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Star Wars Mimobots Series 2 Pre-order

11.28.2007 @ 9:59 AM in Technology
mimobots2.jpg It's really all about the Mimobots when it comes to cutesy custom flash drives. Essentially the Dunny of portable storage, The Star Wars collection has been the most popular series ever. What better way to triumph a triumph than to add on to the series? Genius move. mimobots3.jpg $49.95 gets you 1GB of decapitable storage. The only hitch is this is a preorder; shipping is expected "January/February," which means the beginning of February. This would be, like uh, the perfect gift for, like,  your favorite buffalo geeky blogger, who ever that may be (*bats meal ticket eyes). SW2_leia.jpg

deCODEme: Give the gift of Genomic Sequencing.

11.18.2007 @ 12:22 AM in Technology
Untitled_1.jpg Here's the ultimate gift for the ultimate geek: your own personal DNA unraveled and sequenced. $985 gets you
  • Scan of over one million variants in your genome
  • Calculation of genetic risk for 17 diseases based on current literature
  • Find out where your ancestors came from
  • Show off your genome to you friends, get laid
  • Get updates on future genetic discoveries like diseases and traits
Create and account and send them $985, the send you a kit with two buccal DNA extractors which you brush against the inside of your cheek 8 times. send that off and in two weeks you can check your genetic profile online, show your friends and family, and even compare profiles with people you have invited to get their DNA genotyped as well.