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01.06.2009 @ 12:03 PM in Technology

apple-macworld-logo PLAVIX FOR SALE, This is it: the final keynote, and the last Macworld with Apple as a direct participator. Get PLAVIX, Phill Schiller will be delivering the "One More Thing," keynote, online buying PLAVIX, Where to buy PLAVIX, as Steve Jobs, who is NOT dying, where can i cheapest PLAVIX online, Low dose PLAVIX, wanted to spend time with his family. The keynote starts NOW so check after the jump for all details., PLAVIX natural. Online buy PLAVIX without a prescription, refresh and repeat.

  • All the timestamps are in EST form, purchase PLAVIX online no prescription, PLAVIX use, though its 9am at the Moscone, its 12PM here, PLAVIX from canadian pharmacy. Productivity ceases now....

  • 12:00 - Coldplay..., PLAVIX FOR SALE. PLAVIX coupon, again.

  • 12:05 -  Schiller on stage, stoked to present, PLAVIX cost, PLAVIX without prescription, blah blah blah, Apple store Metrics, PLAVIX blogs, Online buying PLAVIX hcl, blah blah, Beijing, fast shipping PLAVIX, PLAVIX dose, 9.7 Million macs.

PS - I'm getting the feed facts from Macrumors and Gizmodo. there isn't a covert ustream feed.., PLAVIX wiki. Canada, mexico, india, yet.

  • 12:08 - iLife 09... New iPhoto, taking PLAVIX. PLAVIX FOR SALE, I say screw that, Google's Picassa just launched for Mac.

  • 12:13 - iPhoto adds face recognition and geotagging support. PLAVIX used for, more ways for Apple to hypermanage your stuff.

  • 12:16 - iPhoto adds native export support for facebook and flickr... Finally, rx free PLAVIX. Buy PLAVIX from canada, Note that you can do this now with free plugins.

  • 12:30 - iPhoto demo over with... meanwhile macrumors livefeed gets hacked, PLAVIX description. "STEVE JOBS JUST DIED" flashed on the screen, a few minutes later., PLAVIX FOR SALE. Buy PLAVIX without prescription, "SEX ME" appears to be an AJAX injection attack.  Moving on..

  • 12:32  - iMovie 09 gets precision controls, insertion of 2d and 3d maps. Video stabilization, and themes. *Macrumors feed goes down.

  • 12:45 - PhilNote carries onto Garageband. New feature, "learn to play." Teaches you to play an instrument, will not make you better at Guitar Hero.

  • 12:52 - iLife ships in late January, $79 upgrade, or $99, Family pack that installs on 5 macs.

  • 12:54 - iWork - it uh, works. PLAVIX FOR SALE, Keynote adds some new effects, transitions. Phil used it for his keynote, but still can't be Jobs.

  • 12:55 - Keynote Remote... lets you view and control slides from your iphone or iPod touch.

  • 1:06 - sorry, fell asleep. you can get iWork and iLife as a box set with Leopard for $169 when it ships in late January.

  • 1:07  - lets you view and share documents over the web. beta launching soon.

  • 1:13 - One more thing. new 17 macbook pro's with the same Unibody hardware as the 15-inchers.

  • 1:17 - integrated 9400M and 9600M graphics cards, PLAVIX FOR SALE. 320GB HDD or upgrade to 256GB SSD. Supports up to 24inch cinema display, and 17-inch screen ships with a native resolution of 1920×1200. Also the lightest and thinnest 17 notebook evar. Whooopdeedoo.  Battery can not be removed, but claimes 8 hours, with 1000 cycles. $2799

  • there is a bit more about itunes but i don't care.. eff this shit.


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BuffaView – Washington and East Huron

07.08.2008 @ 8:45 PM in Lifestream
Im really digging the restoration of the old Howard Shoes building, and now its ready for new owners. My favorite part (beside the rounded corners and the terra cotta tiles) is the insigned red apple, a sign of its early early days as the Waldorf Apple.

Daily Drag Queen Affirmations

05.15.2008 @ 11:28 AM in Lifestream

I think I inadvertently became a Nikol fanboy... which is cool, cause Nikol is like the Molly Wood of sex ed. Anyways Nikol, I'll do you one better. For twice the price of a sexual favor (that would be $20), you can get access to 365 quips and quotes of affirmation, performed by various drag queens. Simply visit and sign up.
Daily Drag Queen Affirmations is a great way to start your day. Each morning you receive an email that links you to that day’s video. The video contains a man, dressed up like a woman, giving you praise or an uplifting thought that will hopefully brighten your day. (It’s like those little page-a-day calendars except fiercer and we don’t kill trees.)

