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06.10.2009 @ 12:36 PM in Technology

device16 CLARINEX FOR SALE, PicSay, a photo manipulation app, was one of the original applications created for the Android platform. CLARINEX class, It even won the developers (ShinyCore) $275,000 during the First Android Developers Challenge, CLARINEX mg. Is CLARINEX addictive, Originally available on the market for free, a new "Pro" edition of PicSay has recently been uploaded to the Android Market for only €1.99, kjøpe CLARINEX på nett, köpa CLARINEX online. Comprar en línea CLARINEX, comprar CLARINEX baratos, The recently disillusioned iPhone-toting bf remarked to me that the iPhone App Store doesn't have anything nearly that functional for less than $10 dollars.

While the free version is a delight to use, buy cheap CLARINEX, CLARINEX canada, mexico, india, Picsay Pro comes with more, well, cheap CLARINEX, Australia, uk, us, usa, everything...

First off, there are quite a few new effects to choose from, like "cross process" and duotone, lens filter and matte, CLARINEX FOR SALE. You can even paint on your pictures and mask off effects with ease, purchase CLARINEX. CLARINEX use, device02device03

The neatest feature I saw was to be able to insert a cutout of another photo into your masterpiece. The tools are very easy to use, effects of CLARINEX, After CLARINEX, despite having only finger controls. Multi step effects have instructions to help you get it right.


Double tap on an area to zoom in for fine control, fast shipping CLARINEX, CLARINEX interactions, and various brush sizes let you get a clean edge on your cutout.


When your cutout is complete you can save it to use again in another PicSay photo. Picsay pro also comes with more props and text effects, CLARINEX description, CLARINEX without prescription, and the ability to save at the maximum resolution (1024x768) and even geotag you photos (if they weren't already).


If I had a ratings system, I'd give it five stars, where can i cheapest CLARINEX online. Buy CLARINEX no prescription, You can't beat this for under 3 bucks (US conversion = ~$2.80).

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12.17.2008 @ 12:25 PM in Technology

NEURONTIN FOR SALE, My Maps Editor is a recent free addition to the Android Market, the result of 20% time from Brian Cornell, a software engineer at Google. The app allows full viewing and editing of the My Maps section of Google Maps, effects of NEURONTIN, Order NEURONTIN online overnight delivery no prescription, with a few bonuses like GPS support and local caching. With My Maps (you can find this as a tab in google maps), doses NEURONTIN work, NEURONTIN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, you can add placemarks, shapes, NEURONTIN duration, Where can i buy cheapest NEURONTIN online, and paths, upload photos, where can i order NEURONTIN without prescription, NEURONTIN price, and insert HTML formatted content in the placemark description. You can then share your custom map, NEURONTIN maximum dosage, NEURONTIN used for, keep it private, or open it up to collaboration, NEURONTIN dangers. Buy NEURONTIN from mexico, mme1

With this application you can create, edit, what is NEURONTIN, Fast shipping NEURONTIN, share, and view personalized maps on your Android powered phone synchronized with the My Maps tab on Google Maps, buy generic NEURONTIN. It supports full editing functionality for markers, lines, and shapes, plus the ability to mark your location using GPS or attach a photo directly from your phone.

Click through to read the rest of the review, and see lots of pretty screenshots, NEURONTIN FOR SALE. Get NEURONTIN, The app is a 493KB download, and well worth it, NEURONTIN price, coupon. NEURONTIN treatment, All of your map data is stored on your SD card; the actual map tiles still have to load from the cloud, but Google Maps caches a little of that anyways, cheap NEURONTIN. NEURONTIN trusted pharmacy reviews, Since My Maps is a Google service, you have to log in with a  " account" if you are using AppsForYourDomain to host your email like me ( email uses Google FTW), NEURONTIN from canadian pharmacy. Buy NEURONTIN without a prescription, mme123

After a successful login, My Maps Editor will pull any custom maps you have in your account, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. NEURONTIN FOR SALE, I actually use My Maps, and have a few already to go. Buy NEURONTIN online cod, Lets take a look at Shop Local, which is a collection of some of my favorite places to shop and eat in the Elmwod Village area, buy cheap NEURONTIN.

