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Muhahaha: Fark Trademarking NSFW a Prank, Sorta.

12.13.2007 @ 10:09 AM in Technology


  • Yes, Fark really is trying to trademark NSFW.
  • Its a prank, but no clue on what the status or purpose is.
  • "Muhahaha"

Drew claims that he didn't mean to let this go on as long as it did, though some of the hate emails were quite entertaining, he pleads perpetual drunkeness and a dead laptop battery for his silence.

SFW: Fark wants to trademark NSFW

12.10.2007 @ 3:50 PM in Technology
hasselhoff Not much to this story: Fark, who I completely forgot about until I was Totalfarked (no clue, its like a elite net hipster version of reddit) not too long ago, says they should own the rights to NSFW. Why? Cause they think they can. Claiming they were cool since 7 years ago, Drew Curtis and his hipster boys from FARK want to own the acronym we all come to trust and recognize as the guardian of a juicy link that's not worth losing a 401k over.
  • The act applies to: Entertainment Services namely providing a website featuring photographic, audio, video and prose presentations featuring comedic captions regarding current events and online discussions and/or reviews of web materials of an adult nature; Entertainment services, namely, providing a web site featuring musical performances, musical videos, related film clips, photographs, and other multimedia materials; Entertainment services, namely, providing on-line reviews of photogrpahs and /or web postings of an adult nature
Thats it, I'm trademarking ROFLCOPTERS and LOLLERSKATES, I am teh Pwnrs of teh markz of ASCIISMZ.