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09.10.2010 @ 12:48 PM in Lifestream

My beard got a little feisty last night and went on a photo spree to facebook and twitter BUY BIAXIN NO PRESCRIPTION, . I apologize for the faded colors, BIAXIN overnight, Where can i find BIAXIN online, my beard is a filthy hipster.

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09.17.2009 @ 1:10 PM in Lifestream

Kinzua Trip 22 ZETIA FOR SALE, Jay and I took to the woods last week, taking a Monday off to get lost and be together. ZETIA pictures, We decided to run through to the Kinzua Bridge, which was toppled by a tornado in 2003, order ZETIA no prescription. Buy ZETIA online cod, Not being content with the view from the top, we went down the gorge and went exploring.., discount ZETIA. Online buy ZETIA without a prescription, Kinzua Trip 15

Built from wrought iron in 1882, the Kinzua Bridge was once the tallest and longest railroad bridge in the world, buy cheap ZETIA. Generic ZETIA, Kinzua Trip 20

At the highest gap, the bridge stood 300 feet tall, ZETIA blogs, ZETIA australia, uk, us, usa, and spanned over 2000 feet.
Kinzua Trip 27

The bridge's foundation eventually lent itself to disaster as the F1 tornado ripped it right from the ground in 2003, ZETIA FOR SALE.
Kinzua Trip 34

tons of iron supports simply bent and folded as they crashed into the gorge, effects of ZETIA. ZETIA interactions, Kinzua Trip 37

We could have hopped the fence and walked to the edge, but the view from below was much better, buy ZETIA no prescription. What is ZETIA, Kinzua Trip 39

it was like climbing over a giant Erector set that God had trampled.
Kinzua Trip 41

I think rusted iron is one of the most beautiful things in the world, ZETIA pics. Taking ZETIA, Kinzua Trip 44
i couldn't resist climbing on some of it.

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08.11.2009 @ 10:16 PM in Culture

0 BUY FLOMAX NO PRESCRIPTION, So uh... Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Randall (my tattoo artist) and I have this weird fascination with Juggalos. Maybe because they are the most honestly trashy individuals in America, where can i order FLOMAX without prescription, FLOMAX price, coupon, or maybe cause we just wanna fuck a few of em. Juggalos are quite the interesting batch of folk, FLOMAX price. Online buying FLOMAX hcl, Each year, because Lollapolooza is fucking gay, australia, uk, us, usa, FLOMAX pics, Juggalos from all over converge upon Cave-In-Rock, IL, purchase FLOMAX online no prescription, FLOMAX results, for "The Gathering." To my Buffalo readers, imagine if all of South Buffalo went camping, FLOMAX from canadian pharmacy. To the rest of the world, imagine that kid in High School that was suspended because someone said he was gonna blow up the school, then imagine thousands of his kind, some with titties, cloned, and drinking Faygo, BUY FLOMAX NO PRESCRIPTION. Order FLOMAX from United States pharmacy, Faygo is the Ofishal drink of the Juggalos, mainly because it comes in "every fucking flavor." Attached are a few photos, FLOMAX treatment, About FLOMAX, and after the jump, a video taken by Derek Erdman (more photos at his site), FLOMAX over the counter, FLOMAX images, who may or may not also be a Juggalo (I don't think so, the camera was pretty steady), FLOMAX schedule. FLOMAX dosage, (HT - Mishka Bloglin)

2This event sponsored by Walmart, apparently
6Dummalo and Dummerlo, FLOMAX canada, mexico, india. FLOMAX without a prescription, 19Intense. thats for sure, FLOMAX interactions.

So much more after the jump...

25Titties are currency in these parts.

40Faygo representing.43 BUY FLOMAX NO PRESCRIPTION, That airbrushed look. Rx free FLOMAX, 45Help a Juggalo out.
49I'm sorry., FLOMAX steet value. Where can i buy FLOMAX online, I'd fuck this guy. Juggalo or not, taking FLOMAX. right in his Great Milenko Ass, BUY FLOMAX NO PRESCRIPTION. FLOMAX recreational, 55ICP, and the rest of the braided face painted people crew are the reason these people are here.
68Juggalos are kinky. and crafty.
69A hybrid breed of Juggalos mixed with douche bags. or Jug bags.
72Different strokes for different folks.

oh yea... best quote ever:

"I'm just, I'm just trying to go home without fucking catching the HIV again.