Midwest Teen Sex Show: I can haz sex ed?

05.08.2008 @ 5:07 PM in Lifestream

Ok, so i'm not a teen, and sex ed for me in HS consisted of me filling out a worksheet, then being excused so I could run around the campus fixing computers. That was my out for gym class too, worked like a charm. It wasn't so much that I wasn't fit, or didn't want to work out, I just hated my health/gym teachers and didn't like the hassle in the locker room. The Midwest Teen Sex Show was created to help teens get a little more out of sex ed then whats spit out in state sanctioned curriculum. And unlike more conservative methods, MTSS realizes teens are gonna screw no matter what if they put their heads and labias together, so why not give em the truth. Hosted by the ever beautiful (and fellow bear lover, for a girl at least) Nikol, and supplemented by a cast of nutballs (read: geniuses), the MTSS is as entertaining as it is informative. If you have a kid, or know a kid, or even know a few parents, send them the link to the free subscription on iTunes. I sat and watched all the episodes at once, stunned by how amazing and ridiculous the approach was to sex education by MTSS. Slipping in serious facts admist satirical comments about STI's and pedophiles, teens might actually learn something. The videos are mature to a certain level, but hey, its a sex ed podcast, shouldn't it be just a little bit edgy? A bt about the cast (from MTSS)
  • Who the hell is Nikol? Former expert practitioner of teen promiscuity, Nikol lives out her days as a Midwestern mother of three. Her interests range from music, movies, trash television, and naked rodeo clowns with handlebar mustaches to cooking, reading and naked rodeo clowns with handlebar mustaches. When not involved in the usual humdrum of packing lunches and trying not to laugh her way through parent teacher conferences, Nikol spends her free time writing and teaching creative writing workshops to high school students. She hates the phrase “swimsuit area,” and hopes her own life experiences will better inform viewers on the realities of teen sexuality.
  • Who is Britney? “I do all my own stunts.”
  • Who’s that Guy? Director Guy Clark (aka Todd) is the creator of Midwest Teen Sex Show. He has won awards for his online spots for GEICO Car Insurance,, and When he’s not busy editing episodes and duct taping Britney’s nipples, Guy produces new media content for online and broadcast venues. His commercial work and production services can be found at He also loves cheese.

What Kind of Geek Are You?

03.20.2008 @ 9:03 AM in Technology

[click above to embiggen]

Page four-dee-too of April's Wired features a "field guide to the identification of unique species in the nerd underground." Here's the description for "gadget guy," the type I most feel associated with.. The Gadget Guy
  • Disposition: Sociable while waiting in line on launch day; ferocious in comments on Gizmodo. Seemingly unflappable in the face of early adopter's remorse (AKA Apple Newton Syndrome).
  • Beliefs: I can fix that. There's no god but Macgyver. The price will drop in a month but I need it now.
  • Turn-ons: Unboxing videos. Backup batteries. Blue LEDs. Laser pointers. People who RTFM. Things that make loud clicking sounds.
What kind of Geekster are you? Be sure to pick up April's Wired, its a good read (as always) and features an in-depth article on the battle of Gizmodo vs Engadget and why Brian Lam is such a jerk. If you don't subscribe to Wired, you really should, its the common denominator between all types of geek.

Macworld 2008: There’s Something in the Air

01.15.2008 @ 11:36 AM in Technology
macworld08.jpg Same as last year, I'm here to bring you the latest of round the web-updates and information on the shiny new goodies to be unleashed this year at Macworld 08. The show starts at noon EST, and feel free to keep refreshing the page to get the updates as I'll edit this post as soon as something new comes in. I'll be getting most of my info from Gizmodo live coverage. You can always check em out for more specs, but remember to hit me up for the commentary.
  • 11:30 - The Apple store has been down for the longest pre-keynote period, ever. This could mean a total store workaround, a lot more products, or perhaps some new functionalities are being installed. This could also mean that someone jumped the gun, but whatever, the downtime always marks the start of of the reality distortion field for the day. Productivity is grinding to a halt as when noon hits, I'm not doing squat but hitting refresh.