mme3The first thing I noticed is that My maps will replace any custom marker icons with defaults. You can look on the web version of My Maps and see that the markers are custom icons that I host on my server. I was a little bummed at first (I love my cutsey icons), but it quickly went away when I saw that the rest of the formatting for the marker info loaded perfectly.

mme4Notice that you have the option to move the marker somewhere else, or edit the information, NEURONTIN FOR SALE. In the edit screen, you can also change the marker icon to one of the many multicolored symbols and pinpoints that Google Maps has to offer.


Creating a new map is a breeze as well, and probably the strongest use for My Maps Editor.  Yesterday, as I went about my recreation duties, I tracked my location with GPS. When we arrived at a POI, I tapped the plus sign and selected "Mark my Location." A new marker showed up where the GPS said I was, bouncing for me to edit it further. In the spirit of Moblogity (new word, mine),  I tapped "Add Photo" and took a picture, which was loaded to Picassa and HTML embedded in the marker description.

mme7mme9mme6 NEURONTIN FOR SALE, You can also select from your Picassa Web album, or choose a photo from your phone. When loading from Picassa, thumbnail load times are suprisingly quick on EDGE. Also, note that My Maps Editor creates an album for you called "Drop Box" inside your Picassa account.

Lines and shapes edit and place fairly well, though there isn't any dragging support: you must tap where a point should go. The one super limitation is that you can't get directions from a marker, but I still see this as one of the best map applications to date.

From the Google Mobile Blog.

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Android Ruminations #1 – Hello G1.

