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06.22.2009 @ 1:26 PM in Culture

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Stupid Facebook.

01.06.2008 @ 3:06 AM in Lifestream
facebook.jpg I tried to be subtle about this, I didn't even twitter it, yet. Unfortunately, when you start the wonderful process of changing profile statuses to "single," and one of your social means is Facebook, subtlety gets hard. After about a half dozen im's and emails from folk that are facebookers, I'll make it public.
  • Michael  and I are no longer a couple.
I really don't want to hear how Michael was bad for me, or how I'm better off. Truth is, it doesn't really matter. Not being with Michael was something that I had to do for a new year for myself.  This has been that hardest decision for me to make, because instead of something catastrophic to trigger this, I had to realize on my own that we weren't meant to be past a year. I'm just gonna take some time to myself, hang out with friends and focus on me. I'm not going to be dating anyone else from Buffalo for a while, the supply of decent single have long been exhausted and I don't feel like trying to disprove that claim either.

Weekend Update in Photos

12.18.2007 @ 2:10 PM in Lifestream
Blogging was impossible last weekend. I don't get out much, but when I do, it seems to be a weekend of it. Gotta get it out of my system I suppose, so I can go back to the stodgy hermitesque lifestyle that so fits me currently. And by hermit, I mean denning up in the office, chained to my desk, watching xtube, working on projects, and blogging.Since I know homo's and blog readers alike enjoy shiny things, I've added a bunch of pictures to tell the story... bethmarkdunny.jpg
  • Ok, so Angel and I delivered the Ginger Dunny's Wednesday, but I wanted to post these anyways. Notice the uncanny likeness of Mark to a Dunny.
bethnate.jpg Beth snuck a little bite and she loved it. Too bad they weren't the gluten free, but oh wells. Angel did his gay part and made little bags for the cookies. Fucking fabuloso we are at times, Angel and I.


  • I'm a grandmother now, sorta. Brent (trying on the infamous Pink WhiteBoy Hoody) is my gay son. He just got his first puppy, a little Jack Russel bitch named Aubry. And since dogs are like kids to gays, this makes her my granddaughter. Oh, Brent is single, too. his email is here....
  • I had a new experience this week: a Santos Party. See, Angel is a Witch Doctor Santero, (ya know "I don't practice Santaria, I don't have a crystal ball....") and his friends' had their saints' birthday and we were invited to attend. All the food you see behind me was placed before the throne for blessing and later eatings by us followed by diabeetus.
  • This is a better shot of the throne, minus the Buffawhat. The urns you see are for the spirits that Angel's friends have received. Since they are are married and are doing this together, you see two of each spirit pot. It was an awesome party, you could really feel the presence of something there. I got my blessings, talked to a few of the spirits, and ate a lot of yummy food.
  • Angel on the left, his my mammi on the right.
  • Angel thinks I'm trying to steal his mom. He's right.
  • I've never worn a fitted cap before.. I think I look like K-fed.
  • My new Mammi is not to be messed with... she is Gangsta yo!
  • Later that evening... at the club.....
  • we ran into a mess.
  • And if you wonder why I rarely have pics of Grumpybear? It's because he makes stupid immature faces like this and hates to have his picture taken. I never get the happy couple shots, maybe because it just isn't so.


  • This commemorative Redskins authentic Zubaz pants belong to Grumpybear. This is the reason why we went shopping at the Niagara Falls Outlets with him. I took Angel along as a buffer to keep me from killing him. It turned out to be a good idea, as the beginning was really rough, but we managed to give him a few new looks. Don't expect pictures, he refused.
  •  The Nor'Easter? what nor'easter? Sure it snowed, but we had a jeep and the winds were manageable.

The Gingerbread Dunny Fiasco: Part Deux

12.12.2007 @ 11:56 AM in Lifestream
Sorry for the delay, a slight glitch in office the office tubes, and a trip to the YMCA prevented a same day update to part 1.

Of Grumpy Bears, Mummras, and Giant Black Hoovers

Mummra promised Saturday that we'd make the dough Sunday when I came over with the Grumpybear. We figured out the recipe and let the dough chill all day. I made the cutout for a six-inch Gingerdunny this time; even with perfect dough, they will spread, and I wanted to keep as much detail as I could. Gingerman Dunny mold Rolling and cutting was SO much easier this time.... keeping the poor cookies alive: not so easy. See, Marc -- Mummra's "it's complicated" man-slave companion -- likes to bring his two black labs over to hang out, too. We call them the Hoovers. They see food, its gone. Nailed down, no matter. The only way to keep them away is to literally put a wall or door between the Hoovers and the food. I'm sad to say about half of the batch was lost to the never ending gullets of these beasts. After everything was done, I had 10 Gingerman Dunny's safe and sound.

