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Want: Size? Burgerman Umbrella

01.11.2008 @ 9:41 AM in Lifestream
I would never hint hint for gift ideas around near my birthday (WEDNESDAY JAN 16TH!!!!). Eff that, I want this! sizeburgerman.jpg Jon Burgerman is a doodle fiend. He probably scribbled these awesome exclusive pieces for size? in an hour and then cashed the check. I'm not sure what makes these so striking, is it the "?" riddled amidst a cast of contoured characters? Maybe. Is it the limited 300 per piece run worldwide availability that makes me wanna skip a rent check right now to get these the whole set? Perhaps. However it could just be the fact that this is the coolest umbrella I have ever seen in my entire life and I want it in my hands like Obama (nObama 2008!) wants Hillary (FTW!) in the back of his trunk. All that life changing, rain repelling, pimp statusing Mark-Brickey-Piss-your-pants-you-jealous-Mofo could be mine for £11.99, or ~$40US. The rest of the set is pretty slick: the Hoody is reversable (black with pockets lined) and along with the shirt and sweater they all feature unique drawings of their own. A belt was created too, but I couldn't find it for sale.