[Official Lunch for Macworld 08: Taco Salad with extra cheese FTW]

  • [12:08] - Its Started!! People are being let into the 4000 seat auditorium and Coldplay, once again, can be heard over the shuffle.
  • [12:13] - Coldplay, Kanye, now Feist.. I wonder who picks the seating music?
  • [12:14] - Feist cuts out, new get a mac ad, and here comes Steve!
  • [12:15] - “Welcome to Macworld 2008. We’ve got some great stuff for you. There’s clearly some great stuff in the air today.” Jobs starts the retrospective on all the products from last year, iPhone, iPod Touch, iMac. Leopard a great success.
  • [12:20] - Four Points to Discuss. The first was Leopard. Developers are working well with it and over 20% of Mac base has upgraded. Office 2008 now shipping. New Feature of Leopard is Time Capsule, Airport extreme base stations with "server grade" internal harddrive. This allows you to back up your mac wirelessly.
  • [12:22] - 500 GB version - $299, 1 TB $499
  • [12:23] - On to iPhone.. paraphrased "We sold a whole fuckin bunch!" 20K per day average. SDK in Feb, w00t!
  • [12:26] - New apps today for iPhone, Maps with location, Webclips, Customize home screen, SMS multiple people, Lyrics.... looks like the iPhone is moving into its useful stage now.
  • [12:33] - Web clips allow you to create up to 9 home screen bookmarks, will remember where you zoomed or panned.
  • [12:38] - Free update today for iPhones, iPod Touch gets Maps, Mail, Stocks, Notes, and Weather for a $20 one time fee.
  • [12:40] - iTunes Movie Rentals: Touchstone, Miramax, MGM, Lionsgate, Newline, FOX, WB, Disney, Paramount, Universal, Sony all gonna play nice to make this work.
  • [12:42] - Over 1000 movies, those 30 days after DVD release, watch anywhere instantly over broadband. 30 days to start watching, 24 hours to finish. Library Titles: 2.99 New Releases: 3.99
  • [12:45] - In the US, rentals available today, international gets it later in the year. SUCK it UK!
  • [12:47] - Apple TV take 2. No computer required, rent movies from Apple tv in DVD and HD quality, view photos from .mac and flickr. syncs with iTunes, natch. Oh, and there are 100 HD rentals for 4.99 available today.

[get photos of the Keynote via Macrumors]

  • [12:55] - Steve's Demoing the iTunes rental service. Downloads appear to be fast and quality on point with specs. Create photo screen savers with Apple T[V from .mac galleries and flickr.
  • [1:03] - Free software update for existing Apple TVs. Entry price point reduced from $299 to $229.
  • [1:05] - Software update comes in two weeks
  • [1:07] - 20th Century Fox was the first studio to sign up for movie rentals. Jim Gianopulos, Chairman and CEO of Fox is taking the stage, talks about future of Video rentals, DVD's and the availability of included digital copies, like on Family Guy: Blue Harvest DVD.
  • BOOM!!!!!!!!!
  • [1:10] - Macbook Air
  • [1:12] -"World's thinnest Laptop." Talk about competition specs and how 3lbs is a great weight, but it can compromise features and functionality. MacBook Air is 0.16" to 0.76". The thickest part of the MacBook Air is thinner than the thinnest part of the Sony. It fits inside a envelope.
  • [1:17] - Magnetic Latch with 13.3" widescreen display. Display is LED backlit, macbook style keyboard, ambient sensor. Essentially a Calista Flockhart macbook. Track pad is multi-touch FTW. rotate and resize photos and other things via pinch and finger pivots.
  • [1:20] - 1.8" Hard Drive, 80GB, option for 74GB SSD for your the cost of your firstborn child. 1.6 GHz Standard, 1.8 GHz Option, all Intel Core 2 Duo.... as Intel CEO, Paul Otellini, takes the stage.
  • [1:24] - 45 Watt MagSafe, 1 USB 2.0 port, Micro-DVI, Audio Out, 802.11n + Bluetooth 2.1/EDR, no word of lasers. Nope, no optical drive, but a Superdrive accessory is available for $99. However, special software lets you hijack "borrow" a mac or PC's optical drive.
  • [1:27] - 5 Hours of Battery Life, 2Gb standard Memory, $1799 base. Pre-order today, ships in months weeks. Full Aluminum case (recyclable), first mercury and lead free battery, blah blah, green, blah, hippie, blah
I'm really dissapointed no mention of the standard macbook being aluminized... its the only product still in lucite and plastic
  • [1:30] - Jobs mulls over how in just two weeks of 2008, they have updated the mac Pro, the Apple tv, iPhone and iPod Touch, Rentals, MacBook Air... sounds like a one more thing is coming.
  • [1:36] - Randy Newman takes the stage (Where the fuck is John Legend?) to perform and I lose my erection.
  • [1:38] - Newman has lost his marbles as he sings a song about the USA and Stalin and the Supreme Court.... great. Will someone get the crazy man off stage so we can have the "one more thing?"
  • [1:40] - is updated with information regarding the keynote.
  • [1:45] - And its over.

Jay-Z and Apple to form Record Label?

