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01.29.2009 @ 12:50 AM in Lifestream

This is all Hucifer's PREDNISONE FOR SALE, Fault... Generic PREDNISONE, a tag on Facebook, and I needed a free post.., buy PREDNISONE online no prescription. Buy PREDNISONE no prescription, 25  random things about me.

  1. No matter how cold it gets, I refuse to wear a coat, discount PREDNISONE, PREDNISONE from canada, instead I layer a simple Guess jacket with thermals and hoodies.

  2. I enjoy the taste of Jack and Redbull, more recently Jack and Shark.

  3. I have done almost everything I have wanted to do in my life, australia, uk, us, usa, PREDNISONE alternatives, sans being a garbage collector, which I don't want to be anymore.

  4. I bombed the SAT (made an 1160), PREDNISONE over the counter, PREDNISONE maximum dosage, because I couldn't sit still in the small room.

  5. I've not completed more than 1 year of college and have no idea what I'll study when I go back.

  6. My short term memory is nearly shot, no due to drugs, PREDNISONE treatment, Comprar en línea PREDNISONE, comprar PREDNISONE baratos, but more than likely because of my Adult ADD.

  7. I used to be a summer missionary for Child Evangelism Fellowship, and would teach Good News Clubs, about PREDNISONE, Purchase PREDNISONE online no prescription, and 5 Day camps over the Summer... as a young teen.

  8. I used to be in something called Bible Drill, PREDNISONE price, Doses PREDNISONE work, which was a youth spelling-bee-quickdraw-esque competition based on knowing Bible scripture and being able to find any passage of the Bible in 10 seconds or less.

  9. Most ironic experience of my life: as a kid, in the days of Bible drill and children's ministry I would do young men's youth group events at a baptist children's home called Kennedy Home, where can i find PREDNISONE online, PREDNISONE schedule, in Kinston, NC, real brand PREDNISONE online. Low dose PREDNISONE, I always wondered what went on there. Shortly after I spent 3+ months as a resident, in an attempt to overcome my homosexual tendancies.

  10. I've had a sexual encounter in nearly every part of Club Marcella.

  11. I'm quite petty at times.

  12. I like to keep at least 5 project going at one time.., PREDNISONE FOR SALE. Maybe one will be finished.

  13. I have a thing about multiples of an item, PREDNISONE mg, Buy PREDNISONE online cod, makes me happy.

  14. I rub my belly a lot, wishing it was round and furry.

  15. I once shaved all the hair off my body to GoGo dance, taking PREDNISONE. Online buy PREDNISONE without a prescription, I called my sister to ask how she does it.

  16. My room is clean one week out of the month. the rest of the time it is a uncoordinated  nightmare.

  17. I have a Wired magazine subscription, PREDNISONE pics, Is PREDNISONE safe, partly because I like to read it, and partly because I needed more than one on my shelf after buying an issue at the airport (note to #13).

  18. I have a helpless and automatic crush for hetero bear guys.

  19. I'm a Fatass in a little guy's body.

  20. I have spent at least 30 minutes on this so far.

  21. I tend to move from place to place, and Buffalo is the first time I've really settled. I fear it at times.

  22. I can't remember all 50 states anymore, the midwest isn't important to me.

  23. I've never been to the west coast.

  24. Of all the languages I tried to learn and failed, I want to learn French for realz the most.

  25. I'm a VJ now. On top of being a mediocre light technician, I'm also a mediocre visual artist at Club Marcella.



Lego: 50 Years with the Brick

01.28.2008 @ 10:01 AM in Technology

[ Timeline of Lego courtesy of Gizmodo, click to embiggen ]

The iconic studded Lego brick turns 50 today. Originally called the "automatic binding blocks," they came into existence when a humble Danish toy company called Lego bought their first injection molding machine in 1947 and in 1948 established and produced the "stud-and-tube" brick format. For 50 years, the multi colored plastic bricks have unlocked the imaginations and creativity of billions of children (and adults, too) all over the world. Legos were the literal building blocks of my childhood. From the oversized DUPLO blocks as a tot, I grew up with them, moving up a level till I settled on the Technics line (the ones with extra holes and rots and slots and motors). I was the kid that bought a set, put it together, and three days later disassembled it all for my own re-purposing. Then the first Mindstorms set came out in 1998, and I got my first taste of robotics when I replaced the RCX's firmware was able to create more complex programs for my models. I think the most complex thing I ever made was a photometer. It would track the amount of light in my room during the day and graph it on a rotating paper drum. Legos made anything possible, and really encouraged me to keep being creative.
  • What were your fondest memories with the Lego? And I'm sorry your parents didn't love you enough that you got Tyco or Mega Bloks, they don't count.

The Third Installment, still shitty as ever

01.11.2008 @ 3:01 PM in Lifestream
 lame.jpg I'm not gonna post a reaction video because this shit (literally) does not phase me anymore. Maybe cause I'm a sick fuck to begin with or because I have had to deal with situations at work in the back end of the ballpark like this. Anyways, 2girls1cup had a sequel, called 2girls1finger. It featured the same shit, a little more fiber in this one, but ya know.. gross.  Well, I just found out about the newest edition, 4girlsfingerpaint.  figure it out. Remember a time when tubgirl and goatse and lemon party were the only ways to freak out your friends?

Lolspeak: I can haz alternet speeches?

12.13.2007 @ 12:18 PM in Technology
lolznate.jpg It's slowly becoming a trend among my geekier friends to use LOLspeak when describing want:
  • buffalogeek: I can haz template Nate?
  • buffawhat: OMGDIAF! TSFU!
  • buffalogeek: can haz nate?
  • buffawhat: Fine.
Lolspeak also helps to soften up a fellow when asking your friends for that eensy little favor:
  • buffawhat: Hey chris!
  • buffalogeek: whaddup, Yo!
  • buffawhat: can you send a request to dreamhost to fix that DNS issue. i'd do it, but I'm too busy watching Ms Piggle Wiggle on Hulu... KTHXOMGLUVYOUGAYKISSESBAI!!!!!
  • buffawhat has signed out
Evn when I haz convo with my friendz I luv to drop teh LoLspeak. My friends, they sayz I haz a brainz issuez. I haz a ? Iz teh LOLspeak teh next wave of Baby talk? Boinkology (I sayz not safe fer work sometimez) pointed thiz out first. They be on my blogrollz. Let me showz you it.

Morning Link Load

11.30.2007 @ 9:17 AM in Lifestream
I've got to head off to training this morning. Need to get this damn thing over with so I can be eligible for my 3% performance bonus this December. I think its Safety Practices or whatever... Here's a few links to mull over while I mull over the relativity of this training and my job description.

Capture the Caption: Trannies say

11.19.2007 @ 3:52 PM in Lifestream
trannies.jpg Twas innocently scrolling through the flickr and noticed this gem of an old pic from Marcellas. These two upstanding members of the trans-something community have something to say. Please comment with the appropriate LOLcaption. The most engaging comment will make me update the pic with the winning LOLcaption.