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Morning MISHKA

09.08.2008 @ 12:49 PM in Culture
Check out the Bearmop'age straight from MISHKA. Sitting on my desk as I arrived to work, goodies are the perfect thing to motivate an already spent Monday. Not only did I get a handsigned/sealed 1/25 Skunk Ape, not only did I get some sweet stickers and a couple of pins, but they threw in a M.U.S.C.L.E shirt as well! I admit to crush hard on labels and brands that deliver consistently solid products, but I'm definitely in love with brands that love their consumers back. Way to take a little pain off a day where the first 5 hours (actually from 5pm saturday to 5am this morning) were spent barbacking for a bunch of drag queens. OH, and check out what I did with the KEEP WATCH pins:

Want: Dunny Series 5

09.04.2008 @ 11:03 AM in Lifestream
Its gonna be a party, and as much as I'm almost burnt out on the Dunny platform, i'll be there snatching up the goodies. As I become more knowledgeable in the Designer/Vinyl toy realm, I start to get more excited about the individual customs. Series 4 I was a complete dummy; in this cycle I'm amped for Amanda Vissel, Frank Kozik, Huck Gee, DevilRobots, Jesse LeDoux, and of course, MISHKA. I wear a lot of MISHKA, thanks to the boys at Krudmart keeping me in stock. The MISHKA Dunny is the first second (see below) for the NYC fashion label, and to celebrate, they are selling 25 custom Bear Mopped autographed Skunk Ape Dunnys from their online store.

I of course, just bought one, but I'm anxious to get another; keeping the collectors pack in mint condition.

[Update: Not ten minutes after posting this, does MISHKA comment and remind me that they actually had a figure in Series 3, "My Pal the Crook." This goes to show how much I paid attention to S3. Either way, totally stoked and essited. Way to go MISHKA! ]