Success and the icing on the cake... er, Dunny

I met up with Angel on Monday and we started decorating. I was so excited, they came out so much better than I thought, and I think I have the first documented batch of Real Gingerman Dunny's to reveal: Real Gingerman Dunny's Take that AllthingsJen! Angel of course had to turn his into a GingerTranny, her name is Dunnicia, and her boyfriend is the best of the bunch donedunnys.jpg We even made the rare "bitten" chase: bitte_chase.jpg

What I've learned

  • Never trust designer fluff as fact. I should know this. Just because you see a cute little recipe for Gingerbread cookies that came with a toy doesn't mean you should follow it.
  • I really miss baking cookies.
  • Dogs are fucking annoyances when baking in the kitchen. Thats why cats are the rulzer.
Oh yea, one more thing. Here's a little homage we made to a great little video that NO ONE should ever watch. We call it: 2 fags, 1 cup..... 2 Fags 1 Cup

R2D2 Translator: Uselessly Cool.

12.06.2007 @ 12:25 PM in Culture
r2d2.jpg I had to wait for the initial Digg-fuck to be over with, and now here's the latest thing to gather my fancy: The R2-D2 Translator. Just type in your phrase (30 characters max) and get a bells and whistles playback in Artoo, with the ability to download as an mp3.
The possibilities are finite: ringtones.
Currently. I'm rocking the yoshi sounds from Super Mario World for texts, and the Diplo "stronger" remix for calls. However, I can think of no better new annoyance than the replace everything with droid speak:
  • from tweet notifications [audio:]
  • to plain texts [audio:]
  • to grumpybear calling [audio:]
I'm sure grumpybear will get a kick out of this.

XM and Sirius to announce merger at end of day?

12.03.2007 @ 12:29 PM in Technology
Even Google seems to think its all offishal, as I was looking for some graphics to mash up for this post.... xmsiriusmerger.jpg
  • Is today the day that we'll finally get a decision on the merger? Last week The Eck and the 1221 (not to mention the internets) were abuzz with rumors that approval from the Justice Department was imminent... ...Many believe that the DOJ will issue its announcement before the bell on Monday, mostly based on Bear Stearns' word that the deal will be approved as soon as last Friday or today. Of course, no one knows for sure except for the DOJ itself... but what do you think? Is today the day? {orbitcast}
Grumpybear has XM, its great. I'm always logged into the online radio page at work, the other office, etc. Sirius? eh, one friend has it, got it for Stern, and I'm not sure if he still uses it now he has an iPhone as his Lord and saviour. The big deal here isn't so much the merger. Satellite radio is so cheap and affordable, there isn't any fear of jacked up service and costs for the consumer. In fact, this is great... dual services with one device, merged services, whatever. Total win for the consumer. Finally, Sirius customer could possibly one day get their money's worth the day they hear Opie and Anthony (yes, Fuck Stern). The outcry is really from terrestrial broadcasters, who may not be able to cope with the gravitational influence of such a super radio giant. I say this is signs of change. Terrestrial anything is going the way of the CD: great as a backup, but not really the easiest way to consume. Let's see what happens. Perhaps hands will shake by the closing bell. Orbitcast via Engadget

Snap! – Lazybear

11.28.2007 @ 12:41 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - Lazybear

Taken 28 Nov '07, 12.41am EST PST.

Watching Tv with the grumpybear. Hopefully this rash of internet and other technical issues I've been having is over. Miss you too Angel and thanks for the snap!