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06.25.2009 @ 11:05 AM in Buffalo

0.5K Stiletto Run 2009 04 BUY TAFIL-XANOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Last night was the Stiletto Run, a mercilessly hard .5k charity race down Elmwood Ave. TAFIL-XANOR used for, Point Five Kay. Really, herbal TAFIL-XANOR. TAFIL-XANOR photos, Let me explain.

These brave ladies and guys did it.., TAFIL-XANOR without prescription. in heels, BUY TAFIL-XANOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Online buying TAFIL-XANOR, 0.5K Stiletto Run 2009 16

All of this was to benefit Ovarian cancer. Shops stayed open late on the 800 block of Elmwood, order TAFIL-XANOR from mexican pharmacy, TAFIL-XANOR images, donating 10% of their sales to the benefit. Everyone gathered around Shoefly waiting for the race to begin, buy TAFIL-XANOR online no prescription, Rx free TAFIL-XANOR, and at 7Pm, the streets were blocked and all eyes pointed down towards Bidwell as the runners hobbled, generic TAFIL-XANOR, TAFIL-XANOR steet value, skipped, and made their way to the finish line.., TAFIL-XANOR reviews. Australia, uk, us, usa,

Some ran in teams, dressed in costumes.., comprar en línea TAFIL-XANOR, comprar TAFIL-XANOR baratos.

0.5K Stiletto Run 2009 15
BUY TAFIL-XANOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Even some men were out to support... Buy TAFIL-XANOR without a prescription,
0.5K Stiletto Run 2009 27

Some took it easy, walking with pride and determination.., TAFIL-XANOR street price. TAFIL-XANOR dose, 0.5K Stiletto Run 2009 25Other barreled down Elmwood, tempting fate and placing faith in their pumps and coordination (I hear Stilettos are no laughing matter).., after TAFIL-XANOR. TAFIL-XANOR pictures, 0.5K Stiletto Run 2009 07

There was the occasional heel malfunction...

0.5K Stiletto Run 2009 09And sometimes gravity just happens.., TAFIL-XANOR from canada.

0.5K Stiletto Run 2009 29But why do we fall, BUY TAFIL-XANOR NO PRESCRIPTION. TAFIL-XANOR gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, So we can get back up with class...

0.5K Stiletto Run 2009 30Speaking of class.., buy TAFIL-XANOR online cod. TAFIL-XANOR over the counter, 0.5K Stiletto Run 2009 35

Oh, this is why people were running to ShoeFly: the blue martini, ordering TAFIL-XANOR online. Kjøpe TAFIL-XANOR på nett, köpa TAFIL-XANOR online, 0.5K Stiletto Run 2009 37Who's crazy idea was this. Sue Marfino.

0.5K Stiletto Run 2009 41

Adam Wilson from Celebrate Buffalo also helped to organize the Stiletto Run, and the money went to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, who are working on new drugs to help treat and eradicate difficult types of ovarian cancer.

0.5K Stiletto Run 2009 33

Sponsers of the race (whether by staying open late, to donating prizes and other support) include:

  • ShoeFly

  • Celebrate Buffalo T-shirts

  • Clutch

  • DeLish: wine and beer

  • Juniper: yummy food

  • Lexington Coop- refreshments

  • Abraham's Jewelers

  • Lotions & Potions: back and hand massages

  • Spoiled Rotten

  • Anna Grace

  • Splash Pannic

  • City Love Clothing

  • Can Can Candy

  • Sai One

  • Annie Adams Jewelery

  • Abrahams Jewelers

  • Miz Mooz shoes

  • John Fluevog Shoes

  • Seychelles/BC Footwear

  • Matisse Shoes

  • Coconuts Shoes

  • Anna Grace

  • Juniper restaurant

  • Dipson Theaters

  • OPLUSD Cards

  • Poetic Licence shoes

  • Sugar Shoes

  • Lisa Mansback Associates for K.Bell socks

  • Celebrate Buffalo

  • ShoeFly

  • Clutch

  • Block Club Magazine

You can check out the rest of my photos from the Stiletto Run on flickr..



