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An early Birthday present.

01.10.2008 @ 9:59 AM in Lifestream
ledbetterkozik_web.jpg [Ledbetter Finders Keeper and a Kozik Monger] I got these little items the other day from a good pal Mike, in Texas. He's kinda a cooky sort, and my oldest interweb pal; he's always been there over the years no matter how crazy things have been for me. I wasn't expecting a birthday gift, but when it arrived I wasn't surprised to see a cock ring and some rubbers included. I love my friends. It's crazy, but I sometimes feel more connected with my peeps from the web than the ones I have locally. My moving around a lot has something to do with it I guess, I'm kinda amazed I'm still in Buffalo for almost three years, and not all that restless to change it. pinkelephant2_web.jpg This beautiful vinyl piece came from Hero as a present for myself. A bit pricey, but the absolute top quality paint job and idea of it all makes the Pink Elephant w/ Drunky McSkunky a must have for any toy collection. its probably one of the best new vinyls to come out for the new year. Pink Elephant was designed by Amanda Visell and producedby Munky King. Visell is simpy amazing with her illustrations and its a delight whenever her work gets put into this medium. drunky_web.jpg Drunky McSkunky has a magnet on his bum so he stays on top of the pink elephant. Now thats radtastic.  You can get this at Hero on Allen or online at Munky King.