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Twitter Stats

01.07.2008 @ 3:46 PM in Lifestream
Twitter (wiki) is one of those things that means nothing to some, something fun to a few, and the new way of life to the rest. Las February, I picked up twitter as a new wave, thought I get social with the new buzz. Little did I know that it would soon connect to be the perfect alt blog; an ability for me to send out shouts of information that I didn't really need to make a blog post out of.  Twitter has proved with it's API that it doesn't matter the amount of information you have, its how you can use that information. One great example has been the most recent Twitter Stats perl script whipped up by D.Cortesi, who wanted a way to find out what he's been up to with Twitter over the past year. Originally scripted in perl with use in Numbers on OSX, he posted the code and shortly thereafter, bugs were fixed, code reengineered and polished to work into ruby and googlechart and gnuplot. Here's my stats below, thanks to @twistednexus for chrunching the script for me... Buffawhat_twitter.png It turns out that I talk to my bear friends on twitter a lot (@steiger, @cantorum, @bearpupuk), as well as Beth (@kidkreativader) from Hero(@Herodesign), and my business partner Chris (@buffalogeek). I'm most active twittering from midday till after work; thursday is my biggest day to twitter.