06.06.2009 @ 2:09 PM in Buffalo

Dirty Stogie Smoker ZEBETA FOR SALE, First off, the Mash Bash was nothing like it was last year (or the years before). The budget was severely hacked this go around and it showed, ZEBETA no rx. Taking ZEBETA, For 50 dollars, you get in with only 2 drink tickets, where can i buy ZEBETA online. Buy ZEBETA online no prescription, Sure, you can eat all the pizza, ZEBETA no prescription, ZEBETA alternatives, sausage dogs, and hot dogs in the world, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Rx free ZEBETA, but taking away the free beer just isn't right. Things were different.., ZEBETA trusted pharmacy reviews. there wasn't the crazy rush for beer, the lines and frat boys (ok, me too) running with six cups of tepid Labatts every fifteen minutes.., ZEBETA FOR SALE. Where can i order ZEBETA without prescription, The food was the same. Greasy suburban pizza, low dose ZEBETA, Buy cheap ZEBETA, but some incredible sausage dogs.


And since I wasn't running back and forth for beer like a crazy person, purchase ZEBETA, ZEBETA canada, mexico, india, Jay and I actually stuck around for some of the Lance Diamond Show.  This was the first time I had seen (or paid attention to) Lance Diamond perform, and I actually dug it a little, my ZEBETA experience. ZEBETA use, He's a performer, and a dirty dirty dirty man, is ZEBETA safe.

Lance Diamond ZEBETA FOR SALE, Taking it all in, Lane Diamond is a sight to see. Buy ZEBETA no prescription, From a bedazzled coat to his creepy snake tongue wiggle, he reminds me of a fat old Rick James 2.0, effects of ZEBETA. ZEBETA pictures, Lance Diamond Flashy

The Mash Bash is a great time to dress up in camo and make a darn fool of yourself. And where else can a comfortably straight man dress like this:


And where else besides the bedroom or a cheap basement set can you don a Navy Uniform with your anchors hanging out:

Busty Heart 2

Mash Bash is a time to spend with loved ones, ZEBETA long term, Order ZEBETA online overnight delivery no prescription, like my awesome boyfriend Jay:


and to get molested by Angel:

The Creepy Touch

Some couples looked cute, in their matching drab and boots:

Cute Couple

This couple was doing it wrong:

Hot Mess

And half of this couple wanted to be anywhere but with her husband:

Half Happy

I have almost a hundred pictures from the Bash 09 on flickr, ZEBETA natural. Online buying ZEBETA, Check it out. ZEBETA brand name.

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Wired 15th Anniversary: For the Love of PMS805

05.21.2008 @ 2:19 PM in Technology
Wired has long been a fan of using neon inks for their magazine covers, and Pantone 805 Orange-Red Neon Ink is somewhat of a signature color. To celebrate, they doused the entire cover in PMS 805; I literally saw the thing sticking out of the mailbox from the other end of the driveway (and I live in a carriage house!). The articles are pretty swell too, a farewell to Bill Gates, BSG, and a bit about how to really cut down global warming... Subscribe now (Only $10) and you'll get this issue guaranteed, or go the the bookstore and look for the sore thumb... Its totes worth it.

Bandits Take a Championship, I take pictures.

