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SYTYCD: Ten become 8, and the winner is apparent.

07.18.2008 @ 10:35 AM in Culture
Alright, so i slacked last week, and haven't been watching So You Think You Can Dance as serious as I could be, but I'm a busy boy. I think its a little odd that buffalogeek is a more faithful subscriber than I, but then again, Mrs. Geek is a choreographer and Chris is very (cough) cultured. I was about to attribute the best number to Twitch and Comfort. Comfort was brought back after Jessica's injury; she proved her second chance when she nailed a Hip-Hop number with Twitch. Then Geek tweets me and says I had better pick the pas de deux ( say: pa de do), which I had not seen yet.  So i watch it on Red Lasso and I agree: Will and Katie performed the most complex, most powerful, most amazing number of the season. I'm not an expert on dance, and especially not modern ballet, but I can appreciate the intense difficulty of the choreography. Perhaps Mrs. Geek could comment on the incredible talent of Desmond Richardson and his partner; from what I read, he's one of the best in the world. And since I had already clipped it, here's the runner up best number: Twitch and Comforts Hip-Hop number to Chris Brown's "Forever." Choreographed by Dave Scott, this piece shows why Twich and Comfort are the best two Hip-Hop dancers of the season and why Twitch is a heavy contender for the win. While Twitch is my personal favorite, Thursday night sealed my vote for the winner: Will. He has the training, he has the love of the audience, and he has the emotion to take the competition. I think the girls are great: Katie is awesome, and I'll miss Kherington, but this season, it's a guy's battle.