10.31.2008 @ 12:25 AM in Technology

I've had the T-Mobile Android G1 for well over a week, and while I could say that I waited so long to get a good review of the G1, truth is, I'm lazy. I never realized how peaceful yet out of the loop one can be while on a blogging hiatus. Additionally, I never thought it would be this hard to jump back on the horse after nearly two months of nothing. Lets get back into it shall we, and please if you will, welcome me back into your feeds with my 9 day review of Android's first born child, the T-Mobile/HTC G1 "Dream." What wacky family the G1 gets to grow up in. First, its mother is Google, who got knocked up out of nowhere and went through a wild and bumpy pregnancy after banging nearly every cellphone company (except Sprint, who's into Asians) only to get knocked up by T-mobile, the runt of the litter. Gotta hand to T-Mo, they're like a guy with a small dick. Though he can't plow you as well as the other guys, he tries a hell of a lot harder to please you. Then we have HTC, who swears he's the real father. And while the G1 looks exactly like him (ya know, shitty internal memory, slow camera, and a disfigured USB port), T-Mobile promised to raise the G1 as his own. Physicalities and such I'll admit, the G1 is no looker. Sure the 3.2 inch touchscreen with 320x480 resolution looks baddass, but everything else about the phone is all wrong. Why? HTC can make beautiful tech. Shit, if they can make a windows mobile phone droolworthy, then why can't they make a new phone with yet to be set design rules so freaking turdlike? The answer is probably because this is the same exact hardware that was built to test the Android platform on. HTC probably had plans to sex up the design a bit, but time constraints and the general need to just get this thing out to developers is probably what greenlit the dev model into production. Maybe I'm a little rough, because I love the phone, I love that its the first of its kind, and that it totally looks like an akward geeky toy. There are a lot of buttons on the G1: Call, Home, clickable trackball, Back, End/Power, Menu, Camera, and Volume controls, not to mention the QWERTY and a dedicated search button. everything is flush or near flushed, making accidental clicks less likely but harder to navigate blind. The camera button is a bit awkwardly placed; try gripping it for portrait mode and your thumb will push the slider up into your index finger which is trying to press the camera button to take the shot which will come out blurry 75% of the time because HTC put yet another slow camera (albeit 3.2 Megapixel with autofocus) in another supposedly high end phone. Another awkwardness is the little curved banana nub bottom half that gets the mic 2mm closer to your face but hates on your chubby fingers when you try to use the keyboard. One handed multitasked typing on this thing is surely a skill to master. I have to say I wasn't so much disappointed about the lack of a headphone jack in lieu of a duel use micro USB port. I've had HTC devices before. Its what they do. The supposed proprietary port will actually allow any micro usb connection but also accommodates certain HTC only accessories with the special connector. I really like the one connection port. reduces the exposure to damage and helps to ease the clutter. If I absolutlely have to charge and use a headset at the same time, I'll plug in the HTC port splitter (came with my Shadow) that lets you get kinky with some double penetration. The trackball is very responsive and can navigate 98% of the phone without having to use the touch screen. While the phone is sleeping it won't turn the phone on or register any function. This is nice because its the only button that sticks out. Everything else about the phone is sturdy. The slide mechanism operates almost like a switchblade, and all the buttons respond to a nice firm press. Physically, the G1 is a sound device, well made despite its fuglyness. A new operating system, a whole new world. I can't begin to explain why Android is so important to the mobile industry. Its just going to have to play out, but I made sure I bought my ticket to glory early. I don't normally early adopt, but I stuck with T-Mobile despite the lack of 3G in Buffalo just to get this phone. This was in February. I committed to buying the G1 in February and I wasn't disappointed. The G1 comes loaded with all the goodies to put Android to the test: 3G, Wifi, GPS, capacitive touchscreen (easy on the touch, heavy on the response), a compass, and accelerometer. I'd say it has everything but for some reason while there is bluetooth, there is no A2DP profile and its more crippled in that regard than a verizon phone. Specwise, it has enough to fly: 528MHz Processor, 192MB RAM, and an internal storage of 256MB. CDMA, Quadband GSM; yup, its a world phone. Syncing to my Gmail account is a breeze, even on EDGE (no 3G in Buffalo). I'm using my Google Apps account to sync, too.  For someone that relies on Google for just about everything, you'll find that Android is your friend indeed. Your calendar, contacts, and email are all kept in the cloud, but pulls and syncs seamlessly and with no effort from the user. You can set sync schedules if you are that controlling type, but its best to let the G1 do its thing. After a slight learning curve, the Android becomes a breeze to use. Its not as intuitive to use as the iPhone but you won't get another touchscreen experience like on the Android. It feels so much like a mobile computer, and even more so when you find out you can put folders on the home screen. The homescreen is a mashup of OSX with spaces, and vista with widgets. left and right swipes of the home screen reveal two new spaces to put icons, folders, gmail shortcuts, even widgets (android shipped with a clock, search bar, and a photo frame). I realize that I have a lot to talk about the android operating system, but that will come later. This is only part one of a never-ending (I hope) relationship with Android, right up until the day they all gain consciousness and we lose it all. And it may seem that i totally thrashed the phone in this mini review, but its all tough love..

P.S. - It has cut and paste. and does it fucking well.

T-Mobile Shadow: Three Weeks Later

02.29.2008 @ 4:41 PM in Technology
After going over my minutes (600/m, I use text more often, ~3k/m) for the first time by the end of January, i figured it was about time to find a new plan in the T-mobile package to suit me right. So I called up T-mobile with the ploy of finagling some more minutes and get my overage charge dropped (most of the time first time offenses can be reversed if you ask nicely). What I was offered was a new contract, 1k minutes for 39.99 and a "great deal" on the New T-Mobile Shadow, the "fun phone" that they've been pushing of late. Since I was a over year in and moving out of a spending limit account the phone discount was only a partial. The shadow runs for 349.99 and the discount was only 100 off. I decided that wasn't enough so I tried a new tactic. I kept the guy on the phone for  about 30 minutes, wasting precious support time and ho humming about commitment. The support guy finally took the bait and offered me a "previously unknown discount just starting today" and the phone now became $99 after a $50 mail in rebate. Sold.  (quick tip: the longer you wait with support without a decision and keep mentioning your interest but that you want proof of the carriers commitment and other fun ploys, you can unlock special deals just to get you off the goddamn phone). my_shadow.jpg So for $99 bucks, the Shadow is a steal, by far better than the shatty Razr i've been carrying around. and despite being windows mobile (though it is WM6), a fancy homescreen interface called "Neo" makes the Shadow one of the most bearable and aesthetically pleasing WinMo phones on the market. shadow_screens.jpg

