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07.04.2010 @ 12:13 PM in Lifestream, Technology

LEVAQUIN FOR SALE, It's been over 6 years since I lived in Goldsboro.. but apparently little has changed.  'Bout the only thing improved is the old house I grew up in, now sold and spruced up. A new family has moved in, fast shipping LEVAQUIN, and no doubt repainted the midnight blue ceiling in my old room.

Memories aside, this road trip was all about food. Huw and I grew up on bbq, waffle house, Krispy Kreme, and Cheerwine, LEVAQUIN FOR SALE. Buy cheap LEVAQUIN no rx, Huw being a mountain bear, his bbq has a little less tang than my eastern fare.

Saturday  morning, I was up a bit earlier than my usual post club coma, perhaps it was the prospect of Waffle House and grits, cheap LEVAQUIN.

For the record, Grits are NOT creme of wheat. Its corn, LEVAQUIN maximum dosage,  hominy to be exact, lovingly soaked in lye, dried, ground and then soaked in BUTTER water. LEVAQUIN FOR SALE, I prefer a bit of cheese in my grits, but you can do pretty much whatever you want and have a tasty part of this complete redneck breakfast.  Waffle House is where you go for breakfast anytime of the day, kjøpe LEVAQUIN på nett, köpa LEVAQUIN online, and its always filling, cheap, and delicious. LEVAQUIN duration,

I love pickles, and growing up in Wayne County, NC, I had the privilege of being right next to the best damn pickle plant in the country: Mt. Olive Pickles, LEVAQUIN pics. Mt. Olive was a big part of growing up for me, LEVAQUIN FOR SALE. In high schools, the art students would make pickle art for the Annual Pickle festival; I've done pop art, LEVAQUIN coupon, t-shirts, and even made a wooden pickle car that sits in the plant offices. We tried to visit the plant on Cucumber and Vine, but the visitors center was closed. A little dissapointed, LEVAQUIN from canadian pharmacy, Huw, Jay, and I headed to the next best place to get my pickle fix: Piggly Wiggly. Purchase LEVAQUIN online no prescription,

The Pig was another big part of my childhood: in addition to fostering an unusual appreciation for all things "pig," it served as my first foray into graphic design for the web. LEVAQUIN FOR SALE, In the 90's, my mother had a gig updating the sales page for the Piggly Wiggly websites in the area, and I designed logo'd navigational buttons and background tiles for the site. a bit trivial now, but in the days of frontpage before css and standards, I was pretty proud of my work, buy LEVAQUIN from mexico. Never got paid. In fact, I never got paid for any graphics work I did for my mother's jobs. LEVAQUIN photos, No matter, i enjoyed it.

Back to pickles, LEVAQUIN FOR SALE. Up in WNY, the pickle isle at grocers is pretty standard, and carry only the basic Mt, LEVAQUIN cost. Olive choices. Down south, and especially near the plant.. LEVAQUIN dangers, you have the entire selection. LEVAQUIN FOR SALE, The Jumbo Dills still eluded me, but I managed to find a gallon jar of sour dills that I haven't been able to get in Buffalo.

I've been pretty disconnected from where I grew up, I never stayed in touch with most of my high school buddies, but I did manage to run into a friend I had introduced to Jerrie when she came down to live with us.

Jerrie transferred to the Goldsboro Wal-Mart when she came down, LEVAQUIN reviews, and I connected the two, trying to prove to Jerrie that not all rednecks were bad. Bryan's a cop now, Buy LEVAQUIN from canada, just part-timing at Wallyworld so his wife (one of my art class buddies) could stay at home with the kids. I guess he really was one of the guys I wanted to run into again, and it felt good to catch up.

I had one other item of business before heading to Raleigh to have lunch with another old friend., LEVAQUIN FOR SALE. I had to visit Rosewood Hardware.  After my mother had divorced Dad last year, where can i cheapest LEVAQUIN online, she quickly got remarried, complete with "new nieces and nephews to help fill the void." I still have no interest in seeing her, or allowing her "interestingness" to penetrate my life anymore, Where can i order LEVAQUIN without prescription, but my curiosity was peaked on this Monty fellow she married.

It was a quick stop. We walked in, I said hi to a fellow I found out later was Monty, and then stepped out and plotted the course to Raleigh, LEVAQUIN wiki. LEVAQUIN FOR SALE, I guess he figured out who I was cause I immediately got an influx of emails, phone calls, and text messages from my mother asking where she could see me. I ignored them all. I suppose it wasn't the nicest thing to look into her life like that, but I'm comfortable with my decision to let her have her new family. Ordering LEVAQUIN online, Goldsboro chapter officially closed, we sped towards Raleigh to introduce Jay to real Eastern BBQ.

A long ago church friend, Laura, had facebook'd me and insisted we get together, buy LEVAQUIN no prescription. Laura and I grew up together at Love Memorial Baptist, replete with Bible Drill, mission trips, and her mother teaching us choir.., LEVAQUIN FOR SALE. all which she claimed to have pictures of (oh no!).

I heard Cooper's was the best place in Raleigh for eastern BBQ, and boy oh boy i believe it. LEVAQUIN blogs,

If you get yer BBQ in anything else than a styrofoam plate, yer in the WRONG place, and you probably paid too much. With an endless supply of sweet tea, pork skins, LEVAQUIN mg, REAL hush puppies, and conversation, Huw, Purchase LEVAQUIN online, Jay, Laura, her husband Tim, and I tore into the best pile of BBQ I've had in ages. LEVAQUIN FOR SALE, It makes me sad i know I can't find this in Buffalo, but the memory and calories will stick for a while.

