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Polaroid POGO: Instant Gratification

08.30.2008 @ 2:43 PM in Technology

Last November, I posted about Polaroid's leap back into instant photo gratification with POGO, an ultra-portable photo printer using zero ink technology from Zink. I was pretty stoked about the device; I was big fan of Polaroid back in the day and recently I've been looking for a decent method to print out some mobile pictures. Time goes by and the POGO falls off my radar... that is until I walked into Target today and noticed it was on sale for $129 (original price, $149)! The desire for instant gratification struck instantly. I instantly had to have it and instantly marched to the camera counter. Instantly purchasing it, my compadres and I (we were on a post GBC breakfast excursion) instantly headed back to the car. I instantly started to free my overpriced photo printer from its cardboard cage welcoming it into my loving realm of mobile gadgetra. Immediately inspecting the instructions, I installed the battery and paper pack; it instantly spit out the paper calibration "smart sheet." And then it instantly died. First gripe: put a charge in the battery for Christ's sake. I know we all are supposed to charge a full 2-24 hours before stuff works, but no one ever does and most everything else has at least half a charge on purchase (ipod, phone, camera...). With my efforts dashed to justify the purchase with my compadres by showing them the awesome power of instant gratification, I eventually made my way to my office to plug the damned thing in. Eventually, I unraveled the power block and extension cord; the POGO prints while plugged in, but this is a mobile gadget and meant to be carted around in a messenger bag. the construction is solid and metally. I'd say it weighs about a pound, but feels very study. The thing was expensive enough; it better weigh a ton. On to printing. I tested the pogo with the gamut of photo sources, all routed from my phones bluetooth; you can connect to a digital camera with a USB cable as long as you have a PictBridge enabled camera. First picture was one I took of kirk, taken with my T-Mobile Shadow in  a lot of sunlight; it came out well enough. Then, I emailed a few pictures from Scranto's flickr to my phone and printed them out with more stunning results. The colors were full and bright, and the resolution crisp. At 2x3 inches per photo, you won't have to worry that much about mobile phone resolution; anything over a mega pixel will look just fine printed from the POGO. Since a lot of my BuffaViews and Snaps are in B/W, I printed out skylar from my previous post, and Lafeyette Square from the post before. Since the ZINK technology isn't CYMK but rather CMY, the b/w photos had a slight blue hue, which I don't seem to mind at all. If you really enjoy having hard copies of your mobile photos, then this printer is for you. I wouldn't recommend this for someone with a shitty camera phone, or a Verizon anything, since VZW cripples bluetooth so that it can only pair with a headset. Polaroid - POGO