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30 years of LucasFilm Christmas Cards

12.14.2007 @ 10:35 PM in Culture
  • /Film: I live down the street from LucasFilm, and I’ve even been in the facilities in The Presidio, but I’m not on the LucasFilm Holiday Card List. For the last 30 years, Lucasfilm has created special holiday greeting cards for its employees and business partners.
And what did ya know that almost all of them were Star Wars themed? I've posted the 2007 version, featuring a choral group of storm troopers. Now if each one is a a clone, doesn't that mean they will all sound the same? hmm... Check out the rest over at /film.

R2D2 Translator: Uselessly Cool.

12.06.2007 @ 12:25 PM in Culture
r2d2.jpg I had to wait for the initial Digg-fuck to be over with, and now here's the latest thing to gather my fancy: The R2-D2 Translator. Just type in your phrase (30 characters max) and get a bells and whistles playback in Artoo, with the ability to download as an mp3.
The possibilities are finite: ringtones.
Currently. I'm rocking the yoshi sounds from Super Mario World for texts, and the Diplo "stronger" remix for calls. However, I can think of no better new annoyance than the replace everything with droid speak:
  • from tweet notifications [audio:]
  • to plain texts [audio:]
  • to grumpybear calling [audio:]
I'm sure grumpybear will get a kick out of this.