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Top Chef 5: Team Rainbow?

11.13.2008 @ 6:44 PM in Lifestream
I've already dedicated some love for top chef this season, thanks to a woofy contestant lineup. I didn't know, however that Richard, the latter bear mentioned in last week's post, was a real bear, complete with "queens back home" and a crush on Tom Colicchio.

Of course, he wasn't the only fruit in the basket. It didn't take long before the other queers, Jamie (a sassy lesbian from NY) and Patrick ( a young buck chaser still in Culinary school) got together with Richard to form "TEAM RAINBOW."

Team Rainbow didn't work out to well it seemed, as Jamie and Richard were pitted against each other in the elimination round. Patrick was put against my personal fave Danny, who was in it to win it.

In the end Patrick went home for not being able to cook noodles. He did get a loverly parting gift from Richard, though:

Back to Danny.

Danny is perfect, just look at his shirt. I love his get it done attitude and he had no problem standing up to the sassy Europeans over what a vinaigrette is.

Cooking wise, Danny can dice a mean apple brunoise, breezing past the rest of the group in the first challenge.  In the elimination round, he made a dish that "Wolfgang Puck made a thousand times over" and left it a bit too wet. However, it was just enough to win over Patrick's poor knowledge.

The overall winner was Stefan, a sort of handsome Fin who took both quickfire and Elimination challenges to the bank. In Top Chef history, this sorta means Stefan will win the whole thing, but I'm gonna keep watching cause Richard and Danny are so hot. I'm still waiting for Danny's gratuitous furry belly shot.

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Top Chef Season 5 is Bellyrific

11.03.2008 @ 12:32 PM in Lifestream
If I ever really needed an excuse to watch Top Chef, I have one now. Season 5 sets in New York and premiers on November 12th @ 10PM. Those who have a hankering for furry Long Island boys who love to cook will not be disappointed....

Meet Daniel "Danny" Gagnon. He's 27, and "currently serves as the Chef de Cuisine at the Babylon Carriage House, one of the most popular restaurants in Long Island, NY." He cooks with an Italian/Asian Fusion and his personal motto is "No Guts, No Glory, No Gold." And boy, does he have guts.

Cute, furry Guts. I think his motto coincides with a gratuitous belly flash, which is fine by me. Top Chef has another furry food fellow contestant this year, though a bit more discreet than Danny. His name is Richard and he's also 27, but likes to keep his cooking "simple and infused with natural harmony versus chaotic noise." He hails from San Diego.

Top Chef Season 5