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07.16.2010 @ 6:09 PM in Culture

ZOCOR FOR SALE, I love M.I.A., and I thought she retired. Well, taking ZOCOR, ZOCOR trusted pharmacy reviews, she did. And /\/\ /\ Y /\ (or MAYA) is proof and a half, effects of ZOCOR. Herbal ZOCOR, The entire album is hard to listen to, from excessive riffing distortions to grindy samples of jet takeoffs, discount ZOCOR, ZOCOR no rx, it doesn't sound like real M.I.A., from Kala days, ZOCOR from canada. Canada, mexico, india, MAYA sounds like a concept album, made intentionally awful to prove a point, ZOCOR use, Doses ZOCOR work, a point i'm still not sure of even after hearing that it was supposed to be a message on our over-dependency on technology and social sites. speaking of that, the first track "The Message" goes a little like this.., ZOCOR FOR SALE.

...Headbone connected to the Headphones
Headphones connected to the iPhone
iPhone connected to the Internet
Connected to the Google
Connected to the Government...

"XXXO" has been burning up my Droid for a few weeks now, buy ZOCOR online cod, Where can i buy ZOCOR online, and while Jay-Z laid down his bits to make it a Summer Jam, I was expecting another good hit.I found it "TeqKilla", purchase ZOCOR online, Buy cheap ZOCOR, and there's a decent remix with emergent Nicki Minaj I like, but I kept looking for something like "Sunshowers, ZOCOR gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, ZOCOR for sale, " the 2nd track I ever bought from iTunes, and the first song that made me fall in love with M.I.A, ZOCOR street price. ZOCOR results, The most set apart track in MAYA could also be its saving grace: "It Takes a Muscle"  is very Bob Marley like, and very much the sweet and sassy pop ballad that makes you wanna get high and hug somebody, ZOCOR online cod. ZOCOR pharmacy, Then... there's "Born Free, rx free ZOCOR, ZOCOR overnight, " doomed from the start albeit with an INCREDIBLE video featuring the genocide of those pesky gingers an unfortunately pale and oppressed bunch. "Born Free" was the hint that we weren't going to see a song like "Paper Planes" on this album, and was the start of the incredibly public media backlash with M.I.A, order ZOCOR online c.o.d. ZOCOR FOR SALE, and pretty much anyone else who spoke ill. ZOCOR maximum dosage, Blackbook recently featured an interview with Diplo, the man who essentially tag teamed his way with M.I.A, ZOCOR brand name. to the top, and he shed some light on what went so wrong with MAYA...
...I think she’s a really controversial artist and she’s one of the most important people doing music right now, because people expect a lot. And I think that the record was like—she didn’t care about it. I was in the studio with her, she didn’t write anything..., ZOCOR FOR SALE.

Me and Switch tried our best to be quality control of the record and she didn’t want that. She kind of went on her own way... She’s got a talent in every aspect. She’s got ideas bigger than any artist I’ve ever met and she’s someone to fuckin’ make that happen....

Diplo also went on to explain a bit on why everyone (especially M.I.A.) is so pissed off:
“I am surprised by it. ZOCOR FOR SALE, She like, retired because she married a dude and she didn’t care about music. She only did it again because “Paper Planes” did blow up in the end. It gave her a second wind, but she didn’t have any hunger anymore. She already got a full table.”

I love being a hater, but I really wanna love this album.  While MAYA is a good listen, because it sounds like nothing else you'll ever hear, it just isn't her. If you can deal with that, cool. Go buy it. In a few years, MAYA will have her MAMA thing downpat (yea, she had a kid!) and come back to the scene and kill everyone with more artfully sampled gunshots.

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04.27.2010 @ 2:03 PM in Culture

BARBITAL FOR SALE, DISCLAIMER: The following video for M.I.A's new single, "Born Free" is extremely violent, but not for violence sake. M.I.A, BARBITAL results. Order BARBITAL no prescription, is no stranger to adversity, as she grew up during the Shri Lankan Civil War, BARBITAL mg. Purchase BARBITAL online, In fact, a good portion of her music has something to do with either government oppression, online buy BARBITAL without a prescription, Real brand BARBITAL online, war, and situations much like what is portrayed in the following video, BARBITAL samples. Buy BARBITAL without a prescription, Youtube pulled the video when it premiered Monday, due to its extreme content.  Sometimes music videos have a fine line to walk between political commentary and shock value, where can i buy cheapest BARBITAL online. BARBITAL without prescription, I understand youtube's stance on this, but the video is here on Vimeo and other places, BARBITAL description, BARBITAL duration, like M.I.A's website.

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