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Weekend over

11.03.2007 @ 3:07 PM in Lifestream
Messy Night Saturday is here, thats the end of my work week.  I've dealt with enough drama, politics, little kids, candy, alcohol, and homo's to last me the rest of the year. But I can't escape it, that's my life and I'm sticking to it. A quick recap of this week..
  • My OPTS proposal is locked down in limbo land.  A new law change, and a new Gov'ner nixed the OPTS  funding model, which went into effect a few months after the last of the OPTS projects were submitted. Those not already verified and approved have no available forward action for now.  This means I need to find $50k+ elsewhere for my lab. This also means that over a year of work is now worthless.
  • I've been smoke free since last Wednesday. Thats 10 whole days. I'm doing the gum (its outright expensive, though in the long run I'm saving money); tastes like I'm chewing on  a camel. I feel ok, but I caught Strep from work so I can't really enjoy my new lungs.
  • Michael and I are in the early stage of contemplating a place to live together. A year came and passed with no fanfare, and little change. I've stopped defending why I'm still with him. He's a good guy, I love him, and he is a stable form of chaos that I need right now.
  • Marcella's is getting more and more annoying and overrun with rumors and drama.  No one's bought the club, and we aren't closing. Where the hell would all the bitter queens and uppity homo's go to strut their false sense of security if we closed? Marcella's is a mainstay, bullshit and all.