Dj Xotec – Freak Dancer Resurrection

11.15.2007 @ 12:28 AM in Culture
Grumpybear calls him the godfather, I call him a homewrecker (long story, but I still love him). Either way, Xotec is the man (Pronownce it Ex-o-tech). Once of the forefather Dj's from Buffalo, Xotec spends his time spinning in Rochester with monthly jaunts down to Marcella's (he was here last week). It's really hard to say what he does, some days its house, sometimes its trance, sometimes its rock-trip-commercial-hardcore. X does what he likes and its always freakin gold... see for yourself: freak_dancer.jpg

[Click on the Image or here to Download (127MB)]

Freak Dancer resurrection is phenominal... I'm actually listening to it now, and I can't get past the first ten minutes without starting it over. I dunt wanna blow up chris' bandwith so you can click above and download all 127MB of delicous dirty Xotec goodness.
  • Track List: (don't be suprised if you never heard these mixes before, most are custom on the fly cut ups. And that's why he's a god)
  1. Pop Group vs Adam Sky – We are all Prostitutes (x’s re-edit)
  2. AV Helden – Playmates (Jesse Rose remix – x’s re-edit)
  3. Fierce Ruling Diva – Rubb it In (x’s Re-Rub)
  4. Gaston vs Green Velvet – La La Land Shuffle (x’s re-rub)
  5. Klaxons – Golden Skans (Switch rmx – x’s re-edit)
  6. David Bowie vs Xotec – Year of Golden Shower
  7. Mario Fabriani – Jumpy Jackin
  8. Greg Thresher – Adrenaline
  9. Miss Kitten – Requiem for Hit (x’s chopped and screwed)
  10. Macca vs Wildchild - – The Big Renegade (x’s re-rub)
  11. Direkt – 2 Fatt Guitars (x’s re-rub)
  12. Dave Spoon vs Stardust – Music Sounds Better at Night (x’s re-rub)
  13. DJ Misjah – What it is
  14. Tiga – Move My Body (Only for Erol rmx)
  15. James Talk / DJ Pierre – Work it DJ (JT’s 303 dub)
  16. Trouble Soup vs. Todd Terry – Can you Party?
  17. Chris Lake – To the Point (BSOD rmx)
  18. Adonis – I’ve Lost Control (x’s re-rub)
  19. Soulwax – NY Excuse (x’s “More Cowbell” edit)
  20. Metal Fusion – Killing in the Name…
  21. DeeJay Punk Roc – My Beat Box (JLC remix – x’s re-rub)
  22. Dusty Kid – The Cat (Crookers rmx)
  23. Larry Tee – Licky (Herve Goes Low rmx – x’s re-edit)
  24. Thomas Schumacher vs David Banner – Heat it Up & Play(Xotec’s KY Warming Massage Gel re-rub)
  25. Benjamin Theves – Texas
  26. Peter, Bjorn and John – Young Folks (Scumfrog rmx)
  • Bits and Pieces: David Bowie – DJ / Golden Years…Conga Squad – Learn to Phonk…Ying Yang Twins - Wait…Groove Armada – I see You Baby…Rapture – Uh Huh Yeah…Cajmere – Perculator…Kraftwerk – Music Non Stop…Christopher Walken as Bruce Dickenson – he’s got a fever!
  • Ishkur's Review

Snap! – hot bear du jour

11.11.2007 @ 1:07 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - hot bear du jour

Taken 11 Nov '07, 1.07pm EST PST.

Grumpybear just moments before I kick him out of the chair so we can go to the movies. Open houses are really annoying.

Weekend over

11.03.2007 @ 3:07 PM in Lifestream
Messy Night Saturday is here, thats the end of my work week.  I've dealt with enough drama, politics, little kids, candy, alcohol, and homo's to last me the rest of the year. But I can't escape it, that's my life and I'm sticking to it. A quick recap of this week..
  • My OPTS proposal is locked down in limbo land.  A new law change, and a new Gov'ner nixed the OPTS  funding model, which went into effect a few months after the last of the OPTS projects were submitted. Those not already verified and approved have no available forward action for now.  This means I need to find $50k+ elsewhere for my lab. This also means that over a year of work is now worthless.
  • I've been smoke free since last Wednesday. Thats 10 whole days. I'm doing the gum (its outright expensive, though in the long run I'm saving money); tastes like I'm chewing on  a camel. I feel ok, but I caught Strep from work so I can't really enjoy my new lungs.
  • Michael and I are in the early stage of contemplating a place to live together. A year came and passed with no fanfare, and little change. I've stopped defending why I'm still with him. He's a good guy, I love him, and he is a stable form of chaos that I need right now.
  • Marcella's is getting more and more annoying and overrun with rumors and drama.  No one's bought the club, and we aren't closing. Where the hell would all the bitter queens and uppity homo's go to strut their false sense of security if we closed? Marcella's is a mainstay, bullshit and all.