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WANT: Pecan Pals

12.09.2008 @ 3:23 PM in Lifestream

With sharp mountain peaks on one side and thickly forested plains on the other, Carrara Island rises majestically from the Pacific Ocean.

Like all worthy places of interest, there are a great many stories to tell about this island. But what good is a story without some characters to meet and greet? Exactly, not very interesting at all! Well, this island happens to be inhabited by a group of characters almost as remarkable as the island itself, and with the word “remarkable” in the sentence, you know something exciting is bound to happen! They are the Pecanpals and as much as I would love to introduce them all to you now, it is far better for you to find out yourself. So, have fun!

A little diversion from my normal vinyl obsession, these 5.5"-6" figures are 100% handmade from wood, with articulated joints, and come with accessories. Only 200 of each character were made (five in all at this moment), and you can pre-order starting tomorrow. I really dig the classic blocky wood style, and the pastels are beautiful and dreamy. Let it be noted that I'd like Pecan... ...he looks a bit like the Android Logo, does he not?