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12.26.2009 @ 6:38 PM in Culture

BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION, Buffalo is freeee-zing 4 months out of the year, and for a pedestrian like myself, a good pair of long johns can help cut the chill. LEVOTHROID dangers, There's a wee bit of a problem though: for whatever reason, unless you wear tighties underneath, LEVOTHROID over the counter, Herbal LEVOTHROID, your boys can stick like cling film to the side of your leg.

Saxx Apparel, LEVOTHROID used for, LEVOTHROID steet value, an innovative underwear company from Canada, said they could solve my problem, purchase LEVOTHROID for sale. Purchase LEVOTHROID online no prescription,

Designed with a thin breathable mesh, Saxx Comfort Side Panels are a design innovation in men’s underwear – providing men with contact free comfort, buy LEVOTHROID from canada, Buy LEVOTHROID no prescription, support and a great feel.

The (2) parallel side panels are made of a breathable Nylon/Spandex mesh which contours to the natural shape of men and is entirely flexible, cheap LEVOTHROID no rx. Never restrictive or tight, they offer support when needed and keep men cool and dry, BUY LEVOTHROID NO PRESCRIPTION. LEVOTHROID trusted pharmacy reviews, The Saxx Comfort Side Panels create an unduplicated environment of comfort.

I told Ryan from Saxx that I'd put them through my daily rigors, buy cheap LEVOTHROID no rx, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and he sent me a pair of performance long johns to try out. The twin mesh panels are a bit to get used to, LEVOTHROID for sale, LEVOTHROID street price, but I soon realized that's the feeling of testicular freedom. I'm somewhat of a hairy guy from the waist down, online LEVOTHROID without a prescription, Online buy LEVOTHROID without a prescription, and the athletic grade moisture wicking material does an excellent job of keeping my undercarriage dry. Saxx Apparel make the gamut of skivvies, buy LEVOTHROID from mexico, LEVOTHROID australia, uk, us, usa, from trunks to boxer briefs to shirts, and in three different styles: everyday, LEVOTHROID canada, mexico, india, LEVOTHROID natural, bamboo, and performance, low dose LEVOTHROID. Canada, mexico, india, The most popular style is Bamboo, made from its namesake, and are as moisture-wicking as they are eco-friendly. Each style comes with the unique mesh panels for a comfortable no-cling day.

Saxx cost about the $25-$35 range for trunks and boxer briefs, and the long johns are about $50-$70. I think I need about 3 more pairs to get me through the Winter, and if yer real nice, I'll see about arranging a contest or something to give one away.

Check out Saxx aparrel online and when you see the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, know that some of the best skiers will be rocking the Saxx underneath.

Wanna see the rest of the nate-in-the-snow-half-naked pics. check out this flickr set

Photos taken by Jason Scott.


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Terminus: Canadian Short Film about a Concrete Bully

12.28.2007 @ 2:42 PM in Culture
terminus.jpg There has to be some hidden meaning behind this short, which featuring a man who is stalked and taunted by a concrete stick-thingy. Filmed in Montreal, the short could easily fix into a chemical Brothers video, or make you fear develop a serious fear of traffic pylons after watching this while tripping acid. [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube]
  • Produced by: Spy Films
  • Director: Trevor Cawood
  • Running time: 8:22
  • Released: October 2007
  • Awards: Toronto Film Festival 2007 - Official Selection
  • After inadvertently offending a strange entity that accosts him on his way to work, a 1970s businessman quickly finds himself in the midst if a bizarre predicament. What follows is a rapid descent into madness, a journey both eerie and darkly humorous. The exact nature of the businessman's tormentor is purposefully ambiguous, lending itself to a variety of interpretations. Is "Terminus" a surreal critique of human alienation in the modern urban environment? or is the protagonist's struggle an internal one, his mysterious stalker a manifestation of his repressed subconscious mind? Either way, "Terminus"'s innovative visual effects and distinctively vintage atmosphere make it a highly engrossing experience.