half roaming about the community with a recreation group. I need pants that fit well, look nice, and can flex without ripping or rubbing my leg hairs right off. Up until now, I've been stuck wearing chinos's, taking a hit on fitting, because I need the casual cut to get around. Till now, I've been looking for a pant that wins on all three, something I can wear that was made for me, my style, and doesn't cost me tailor prices. Till Now. I ran across Bonobos first on Uncrate, a site devoted to gear and goods for guys. They called them the holy grail of pants, and I liked the look of them so I meandered over to to take a peak. First glance at the site, it looked like Bonobos were made for preppy well-off guys that wouldn't dare walk into a department store for anything more than a wedding gift for a cousin he despised, let alone a pair of slacks. But damn, were the pants enticing, so I took a deeper look. Bonobos are pants that feel like your favorite pair of jeans.  I'm sitting at my desk now, in a fresh pair of Shoguns, and my ass feels SOOO good. There's no bunching, I feel supported and very comfortable. The material is sturdy, yet light corduroy.
Bonobos exists to solve to two problems we had ourselves. (1) Men's pants do not fit well; they are either baggy, frumpy, and unflattering. Or way too tight. We make pants that fit and look better, on most gents and especially on guys with athletic builds. The second problem (2) is retail. How could we enjoy paying 120% markup to try on clothes in an uncomfortable public environment where sales associates—who are total strangers—either scrutinize our figures, or pay no attention to us at all? Meanwhile, pricing games are no fun. We're tired of waiting for sales... but paying full price makes no sense when inevitably everything will go on sale. We got tired of the traditional retail shopping experience. So we are building a different kind of clothing company, one that offers a fantastic customer experience, innovative low-cost distribution, and a stylish product that fits well.

Bonobos come in various style, materials, and colors; each style has a limited one-time run.  Each pant is also gracefully bootcut, with a playful, colorful lining. And, on the Shoguns at least, a hybrid snap/slide fly button which I thought was the coolest thing ever. To ensure that each pair fits, they all ship one length. If you have a puerto rican living with you and a mini sweat shop (like I do), you can get them sized the same day. Prices aren't bad either (most are between $110 and $130), but what I thought was the most amazing thing was the Band of Brothers discount they gave me for working the field of non-profit/human service. For that, I am incredibly grateful. Pants this sweet, you won't be able to find in stores. Bonobos only sell online, with a understanding open return policy, much like Craftsman, or Tupperware. If I could replace my wardrobe with one line, (and I probably will over time), it will be Bonobos, 'nuff said.