Oh yea, online LEVAQUIN without a prescription, two words: Banana Puddin...

To prevent stiffening and heart attack, we took a walk around downtown Raleigh. Laura and I continued to chit chat, while the two bears took to oggling her handsome husband, Tim.

After sufficient decalorization and oggling,  we said goodbye to Tim and Laura, then Huw took over drivin' duties to get us back to his old town... Asheville.

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10.14.2009 @ 12:57 PM in Lifestream


Fun Fact: LIBRIUM FOR SALE, Chicago is as far West as I've ever been/wanted to go. Bonus Fact: I went to Chicago for my first time ever last weekend. LIBRIUM results, Super bonus Fact: Jonathon Coulton can suck it, as can Paul and Storm, They Might Be Giants, LIBRIUM without a prescription, however, LIBRIUM street price, rule.

It was a weekend of firsts for me. First trip to Chicago, purchase LIBRIUM online no prescription, first They Might Be Giants concert, About LIBRIUM, first taste of real Chicago Deep Dish...

My two travel companions were my loverly boyfriend Jay, and his/our wonderfully quirky albeit difficult-as-an-ass friend Daniel Danielle Danni, LIBRIUM FOR SALE. Although the trip was fumbled by an overzealous JoCo fan (Danny), I think every little bit turned out into a spectacular weekend, LIBRIUM recreational.


Friday was one of thee longest 8+ hours ever in the back of a smelly Prius. Buy LIBRIUM without prescription, I'm not really claustrophobic but I do get the ADD tingles when my view doesn't change. We all survived and checked into the hotel before running off to Gino's East, a Chicagoan staple, buy LIBRIUM from mexico, for some real deep pizza. LIBRIUM FOR SALE, Deep dish is good, although I tend to wonder why you need to eat a pizza whose only purpose is to send you to an early grave... LIBRIUM reviews, but then again, I consider butter a vitamin.


Brunch was at M, where can i order LIBRIUM without prescription. Henry's, Fast shipping LIBRIUM, the source of that delicious stack of hotcakes with mango raspberry compote I photo-blogged earlier. I make a tastier candied bacon, but the toasted oats on top of the hotcakes sent my face into foodgasms, online buying LIBRIUM hcl. After lunch and a quick jaunt into a few shops to find some pillows for Avant Andy, we rolled over to the Museum of Science and Industry, LIBRIUM FOR SALE. I kept marveling over the Mold-a-rama stashed in a corner, LIBRIUM alternatives, and I may have drooled a bit over the tour guide of the U-505 submarine. Jay is such an understanding boyfriend.  After the museum, we had to hurry to make the They Might Be Giants show, LIBRIUM description, which was at 4. Buy LIBRIUM from canada, Walking in, a security guard quipped that "no one in the mosh pit over 30lbs." That made little sense until we made it all the way inside. Apparently, LIBRIUM no rx, TMBG made a children's album, Canada, mexico, india, which was the source material for the "all-ages" show we were attending, mind you in no sober state to properly enjoy like a normal raucous TMBG fan. LIBRIUM FOR SALE, Children everywhere: infants, toddlers, pre-tweens... and here we were, effects of LIBRIUM, downing Guinness like a drunk irish uncle at a family reunion. Cheap LIBRIUM no rx, 40 minutes later, the crowd was dismissed, as I'm sure it was naptime, LIBRIUM from canada. 3 hours to kill now before this second show, LIBRIUM schedule, which Danny promised us would be "a Flood tribute show" by this guy named Jonathon Coulton. We went and ate some more deep dish, then crowded into the Park West venue for what would be 3 more hours of nonsense, my LIBRIUM experience. NONSENSE, LIBRIUM FOR SALE. Paul and Storm plus Jonathon Coulton do not a TMBG cover band make. Order LIBRIUM from United States pharmacy, Looking around, the audience was composed of nerds far past the acceptable range... I think I have had more sex than all of them combined.., where can i buy cheapest LIBRIUM online. those who know me know that isn't really a far fetched metric.  Granted, LIBRIUM no rx, Jonathon Coulton wrote the Portal Cake song, but he wasn't a swarthy homicidal robot. LIBRIUM FOR SALE, Jay and I actually left before the end, I was falling asleep and wondering how many WoW raids were missing members that night.


Sunday we embarked on Boys Town for a little bite of Mexigay, at Las Mananitas. delicious Mexican served with a swish, thanks to Matt for the tip. Believe it or not, I had actually forgotten that Rotofugi was in Chicago, but we made a stop before our trip home. So many Kaiju, so few dead presidents with which to purchase but I managed to snag a little Rose Vampire. I also got to see the last day of the Rotofugi art show and the Artist Brush exhibit, LIBRIUM FOR SALE. I was very tempted to make off with Tara McPhearson's brush, but I behaved.

We ended up getting home at around 1am, and Jay and I spent Monday decompressing from the stress of travel. I had a lot of fun, I feel a lot closer to Jay, and I hate the Midwest slightly less now. Kansas... can still suck it.

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Hot Bears du Jour

11.15.2007 @ 10:59 AM in Lifestream
steve_n_andy.jpg A Big Happy Anniversary to my boys Andy and Steve!  They are celebrating six years of fur-flying togetherness. I challenge any couple, hetero or homo, to match how much these guys love each other. Now get your asses back to Buffalo soon boys. We miss you guys.