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Twittertale snitches on your potty-mouthed Tweets.

01.11.2008 @ 12:31 PM in Technology
twittertale.jpg I've got a bit of a potty mouth. In fact, a quick search in my blog reveals about 11 pages of choice worded posts. Alright, so I curse like a sailor, and I'll never stop. I do tone it down a bit around the old folk, children under 2, and clergy that i haven't slept with, but pretty much I'm a foul mouthed jerk. Deal with it. My tweets are also a bit vulgar at times, and thats understandable, its my venting machine. I've noticed that a lot of my other twitter pals tend to do this as well. and there is a new site called Twittertale that rats us out, reposting the foul tweets.  It's not suprising I found myself on the naughty list a few times, like today... twitter_tale.jpg If you twitter and you tend to be a bit sassy, you might wanna search to see if you made the list. Regardless, if you enjoy the foul mouth rants of others, subscribe to the feed. Now fuck off.