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Snap! – gluten free, who knew?

08.01.2008 @ 6:23 PM in Lifestream
I haven't spoiled Skylar in a while; getting to Animal Outfitters before they close is a once a week opportunity that I often have to sacrifice for other activities. I do pay penance for being a terrible cat father, however, with the sneezing fits brought on by my moderate pet allergies. But whenever I get a chance to stop by, I do Skylar right. Since he's been whining to have dry food at his disposal in between his twice daily soft feedings, I picked up a bag of Solid Gold, which is gluten and grain free, and heavy in protein. I also got some flea spray and a quite potent catnip sardine. We also got something thathelps to stop ticks. Note that the cat food bag is shiny gold and holographic. #snap

Snap! – Shopping

12.23.2006 @ 8:39 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - Shopping

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 23 Dec '06, 4.38pm AST PST.

Shopping Loot from Elmwood. Cat food and toy for the puss, from Animal Outfitters ; American Apparel hoodie, from Stache; Aveda hair products and haircut by Angel (say "Ahn-hell"), at Michele for Hair.

Week-in-Review/ Weekend Forecast

09.16.2006 @ 2:00 AM in Lifestream
I guess the week wasn't so bad, but I feel like so much happened:
  • I was poor again this week, like 5 dollars stretched into days. I'm trying really hard to get out of debt, and in doing that, I'm neglecting to buy food. I have a tendancy to forget to take care of myself. All these goddamn bills don't help either. A hint: never merge your finances with any one... EVER. I wish I wasn't so naive before.
  • Switched to T-mobile today because Sprint was too expensive with the family plan I was stuck with. I'm paying about 100 a month for Sprint. Ouch. Switching to t-mobile for ~70 a month, which gets me 600 minutes, free nights and weekends, 1000 text/picture messages, equipment protection, and my wireless Internet account for the iBook. I hate having to kill a contract and sign another, but in the long run I'll save money. Plus I get to port my number. The phone isn't too bad for free:
Motorola v360
  • Thursday was the big ole auction/fundraiser for my agency. Held at Salvatore's Italian Garden Kitschfest, we raised about $95k. My job was to sit at a laptop and input all the bid information in our auction database. Crazy hectic with everyone needing all these reports at the same time I have to put the bid info in. I had a teammate at another laptop, so it went smoothly enough.
  • Skylar needed food, so I headed over to Animal Outfitters today. I've decided to get him a toy with every food purchase, and this time he got a catnip lemon; Omar always has the kookiest toys around. I told him that Skylar has been scratching his ear raw, from too much wax i guess. Omar gave me some samples of medicated q-tips to clean Skylar's ears with, and told me I could bring him in and he'd take a look if it didn't get better. He also gave me a number for a vet to take the puss to, just in case he ever needed it. On a sad note, one of Omar's feline companions passed away from kidney failure at 18 years. My sympathies go out to Omar and his wife. I don't know what I'd do if Skylar left me. Let's change the subject.
  • My secured entry to my floor is compromised due to the deadbolt being torn off. I have no idea how that happen, but I assure you tomorrow, Horizon Realty should be fixing it.
This weekend is going to be spent in 25 dollar increments, because my insurance card came. I'm getting my 25 dollar 3-month membership to the BAC and seeing the doctor ($25) for some checkups. Hopefully I'll get some allergy meds and crazy pills while I'm at it ($15+$10=$25). I need my crazy pills. Oh, and I'm getting drunk with the Starbuckers from Williamsville Place tonight. Brent's Carrie is going to Italy, so it's a farewell drunkfest I guess.

Shop Elmwood: Animal Outfitters

08.20.2006 @ 12:30 AM in Buffalo
There are so many places to shop on the Elmwood strip. I've decided to post about some of my favorite places.
Animal Outfitters
Shortly after moving to elmwood+north, I got the urge to step into Animal Outfitters, Inc. Located on Bryant St, near Elmwood and next to Solid Grounds. I was immediately greeted by the owner, Omar Zahzouhi. He was one of the friendliest guys I've met in a while. He wanted to know what pets I had, where I lived, and if I went to school. I felt like he wanted to make a connection with a new customer; he was sincere. I told him I had just moved into a small studio, and that Skylar was a little lonely with me not being home. Omar directed me to a brand of cat food called Solid Gold. He said it was all natural, full of nutrients, and would help Skylar to control his weight, seeing as he wasn't going to be as active anymore being in a small space now. He points to the ingredient list. This stuff has blueberries! I sheepishly tell him I'm feeding him Meow Mix. He shakes his head and hands me samples of the organic cat food and gives me a can of special wet food to try out as well. I didn't buy anything that day, but I took that food home and Skylar inhaled it. I went back a month later; he remembered my name and he wanted to know how I was doing. We got into a playful arguement over the World Cup. I bought a catnip toy. Skylar woke me up at 8:30 this morning; he was freaking out. He always does when he can see the bottom of his food dish. I figured I might as well get him the Solid Gold. I arrived at Animal Outfitters early, he opened at 11 and it was 10:30. There's a park bench in front of his store; it must be for owners that get woken up early to get food for their demanding pets. Omar and his wife, Susana, show up around 11, and they let me in immediately. We talk as they get set up and I grab a bag of Solid gold and another toy. I gave them a picture of Skylar for the pet wall. They gushed over him. I was very proud of my 5 dollar rescue kitty. The store is a nice setup. Its not big, but they have just what they think you need for your pet. If you like to spoil your pet, or like me, buy their affections, this is the place to shop. Thanks, Omar & Susana! Skylar loves his food and the new toy.