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MacHeist 2 Begins

12.07.2007 @ 9:51 AM in Technology
mh1.jpg Last year, any company that employed free software loving macheads took a 45% hit in productivity due to MacHeist, a type of internet scavenger hunt where you solve "heists" to gain access to free loot (OSX apps) and discounts on the big bundle at the end. Last year, we were sent from site to site, decrypting cyphers, and solving visual puzzles with pieces more separate from each other than the Jackson family. The loot comes from the ginormous developer community. Last year, we got Cha-ching, 1passwd, Captain FTP, and others, which all led up to a huge bundled grab bag which we applied discounts we earned to get it for next to nothing. With Heist #1 underway, the puzzle seems to be a bit more mixed media. No spoliers, but lets just say you better be on a mac for this one or you can't solve it. This poses a difficulty for me, as I won't be on a mac till christmas (I hope), but i'm following what I can on teh office PC. So, if you are on a mac, you love puzzles, and you want free stuff, get on board and don't let your boss catch you when time comes to print out a sundial on the office printer.