01.03.2008 @ 10:45 AM in Technology
jay_steve.jpg Say it isn't so, but the BGR (BoyGeniusReport) says it is:
  • ...we’ve just about confirmed it. For those that don’t know, Jay-Z left Def Jam as President last month, ... we just heard that Jay-Z is launching a record label with Apple. ... This is from a high-up person attached to Jay (no, not who you’re thinking), and it’s said to be a go! Jay is supposedly totally into the business model, and really wants this to happen.
Hrm. Hrm. Hrmphf! I dunno about this, but as incredible as it sounds, this could totally work. Apple has been trying to establish a firm bargaining chip with the music industry for a while, since Record companies have been bucking with DRM and song costs.  This isn't the first time that Hip-hop and Apple have been mentioned together, either. Remember that story about the 50-Cent inner-city budget mac? Yea, didn't think so.

While I was out: Verizon Sucks

12.12.2007 @ 10:02 AM in Lifestream
I'm sure all three of my blog readers are interested in seeing the final chapter of the Dunny Fiasco, and I'm interested in writing it. I'm also sure that my bloggers on WNYMedia are really eager to get a few new features rolled out. This all could happen I suppose... if Verizon didn't suck balls and Vaspian was a crappy T1 provider... So while the intertubes were down at the office, I missed a few of these interesting web bits:
  • Glo-Paint creaters, MPK, has come up with self-luminous micro particles called Litrospheres™ which they say are inexpensive, non-toxic, and will stay on for 12+ years (half-life point) continuously -- without having to be plugged into any power source []
  • I was waiting for the Gizmodo review on the Plastic Surgeon clamshell case opener, and they said it's "fantastic." [Gizmodo]
  • nerdsniping. wow. [xkcd]
  • This is like digg for fashion and design trends. great coding and functionality for a beta site. +chic! Will elaborate on this more. [chictini]
  • Fanboys don't know how to act now that Apple has made the move from niche to mainstream [Datamation]
  • Girls from Buff State: Carry mace and a brick [Buffalowatchdog]
  • Apple says you can haz 5 iPhones this xmas. [Homotron]
  • And now a trailer for a film called "Look," which was supposedly filmed using only surveliance cameras, should hit theatres this Friday. [video below]
[flv width="400" height="300"][/flv]

MacHeist 2 Begins

12.07.2007 @ 9:51 AM in Technology
mh1.jpg Last year, any company that employed free software loving macheads took a 45% hit in productivity due to MacHeist, a type of internet scavenger hunt where you solve "heists" to gain access to free loot (OSX apps) and discounts on the big bundle at the end. Last year, we were sent from site to site, decrypting cyphers, and solving visual puzzles with pieces more separate from each other than the Jackson family. The loot comes from the ginormous developer community. Last year, we got Cha-ching, 1passwd, Captain FTP, and others, which all led up to a huge bundled grab bag which we applied discounts we earned to get it for next to nothing. With Heist #1 underway, the puzzle seems to be a bit more mixed media. No spoliers, but lets just say you better be on a mac for this one or you can't solve it. This poses a difficulty for me, as I won't be on a mac till christmas (I hope), but i'm following what I can on teh office PC. So, if you are on a mac, you love puzzles, and you want free stuff, get on board and don't let your boss catch you when time comes to print out a sundial on the office printer.

Apple: Your House Burned Down, have an iPod

12.05.2007 @ 1:18 PM in Technology
  • More than 100 high school students in the Poway school district who lost homes in the October wildfires have received a surprise gift – iPods donated by Apple. Kari Afshari, 15, a sophomore at Rancho Bernardo High, said she was told last week to drop by a classroom for pizza and was surprised when she and fellow students were handed nano video iPods.
The kids were gifted the iPods after a member of the community sent an email to Steve Jobs asking for help. Jobs never responded, his email address is handled by super intelligent squirrels, but it ended up with  Michael Foulkes, the state and local affairs manager for Apple. Shortly after, the Nanos were delivered. Apple mentioned they didn't want any publicity for the act. Ok, so its a nice gesture, and I'm sure a bunch of the kids had iPods that were lost in the fire. But see, their old iPods just happen to be in their rooms, in the house, that also burned to the ground. No computer to dock to, and all their music, photos, and videos are gone. Hold that, Apple should have no problem letting them redownload all that music again from iTunes, given the situation. Whats that? you downloaded all your music from p2p and bittorrent?  The only thing you bought on iTunes was The Office? In that case, you are S.O.L. The point is giving a kid who just lost everything an iPod is not as good as giving them relief funds.  I don't blame Apple, I blamed the dumbass who asked apple for iPods.