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8-Inch Ninja Dunny Protects Fine Child Labor

12.27.2007 @ 11:49 AM in Culture
It seems that the theme for gifting Buffawhat this Holiday season has been vinyl. I'm not complaining.. less I have to buy for myself! dunnyninja.jpg Kevin, my buddy from Singapore (he's from Buffalo,but he sold his soul to a bank for two years and they promptly shipped him overseas) gave me the 8-inch Ninja Dunny by MAD. He's kinda baddass, not so much for the paintjob -- pretty basic in that aspect -- but the ninja sword and star are really beefy and make the ninja Dunny a great collect.  There are two more colorways: a black chase and a exclusive red Ninja, but the standard white with blood looks better than the chases. The dunny is standing behind something else that Kevin gave me: a gold and enamel embellished coffee cup with saucer and lid. The crazy thing is that its made in Thailand by little kids, because their hands are so small they can hold the tiny brushes to paint the fine details. Once they reach a certain age, they can't hold the brushes steady any more and have to find another career. All this for rice and a few coins. Child labor has never been so pretty. I'll try to post a better pic of it on flickr once I get out of my office.