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More Heatherette Crack

01.02.2008 @ 10:13 PM in Lifestream
heatherette2_web.jpg I finished off the case of Heatherettes at Hero Design today; Mark wanted an Amanda Lepore, and I wanted Mack Dugan and the rest of the set. So, I bought the 8 that were left, and gave mark the tranny Lepore I found. The rest were Richie Riches, but I did get the other Trevor Rains (left in the photo), one of the Mack Dugans (right), and the chase (center) which I believe to be Paris Hilton. I've kinda exhausted Hero of all the new stuff; the next few months are bringing an 8-inch Dunny with the Fat-Cap, more Munny Pulls, and of course, the French 3-inch Dunny's. For now, I topped off with a few more Kozik mongers... monger_herman_web.jpg Herman, from Mongers..... mongers_web.jpg and Dmitri the Magnificent and Popov from Mongers Menthol.
  • P.S. as soon as I was getting ready to leave, Mark pulled out the last case of the Heatherettes. I may get the whole series then.

8-Inch Ninja Dunny Protects Fine Child Labor

12.27.2007 @ 11:49 AM in Culture
It seems that the theme for gifting Buffawhat this Holiday season has been vinyl. I'm not complaining.. less I have to buy for myself! dunnyninja.jpg Kevin, my buddy from Singapore (he's from Buffalo,but he sold his soul to a bank for two years and they promptly shipped him overseas) gave me the 8-inch Ninja Dunny by MAD. He's kinda baddass, not so much for the paintjob -- pretty basic in that aspect -- but the ninja sword and star are really beefy and make the ninja Dunny a great collect.  There are two more colorways: a black chase and a exclusive red Ninja, but the standard white with blood looks better than the chases. The dunny is standing behind something else that Kevin gave me: a gold and enamel embellished coffee cup with saucer and lid. The crazy thing is that its made in Thailand by little kids, because their hands are so small they can hold the tiny brushes to paint the fine details. Once they reach a certain age, they can't hold the brushes steady any more and have to find another career. All this for rice and a few coins. Child labor has never been so pretty. I'll try to post a better pic of it on flickr once I get out of my office.

i Haz An Addiction, Let Me showz You It.

12.26.2007 @ 12:45 PM in Lifestream
fullview.jpg I finally ran out of room on my desk to display the vinyl. One could say that that would be a great time to stop buying, but no. That just means you have to bring them out to the main office, knock off the corporate leaflets, and spread em all out on our faux mantle. WNYMedia has never looked so trendy. It all started Friday when Kirk from work was grinding into me (not that kinda grinding... I wish) about how he found out that I already owned the secret santa gift that he had bought for me. he tosses the bag at me and inside is a Christmas Labbit. I explain to him I can never have enough Labbits, and later that day I spend 30 minutes talking with my department trying to defend why I collect vinyl to begin with... I guess a actual crack addiction would make more sense to them. Anyhoo, I'm twittering all this madness to Beth at Hero, and she tells me they have something for me at the store.... I show up and she hands me a box all wrapped in brown paper and ribbon. I doubletake when I notice the name on the card says "Nae Nae." Wait a minute, no one knows that name 'cept my mother. Whaddaya know, said "Mom" on the card too. First off, my mom is a lunatic, completely out of her mind at times, and I love her for it. The free and open disclosure of my baby name to anyone I could do without, but it's too late for that. As I Open the box, Mark explains how she called Hero and explained how she was "Buffawhat's mom," and that she wanted the Cactus Pups set for her son and if they could arrange it. They agreed and inside was the whole set from Tokidoki and StrangeCo, albeit blind boxed. Fortuned smiled and I opened a complete set;  they are so cute, and so tiny. tokidoki1.jpg tokidoki3.jpg tokidoki2.jpg tokidoki4.jpg Well, those 7 filled up my punch card, so I scored a free blind box, and picked up another Pets and Owners Monsterisms.  These guys are heavy and a bit awkward, but they really are fun to look at. monsterism1.jpg Just as I figured I could get out of hero without dropping a dime, Mark plays his trump card. He walks over to the Heatherette toys, and starts talking about how they ordered them on a request and wasn't sure if they'd sell. He points to the cowboy with the gold hat and unicorn stick horse.
  • "Hey look, its like a little Buffawhat action figure, these are right up your alley!"
I try to give him my most indignant look and flailed to defend whatever shreds of heterosexuality I pretend to possess, and I couldn't. The Heatherette's are little club kid figures, modeled after designers Traver Rains, Richie Rich, the fabulous trannystar Amanda Lepore, and others.  I started opening boxes till I filled my next card, and grabbed another Monsterism. The extras I sent to Angel, who kee'd over Lepore. heatherette2.jpg heatherette1.jpg

