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The Le French Connection

02.28.2008 @ 3:41 PM in Lifestream
One of the greatest things about the Le French Dunny Series is how there are visible connections and proof of collaboration between some of the artists. Instead in some series' where each character is completely different, I'm gonna point out a few details on some of the French figures that bring them together.. as well as explain why the Easy Hey is so goddamn ugly unique. First off, the French Color Trio. french_con_colorway.jpg Look at the 123KLAN, Oktus (I've yet to score this figure), and Superduex  together, notice anything? The three colors (blue white red) aren't just the French national colors, they are a prevalent design aesthetic for Superduex, who also did the packaging design for the series. Superduex, 123KLAN and Oktus all have collabo'd together via french Design groups like UNCHI. Looking at the art styles of 123KLAN, I'd assume that they followed Superduex's concept to create a matching figure. And Oktus was more of a color adherence. either way, the three look appropriate placed next to each other. Now, onto the the Peen and the Sourpatch. We found the cock and balls "discreetly" painted on the underside of the SecretLab figure during the Hero Party. It wasn't till the end of the night that I discovered that the Koralie I just traded for had a raspberry under her. I refuse to believe that this is a coincidence. Ok, now why Easy Hey is so.. Unique. For being 1/400, this is a real stinker of a figure. I guess thats makes sense, seeing it was based off of Easy Hey's Kid Onion "pet" character.... easyhey.jpg On another note, Oktus and Easy Hey are both part of the same French Design Group called Delkographik The French Dunnys are selling fast and strong, stop by Hero Design in Buffalo and pick up a few, or visit the KidRobot page to learn more. aboutFDS.jpg