05.21.2008 @ 11:12 AM in Buffalo
I'll leave the sports coverage to Andy, but I wanna thank him giving me the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing affair. Running out on the field, bumping into very sweaty, adrenaline filled lacrosse players... dodging ESPN crews... pretty awesome.  I was a little hesitant to go and get my shots; I'm not used to press photography, or for that matter, much photography at all. I basically followed the pack and focused on the few players I knew were important. The Bandits 2008 MVP (which I got to cast a vote for) Steenhuis was pretty easy to spot, he sports bright orange Reeboks. I took some video too for WNYMedia, but I have absolutely no idea what Marc is doing with it. Hopefully he'll put the mess of cloverfield-esque footage into something awesome.. like he always does. I also decided to take advantage of the new Animoto service to make a little video below. Animoto is a web based photo montage service that uses a pretty sophisticated AI to arrange your photos into a music video, complete with beat matching and top of the line special effects. the service is free for 30 second clips; full length videos that you can dl are $3 a pop, or $30 for a year. Use this referral link and you can get a year membership for only $25.

click above to visit the flickrset

GTAIV: NYC and Liberty City Side-by-Side

05.14.2008 @ 12:55 PM in Culture
John and I spent a good portion of our togetherness last weekend killing hookers, stealing cars and doing odd jobs for this fucked in the head Russian dude. Oh, and we also played GTAIV, the latest installment in the Rockstar platinum franchise. Everything is better: physics, npc interactions, mobility choices; but the Sentinal is still the best car to roll in. That being said, the game is a whole lot darker; morality is put in your hands and it can get frustrating at times choosing who lives and dies, who to bowl with and who to let get beat down.... Did I mention the game is frickin incredible to look at? Liberty City is modeled loosely after NYC, Algonquin being Manhatten, Bohan, the Bronx, and so on... but a few choice landmarks have been dropped in the game, and has the flickr set...
So my story starts 2 years ago, March 2006, when I visit New York City. I take a bunch of photographs, do all the touristy things, fall in love with the city and then come home. Flash forward to April 2008, a little game called GTA4 gets released, some of you might have heard it being talked about. It takes place in a kind of pseudo-NYC called Liberty City. I noticed that there were a lot of great similarities between the real life and the virtual city, so I set about putting together a short little photoset of virtual recreations of the real life photos I took. It was fairly easy, because all the buildings counterparts are basically in the same position, and a lot of care and attention has been paid to getting the details in the game really right.
These are awesome shots; it really shows how much work was put into the game, and how intense the realism can be at times. GTAIV almost has this muddy oil painting style effect added to everything... a beautiful blend of art and realism.

8-Inch Ninja Dunny Protects Fine Child Labor

12.27.2007 @ 11:49 AM in Culture
It seems that the theme for gifting Buffawhat this Holiday season has been vinyl. I'm not complaining.. less I have to buy for myself! dunnyninja.jpg Kevin, my buddy from Singapore (he's from Buffalo,but he sold his soul to a bank for two years and they promptly shipped him overseas) gave me the 8-inch Ninja Dunny by MAD. He's kinda baddass, not so much for the paintjob -- pretty basic in that aspect -- but the ninja sword and star are really beefy and make the ninja Dunny a great collect.  There are two more colorways: a black chase and a exclusive red Ninja, but the standard white with blood looks better than the chases. The dunny is standing behind something else that Kevin gave me: a gold and enamel embellished coffee cup with saucer and lid. The crazy thing is that its made in Thailand by little kids, because their hands are so small they can hold the tiny brushes to paint the fine details. Once they reach a certain age, they can't hold the brushes steady any more and have to find another career. All this for rice and a few coins. Child labor has never been so pretty. I'll try to post a better pic of it on flickr once I get out of my office.

Flickr: Scientific Ink

12.21.2007 @ 12:30 PM in Technology
This brought my attention as I have most recently locked in an appointment with Randall at Divine Machine to get a tattoo for my birthday (Jan 16). I'm shying away from the normal tribal fare, and my goals are to get a design that matches what I am and what I do.  Possible choices are a copy of my Buffawhat logo, with a copyright tag, or perhaps the rooster from my favorite clothing line, Whiteboy. Whatever it will be, I completely identify with these science and Math geeks whose ink only further labels them into geekdom: flickrset.jpg This flickr set stemmed from a old post by Carl Zimmer, as he was wondering "how scientists tattoo themselves with their science." He got a great number of responses and a few months later dropped this set. I think I favor the DNA tattoos myself.