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WANT: Burning Anger Stomp [Super7]

07.04.2008 @ 2:35 PM in Culture
Brian Flynn has been doing amazing things with the Super 7 line, with Stomp being my all-time favorite, and a new colorway is due to drop Saturday, July 25th, at the Super7 store (and at your favorite vinyl distributor). $50 bucks gets you a clear red vinyl Mammoth Kaiju, pissed to hell and spayed in metallic green, black, and gold. Do it. via Vinyl Pulse

Something Affordable: Blood Rage S7 Squirm

05.08.2008 @ 5:37 PM in Lifestream
After the simply unattainable Kozik clockwork orange Ludwig, I have to post something a little bit more in my price range. Hows about the new colorway for Brian Flynn's Super7 (Snakes of Infinity) Kaiju, (Blood Rage) Squirm? This time, he's a clear rotocast with red accents on his eyes and tentacles with brown painted boots, drops this Saturday online and at the San Fran store for an oh-so-do-able $50. And while I'm on a kaiju fix, Hero Design Studio got a few new awesome Kaiju For Grownups in: I'm snatching up the Green Usagi-gon, which would go well with Kozik's newest Kaiju, the Salary Ika I've talked about, finally on sale from wonderwall for ~$80