[Pardon the OMGGAYBBQ11! homescreen, this is a fag's blog after all]

A row of icons on the left allow you to easily browse through the most used features of the phone: Notifications, Mail, Calandar, Media Player, Photos, T-Zones, and Settings. There isn't a phone I won't try to debrand and make my own, and with the help of a registry editor, I was able to replace the useless t-zones menu with quicklinks to all of my most used windows Smartphone applications. Most of the icons (png format FTW!) I found around the web, but the Shozu icon I made myself. shadow_quicklinks.jpg

[Custom sidebar icon, Opera, Google Maps, and Shozu]

The response time on the Shadow is pretty decent, far superior than a few other HTC phones, but as with all winmo phones, there is the oft occasional hiccup while typing and opening too many apps. And despite being T-mobile's Official Phone of Fun, HTC (the phone is the HTC Juno before T-mobile slapped the Shadow brand to it) couldn't give it a better battery to use all the fun tool and applications. keep a usb cable nearby and you should be fine, but even with that I'm normally tapped out by the end of my day.

Roughly the same size, yet slightly thicker than a Razr 2, this is my first slider, which brings up new worries and gripes that i've never had before,
  • Within a week the top half loosened a bit, making a once seemless edge when closed slightly offset. Is this normal or a defect?
  • The camera button is on the top half on the bottom righthand side, the weakest spot of the phone, and also the location of the offset. I feel more comfortable sliding the phone before activating the camera because I'm afraid I'll put more strain on the slidetracks.
  • The screen is a beautiful crisp 2.6 inch screen with 240x320 resolution.. that smudges instantly. I suppose I should get a screen protector to prevent against scratches, too.
  • The jogwheel/dpad is very loose and sometimes too responsive.
  • I like to take the micro sd card out from time to time and move lots of files around, its quicker that way, however getting the flap open to pop the card out is a pain in the ass and I fear losing the plastic flap. I'm sure that HTC intended me to keep a card in at all times, but I like the faster read/write speeds when the card is read separately.
Now for the praises
  • The slide out keypad is a qwerty SureType layout provided by RIM (Blackberry). Within the first week I was able to type faster than on the Razr with one finger. The shadow learns new words very quickly, however "it" always ends up as "iy."
  • the bottom of the phone is coated in a soft-touch antislip finish that frees me from worrying about scratching. Makes it easier to slide, too.
  • Its brown (officially called Camel)! I love brown and I haven't seen such a well done Gui that matches the finish evar before.
  • Not too many flashing lights, but just enough. Two small indicator lights near the ear speaker show you standby, call, bluetooth, and wifi in use. the control pad has a lighted ring that flashes when a call or text is recieved and stays lit when in use. the keypad is back lit as well with a soft white.
  • Despite the slight track worries, i feel like I have a sturdy phone that could survive a fall. I hear the screen will crack if it lands the right way, but what do you expect from a slider?
  • It really is a fun phone. Not as super powerful as most smartphones, the Shadow is the perfect blend of a  medium-grade media phone (Stereo Bluetooth, music and video player, decent  2.0MP camera, yet crappy video recording) with all the standard smartphone features (email, full internet, applications, voice recording, etc.)
  • I like that it has wifi w/Hotspot (no Hotspot@Home though) access. I have a quest of connecting everytime i smell an open SSID, mainly for validation of the feature, but it helps when I want to download a podcast while on the go.
The Shadow is a great phone if you can snag it for an acceptable price ($99-$150), and if you are looking for a grown up version of the Sidekick, you have it here. If you enjoy the debranding/modding process, you must visit and, for the latest in tips and tricks. If you just picked up the Shadow, make sure you get the update from T-mobile that fixes a few bugs and adds a few fun features (like Audio Postcards).