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Hero Design: 13th Months on Allen

12.01.2007 @ 11:23 PM in Buffalo
hero_nate.jpg Last night was a long night for me, however the best part had to be Hero Design's 13th Months on Allen party. I drug(dragged?) Angel with me, and we headed to 93 Allen around 7:30... A homo has to show up early, but not too early; gotta make that fabulous entrance. Apparently, yuppies feel this is appropriate too, as uninteresteding folk converged into that small storefront around the same time, making for a very multicultured congestion. I guess thats what rubbing elbows with the snobs really is. party_1.jpg Whatever though, it was great that everyone showed up: hipsters, yuppies, homos, these crazy kids from Syracuse that snatched a box of Dunny's before I had a chance to a few months ago (bastards), and all the other friends and family of Beth and Mark's. The boys from that Block Club magazine also made an appearance. I got a kick out of being able to impart some of my love and knowledge of the toys to Patrick, and got them to experience the joy of opening a blind box item. I also imparted the importance of cluttering you desk with toys instead of papers, makes you look creative and less stodgy. Patrick from Bloc Party (right) It felt like turning someone on to crack, but the good kinda crack. Angel gifted me with a few Dunny's and a new toy called a Cloth Head. I traded Beth the Bumblebee Labbit for the plain mustard one on display. Patrick and Angel traded Dunny's as well; granted they were identical, but the deal was made before they opened the boxes. bethsdad.jpg I managed to snag Mark and ask him a couple of questions about his first 13th months on Allen. Click the play button to listen. [audio:] PS. when Beth was bagging up something for Angel, she managed to set another bag on fire with a candle.  It was so funny we had her sign it as a 1/1 edition piece.  That was the ultimate collectable. I'm getting it framed.