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Podawhaffacast #2

11.16.2007 @ 2:38 PM in Culture
Offishally called the Podawhaffacast, I'm back and mumbley as ever, but now I have a co-host cohort, Angel. There were a lot of technical difficulties with this one, mainly audio tracking and the camera popped a bit out of frame, and its a huge file because I couldn't edit it with the camera we used... regardless, Its a pretty tight show. [vimeo width="600" height="450"][/vimeo] I think we covered too much information, the next episodes will be about 5-10 minutes long. Below you can check out the links and information we mentioned from the show. Thanks for watching! and give us some feedback as what to put in the next one... coming in the next couple weeks.

From the Show

Dj Xotec – Freak Dancer Resurrection

11.15.2007 @ 12:28 AM in Culture
Grumpybear calls him the godfather, I call him a homewrecker (long story, but I still love him). Either way, Xotec is the man (Pronownce it Ex-o-tech). Once of the forefather Dj's from Buffalo, Xotec spends his time spinning in Rochester with monthly jaunts down to Marcella's (he was here last week). It's really hard to say what he does, some days its house, sometimes its trance, sometimes its rock-trip-commercial-hardcore. X does what he likes and its always freakin gold... see for yourself: freak_dancer.jpg

[Click on the Image or here to Download (127MB)]

Freak Dancer resurrection is phenominal... I'm actually listening to it now, and I can't get past the first ten minutes without starting it over. I dunt wanna blow up chris' bandwith so you can click above and download all 127MB of delicous dirty Xotec goodness.
  • Track List: (don't be suprised if you never heard these mixes before, most are custom on the fly cut ups. And that's why he's a god)
  1. Pop Group vs Adam Sky – We are all Prostitutes (x’s re-edit)
  2. AV Helden – Playmates (Jesse Rose remix – x’s re-edit)
  3. Fierce Ruling Diva – Rubb it In (x’s Re-Rub)
  4. Gaston vs Green Velvet – La La Land Shuffle (x’s re-rub)
  5. Klaxons – Golden Skans (Switch rmx – x’s re-edit)
  6. David Bowie vs Xotec – Year of Golden Shower
  7. Mario Fabriani – Jumpy Jackin
  8. Greg Thresher – Adrenaline
  9. Miss Kitten – Requiem for Hit (x’s chopped and screwed)
  10. Macca vs Wildchild - – The Big Renegade (x’s re-rub)
  11. Direkt – 2 Fatt Guitars (x’s re-rub)
  12. Dave Spoon vs Stardust – Music Sounds Better at Night (x’s re-rub)
  13. DJ Misjah – What it is
  14. Tiga – Move My Body (Only for Erol rmx)
  15. James Talk / DJ Pierre – Work it DJ (JT’s 303 dub)
  16. Trouble Soup vs. Todd Terry – Can you Party?
  17. Chris Lake – To the Point (BSOD rmx)
  18. Adonis – I’ve Lost Control (x’s re-rub)
  19. Soulwax – NY Excuse (x’s “More Cowbell” edit)
  20. Metal Fusion – Killing in the Name…
  21. DeeJay Punk Roc – My Beat Box (JLC remix – x’s re-rub)
  22. Dusty Kid – The Cat (Crookers rmx)
  23. Larry Tee – Licky (Herve Goes Low rmx – x’s re-edit)
  24. Thomas Schumacher vs David Banner – Heat it Up & Play(Xotec’s KY Warming Massage Gel re-rub)
  25. Benjamin Theves – Texas
  26. Peter, Bjorn and John – Young Folks (Scumfrog rmx)
  • Bits and Pieces: David Bowie – DJ / Golden Years…Conga Squad – Learn to Phonk…Ying Yang Twins - Wait…Groove Armada – I see You Baby…Rapture – Uh Huh Yeah…Cajmere – Perculator…Kraftwerk – Music Non Stop…Christopher Walken as Bruce Dickenson – he’s got a fever!
  • Ishkur's Review

Bat Boy: the Musical

11.12.2007 @ 10:10 AM in Buffalo
I'm an idiot on three parts:
  1. I forget that despite my claims to being counter-culture to the queer norm, I really am a big homo who enjoys musical theater.
  2. I drudgingly walk past Studio Arena on my way to work at Marcella's. I neglect to realize that a robust theater community has made their home in Buffalo.
  3. I waited till the end to see "Bat Boy: the Musical." - Out of my disdain for supermarket tabloids, poorly photoshopped "anomalies," and pop culture kitchfests, I didn't give it a fair chance... until the lights went out and the opening number blew me the fuck away.
Bat Boy in its regional premiere came to Studio Arena by way of Musicalfare, and sadly is no longer playing. I saw it in its closing weekend, last Friday. If Mike [Sawicz] had told me of the handsome bearish actors, or about the "woodland orgy," I'd have been there opening night. batboy_1.jpg To say the show was hilarious is disrespectful. "Bat Boy" was a genius concoction of witty storyline, spot on casting, and clever props, blended together by a powerful rock score.
“Ripped from the headlines of The Weekly World News, Bat Boy The Musical is a classic love story with a serious bite. This delicious twist on the modern day musical comedy tells the amazing story of a strange boy with pointy ears, his struggle to find a place in a world that shuns him, and the love that can create both miracles and madness.” --from
The story wasn't original, I've seen a million shows and movies, after school specials highlighting the importance of being accepted for who you are. What makes "Bat Boy" so remarkable is that it was told with as much spoof and absurdity as humanly possible. Edgar, a mysterious boy with pointed ears and fanged teeth, found in a cave in West Virginia, and taken in by the town's veterinarian family, much to the dissaproval of the town. In "My Fair Lady Fashion," Edgar learns to speak and is cultured, thanks to BBC tapes, and soon longs for the respect of the town. What he doesn't know is his twisted past, a past that some are eager to keep covered up; even if it means killing a few people. I have to say, the woodland orgy scene was one of the most fulfilling moments of the show, and my evening. I actually missed parts of the scene as I was too busy oggling the handsome and talented Philip Farugia (shame he's married, but god what a voice he has) in sweaty wifebeater, fur kilt, and bear mask getting it on with a badger and a deer. It was also good to see the equally talented Marc Sacco, who I've only heard of and had yet to see him in action. As for the rest of the performers, I had no idea that Buffalo had so many great voices. I can't single out anyone else (I'm new to this, remember?), and it would be biased to filter out just the handsome bears in the cast. Perhaps when I see a few more shows I can get specific. I'm really hoping the success of "Bat Boy: the Musical" brings it to stage once more. It was a refreshing bite of cult-culture [new phrase, so bite it grammar nazi's] I've been missing out on.