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Buffalo Lunch Randomizer: Let BRO choose where you eat

04.25.2008 @ 9:13 AM in Buffalo
  • BRO - A new site - - has just launched. The site, which is still in beta, contains 108 WNY lunch options, which are ranked by the site creators based on overall dining experience. The site includes all kinds of restaurants, from the Malamute to Mythos, from Wasabi to Chuck E. Cheese.
Saw this originally on Pundit's site, gave it a whirl, and as expected:  it pulls a random lunch option based on your criteria, weighted by the developers dining experience. Sounds great, but just who are these food loving developers? The site and BRO say Egghead Interactive, but the web is pretty silent about who they are. WHOIS states that is owned by "Barry Heneghan," who is CEO of HyperLocalMedia, which owns BuffaloRising, making this a shameless plug without the professional balls to admit its their own project. Whatever, the lunch randomizer is pretty cool, but to be fair it should be noted that the "ranking" of places to eat is biased on the part of BRO staff, no doubt. Thus I redub the lunch randomizer as BROiLR, for Buffalo Risings interactive Lunch Randomizer