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Xotec: The Filthy and the Fierce (Filthy’s Bday redux)

04.03.2008 @ 4:05 PM in Culture
  • A funny thing happened when I opened Ableton on my laptop a few days after I performed a special b-day set for dekoze aka, “filthy bitch” (it’s a term of endearment) at Footwork a few weeks back…“Program closed before saving, do you want to recover your work?”Hmmmmm….ok! I discovered that I must have hit the red record button at some point, as I managed to capture about 35 minutes of the set….certainly didn’t intend to, becasue I wasn’t going to risk a glitch by overloading the RAM…The nice thing about Ableton Live - it’s real easy pick up where I left off, so to speak, and add to the 35 minutes I had recorded to make a full length mix…so I did…now I can share it with you… Download and enjoy exclusive re-rubs, tweeks, and re-edits as usual…this time I manipulate and re-rub the likes of Jaydee, Justin Timberlake, Primal Scream, Ian Dury, M.I.A., GTO, Peaches, and more…oh…I also give birthday shout outs to filthy with special sample drops lovingly prepared by a radio legend…there’s about five of them…I just had to leave ‘em in… -Xotec
  1. Filthy’s Intro…
  2. Lunacy Division - House Musika (x’s pumpin bass re-edit)
  3. NGB/Primal Scream/Paitto - don’t fight it /candy for the the dancefloor/I Need a Fix (x’s devil’s advocate re-rub)
  4. Hipp-e - Get Ready / Claude Von Stroke - Who’s Afraid of Detroit
  5. Unklejam vs M.I.A. - love ya galang (x’s re-rub)
  6. Solitare Gee - Slumberland (x’s groovy re-rub)
  7. Aston Shuffle - For Everyone
  8. GTO - Pure (Swen Weber rmx - x’s re-edit)
  9. annie get your cow-sweet freaks(x’s chopped and screwed)
  10. chuck d gets stupid fresh - stretch the funky beat
  11. d.i.m. - is you (x’s re-edit)
  12. laidback jaydee vs jt - plastic technology (xotec’s hips and thighs re-rub)
  13. ian dury/ed cane/noir - sex and skunk and rock n roll (xotec’s detox re-rub)
  14. John Pegnato - Over It (x’s re-edit)
  15. AVH /Riva Starr - J’taime
  16. Jelo/Deadmau5 vs Peaches - The Reward is Pain (x’s painkilla re-rub)
  17. Andrea Lei vs Armando - 100% of Trouble (x is going to diss you right now)
  18. DJ Pierre - Destroy this Acid / Santos - Echobox (x’s re-edit)
  19. DT / Phunk Investigation - Bottom Heavy dub (x’s throbbing crescendo re-rub)
  20. Tiger Stripes vs Ken Nordine- Elevation in the Dark(xotec’s re-edit)
  21. Dirty South - Let it Go (axwell dub) (x’s unstoppable re-edit)
  22. Matiksoul - Fix This 2008
  23. Martinez Bros / Christian Martin - Stoopid (x’s piledriver re-edit)
  24. Discount Rhinos - Kansas City Shuffle
I haven't even listened to all of this yet, but looking at the tracklist, there are some serious winners in the mix, especially the "laidback jaydee vs jt - plastic technology (xotec’s hips and thighs re-rub)" bit, sure to get the vogue queens new waving all over the floor.