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It’s like Like Stealing Candy With a Baby

04.11.2008 @ 3:01 PM in Lifestream
A 19 year old Cincinnati mother was arrested along with three other when police say she broke into a candy store, stole $400 worth of sweets, all with her infant baby in tow. Police say around 1:00 am Thursday night, Christine Ruther, along with her three accomplices (don't forget little baby Ruther!) broke a window to get into Minges Candy Store. Police also say she removed her baby from the stroller to carry all the sticky loot. Police responded and simply followed a trail of wrappers which led them to Ruther and her friends. Ruther is charged with B/E and child endangerment. Now why would anyone want to rob a candy store? Click on to find out. candycrooks1.jpg candycrooks2.jpg