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03.27.2009 @ 11:39 AM in Culture

ZERIT FOR SALE, My favorite pants company evar, Bonobos, just put out a little promo video explaining where pants came from and why their pants rule. You should totally watch the whole thing (in HD, generic ZERIT, ZERIT gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, duh); at the end is a coupon code for a discount on your first sweet pair. ZERIT pics. Buy ZERIT no prescription. Where can i order ZERIT without prescription. ZERIT maximum dosage. ZERIT wiki. ZERIT dosage. Buy cheap ZERIT. ZERIT samples. After ZERIT. ZERIT long term. Buy ZERIT from canada. ZERIT brand name. Buy generic ZERIT. Buy cheap ZERIT no rx. Canada, mexico, india. Effects of ZERIT. ZERIT results. Where can i find ZERIT online. Discount ZERIT. Herbal ZERIT. ZERIT treatment. ZERIT interactions. My ZERIT experience.

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03.18.2009 @ 12:12 AM in Culture

AVODART FOR SALE, *OK, not Daddy per-say, but anyone who gifts me from the blogosphere gets the "Blog Sugar Daddy" title for a spell....

I had mentioned  over a week ago on Twitter that I must absolutely have this new pair of Bonobos cords, the "M Streets," and that someone should buy them for me. Fast shipping AVODART, Well, seems that a good blog/twitter pal/follower, where can i buy AVODART online, Real brand AVODART online, Michael Cichon/BfloNativeInFla, was feeling generous and bought them for me, AVODART recreational. AVODART duration, Let me say thanks Mike. You rock severely and the pants are much appreciated.., doses AVODART work. Order AVODART online c.o.d, and as promised, a post:


Bonobos are the Craftsman brand of pants: quality, AVODART used for, My AVODART experience, durability, and satisfaction unconditionally guaranteed, AVODART from canadian pharmacy. Plus, they are pants for the man with a little bit of ass and a little bit of style, AVODART FOR SALE. AVODART dose, Allow me to explain:

  • Bonobos are handsewn, quality trousers made in NY made from wholesome materials like organic cotton or wool.

  • Most of today's casual slacks suffer from "Khaki Diaper Butt, online AVODART without a prescription, AVODART mg, " a tragedy wrought from mass-produced pants made to fit a form, not a man, AVODART images. Order AVODART online overnight delivery no prescription, Bonobos are designed to fit a man with a butt, with a curved waistband to ensure a proper fit on the hips, purchase AVODART for sale. AVODART dangers, It's OK for a guy to have an ass, and Bonobos are the best pant to show them off.

  • Each pair of pants come at at a set length, what is AVODART, Order AVODART from mexican pharmacy, either 34" inseam for waists 28-33, and 36" for waists 34-40, buy AVODART from mexico. AVODART price, coupon, Just stop at your favorite dry cleaners (or ask that seamstress friend of yours) and you can get them tailored to the perfect length. AVODART FOR SALE, Most Bonobos are also slightly boot-cut, a plus for the casual office dweller who refuses to wear dress shoes, like me.

  • You won't find these pants in stores, except for the headquarters in Manhattan, or at trunk sales throughout the year. You buy Bonobos online at, AVODART pictures, AVODART maximum dosage, keeping markups low.

  • The return policy is insane: any pant, any time, AVODART gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Where can i find AVODART online, any reason, you can return your Bonobos for a 100% refund or replacement. And they pay for the return shipping.

  • Did I mention they fit and look amazing?

When Michael bought my pants, it went a few days without any word on shipping or tracking numbers. After an email inquiry it turned out that in a giant rush for the new March lineup, staff at Bonobos accidentally let the order fall through the cracks. Most companies would hash off a quick "sorry" and send them along. Not only were they apologetic,  but they overnighted the pants and included a coupon for a hefty discount on the next order, AVODART FOR SALE. Arriving with the M Streets was the invoice, and scribbled was this cute note that I had to share...

This isn't the first time I've worn Bonobos. I picked up a pair of shoguns last year and they are my favorite second favorite pair of pants next to these M Streets. Since I couldn't wait to wear them, I asked my friend Crystal from the Co-op if she would fix the length for me. I'm not exactly a 31 waist, but the cords shrink a bit in the wash and come out perfect.

I've never had silver pants before, but they look and feel great, and will go with nearly everything. Middleweight corduroy is one of the perfect fabrics for Spring, you heard it here. #tweetit



Bonobos: Pants for Real Guys

06.03.2008 @ 11:30 AM in Culture

My workday is half sitting on my ass in an office, and half roaming about the community with a recreation group. I need pants that fit well, look nice, and can flex without ripping or rubbing my leg hairs right off. Up until now, I've been stuck wearing chinos's, taking a hit on fitting, because I need the casual cut to get around. Till now, I've been looking for a pant that wins on all three, something I can wear that was made for me, my style, and doesn't cost me tailor prices. Till Now. I ran across Bonobos first on Uncrate, a site devoted to gear and goods for guys. They called them the holy grail of pants, and I liked the look of them so I meandered over to to take a peak. First glance at the site, it looked like Bonobos were made for preppy well-off guys that wouldn't dare walk into a department store for anything more than a wedding gift for a cousin he despised, let alone a pair of slacks. But damn, were the pants enticing, so I took a deeper look. Bonobos are pants that feel like your favorite pair of jeans.  I'm sitting at my desk now, in a fresh pair of Shoguns, and my ass feels SOOO good. There's no bunching, I feel supported and very comfortable. The material is sturdy, yet light corduroy.
Bonobos exists to solve to two problems we had ourselves. (1) Men's pants do not fit well; they are either baggy, frumpy, and unflattering. Or way too tight. We make pants that fit and look better, on most gents and especially on guys with athletic builds. The second problem (2) is retail. How could we enjoy paying 120% markup to try on clothes in an uncomfortable public environment where sales associates—who are total strangers—either scrutinize our figures, or pay no attention to us at all? Meanwhile, pricing games are no fun. We're tired of waiting for sales... but paying full price makes no sense when inevitably everything will go on sale. We got tired of the traditional retail shopping experience. So we are building a different kind of clothing company, one that offers a fantastic customer experience, innovative low-cost distribution, and a stylish product that fits well.

Bonobos come in various style, materials, and colors; each style has a limited one-time run.  Each pant is also gracefully bootcut, with a playful, colorful lining. And, on the Shoguns at least, a hybrid snap/slide fly button which I thought was the coolest thing ever. To ensure that each pair fits, they all ship one length. If you have a puerto rican living with you and a mini sweat shop (like I do), you can get them sized the same day. Prices aren't bad either (most are between $110 and $130), but what I thought was the most amazing thing was the Band of Brothers discount they gave me for working the field of non-profit/human service. For that, I am incredibly grateful. Pants this sweet, you won't be able to find in stores. Bonobos only sell online, with a understanding open return policy, much like Craftsman, or Tupperware. If I could replace my wardrobe with one line, (and I probably will over time), it will be Bonobos, 'nuff said.