Kidrobot: Dunny “I’m French” Series drops in February

12.13.2007 @ 9:00 AM in Lifestream


Since the Kidrobot forums are now cracking down on unofficial announcements, the leaked images of the new Dunny "I'm French" series are slowly creeping out to the blogosphere.  These images were supposedly uploaded to the wrong server by Kidrobot, and meant only as a sample for wholesalers.

French Dunny's

There really isn't too much known about this, except that The toys should be released in February, around Valentine's Day, and in the 3-inch variety. Oh, yea: all the designers are French.


He's cute ^




Beth, from that super little toy and poster shop on Allen was explaining to me how these things go from artist renderings like this off to custom mold makers and back and forth till they arrive at Hero waiting for my greedy consumption. I think I'm gonna research that a bit more and do a "How Dunny's Are Made" post. For, now, I quiver in deep anticipation for what looks like a killer follow up to a great Series 4.

Hero Design: 13th Months on Allen

12.01.2007 @ 11:23 PM in Buffalo
hero_nate.jpg Last night was a long night for me, however the best part had to be Hero Design's 13th Months on Allen party. I drug(dragged?) Angel with me, and we headed to 93 Allen around 7:30... A homo has to show up early, but not too early; gotta make that fabulous entrance. Apparently, yuppies feel this is appropriate too, as uninteresteding folk converged into that small storefront around the same time, making for a very multicultured congestion. I guess thats what rubbing elbows with the snobs really is. party_1.jpg Whatever though, it was great that everyone showed up: hipsters, yuppies, homos, these crazy kids from Syracuse that snatched a box of Dunny's before I had a chance to a few months ago (bastards), and all the other friends and family of Beth and Mark's. The boys from that Block Club magazine also made an appearance. I got a kick out of being able to impart some of my love and knowledge of the toys to Patrick, and got them to experience the joy of opening a blind box item. I also imparted the importance of cluttering you desk with toys instead of papers, makes you look creative and less stodgy. Patrick from Bloc Party (right) It felt like turning someone on to crack, but the good kinda crack. Angel gifted me with a few Dunny's and a new toy called a Cloth Head. I traded Beth the Bumblebee Labbit for the plain mustard one on display. Patrick and Angel traded Dunny's as well; granted they were identical, but the deal was made before they opened the boxes. bethsdad.jpg I managed to snag Mark and ask him a couple of questions about his first 13th months on Allen. Click the play button to listen. [audio:] PS. when Beth was bagging up something for Angel, she managed to set another bag on fire with a candle.  It was so funny we had her sign it as a 1/1 edition piece.  That was the ultimate collectable. I'm getting it framed.

Brobee Says Hello

11.23.2007 @ 11:03 PM in Lifestream
I figured a cell snap wasn't enough to feature the cutest new vinyl (ok, plush) edition to my desk. Meet Brobee, he's part of Kidrobot's hottest new collab with the kid's show Yo Gabba Gabba!, featuring him and his other pals, who I've yet to collect. [vimeo width="600" height="450"][/vimeo] And to catch just how twistedly good this show is, here's a video of his "Party in my Tummy song" [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube]