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Should you call in “Gay” Tomorrow?

12.09.2008 @ 1:47 PM in Lifestream

From the site: Gay people and our allies are compassionate, sensitive, caring, mobilized, and programmed for success. A day without gays would be tragic because it would be a day without love. On December 10, 2008 the gay community will take a historic stance against hatred by donating love to a variety of different causes. On December 10, you are encouraged not to call in sick to work. You are encouraged to call in "gay"--and donate your time to service!

Here's my take: show up for work. If you wanna fight H8, that's all well and good, but no need to piss off your straight allies by not showing up for work. Even worse, If you live in one of 30 states that you can be fired for your sexual preference (or gender identity), this isn't the best solution. The site suggests that you spend your time helping out with some LGBT or other civil rights organization. What good is that going to do? Spending your time around people of like minds isn't going to change anything. One must reach out to our hetero allies, asking them for support for future change. I feel that a "rainbow strike" isn't the best avenue.

What should you do instead?

How about a day with a gay? How many of your co-workers have no idea you are queer? Maybe let your boss know that you were asked to participate in this event, but decided to dedicate yourself to your workplace. Perhaps, instead of those FWD:FWD:FWD:FWD:FWD:FWD: chains, send a note to your interoffice peers, letting them know how you feel about the aftermath of Prop8, the importance of equality,  and why its important to you. Lastly of all: be fabulous! Be a super employee tomorrow, show off your skills and let your workplace really know what a valuable part of the team a gay employee really is! isn't useless, check some alternatives they list if you decide not to participate.