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First taste of Google Maps, Buffawhat Style

08.29.2006 @ 1:08 AM in Technology
Piece by piece, things are slowly coming together for the site. If you notice on the sidebar, there is an extra navigation link called "Buffawhat Maps."
I've taken to testing and working with the Google maps API, or the coded sweetness that runs Google Maps. All I had to get was a developer key, and Google lets me in to play.

Pluto no longer a Planet

08.28.2006 @ 2:37 PM in Technology
Sailor Pluto
Who gets to decide these things, and since when have we ever downgraded a planet before?

Apple employees canned for touching the Leopard

08.23.2006 @ 2:00 PM in Technology
Five Employee from Apple's retail locations were given the boot after downloading copies of the new OSX 10.5 Leopard. The new OSX was dropped onto the net after developers were given a copy at WWDC06. Sources don't know exactly where they got the copies, but they do know that Apple is not happy with the leak. Many more employees are also expected to be terminated for touching Leopard before Daddy Jobs says OK. The employees are a bit upset at the consequences of their actions, they thought that they could keep their jobs if they fessed up. Remember Apple going all nuts when 10.4 got leaked? I'm suprised they aren't getting sued for violating the NDA act. but then again, it hasn't been that long. From ThinkSecret [tag]Apple, OSX10.5, Leopard, Leak[/tag]

How come I never knew about Writely?

08.22.2006 @ 2:40 PM in Technology
mmm.. Sometimes I get so upset with myself. I thought I was down with all the Google Beta+Lab projects. I use Google Spreadsheets, Page Creator, Personalized Home, etc. I was even rocking Keyhole before it was Google Earth, and Picassa, too. Then I'm looking around one day and someone mentions Writely . I click the link and I immediately see this sexy little "

Project SEATTL

08.17.2006 @ 12:40 AM in Technology
Today I had my first planning meeting for the OPTS(Options for People Through Services) project at work. OPTS is the only way that agencies can tap into anymore money that the state has to offer. It's a massive process, but if we get it, we can ask for the moon. I've kitch'dly named the project SEATTL (SouthEast Adult Technology Training Lab). No "e," that would make it Seattle; thats a city, silly. SEATTL is just what the name is: the service is to offer a comphrehensive program to train our individuals with developmental disabilities to be more independant with technology. Split into concentrations, the program will offer:
  • A state of the art lab.

Google Mountain View WIFI Launches: Who’s moving with me?

08.16.2006 @ 6:04 PM in Technology
About 72,000 residents in Mountain View, CA are about to be bathed in millions of little wifi internet bubbles, Google style. The GOOG pushed up the launch date due to overwhelming response and request for service. Google Wifi offers the city 90% coverage over its 12 square miles, at a speed of about 1Mbit/s. A bit slower than DSL, but pretty impressive for a city wide wireless hookup.
Google wifi network
[Click above for the Mountain View Coverage Map]
Tropos Networks made 380 recievers, which Google installed on the the city's light poles. This project cost about One Million (only a million, google?) to put in place, and promises to pay the city $36 per light pole, annually. No one knows for sure the reason Google did this. I think its a perk for the 1000 overworked, underpaid, starving Google employees living in Mountain View. Those poor bastards, they have it so rough. Mercury News [tag]google, wifi, Mountain-view[/tag]

FCC gives thumbs up for promoting Broadband over Power Lines

08.08.2006 @ 3:39 PM in Technology
Today, the FCC announced the go-ahead for companies to start promoting Broadband over Power Lines. This is a new technology that has been in the works for a few years, and will allow high-speed data transfers routed through power cables. You simply need a modem that you plug directly into any power outlet. BPL would run off the existing infrastructure of the power grids, offering up new opportunities for greater connectivity and easier networking between devices and people. Imagine having your computer, stereo, TiVo, all connected instantly through the wiring in your home. Hell, network your toaster, it could be that easy. The FCC go-ahead was for promotion of the service and to warn off any protestors until more studies have been conducted. Supposedly, one downside to BPL is that HAM radio operators wil be SOL. But the FCC is not going to pull the plug unless any serious intereferences occur. Read more: wiki FCC Report (PDF)

WWDC2006, Day One: The Mac Pro

08.08.2006 @ 12:29 AM in Technology
Our connection to the internet was broken today at work for some reason. No clue why, and it wasn't restored by the time I left. Kind of ironic, seeing that I thought that the net limited my productivity; not having it almost stopped it all together. So, to stave off the "disconnection" panic attack, I booked it to SPoT coffee to fill up on Ginger Mango Tea and Engadget. Engadget was covering the WWDC, and like a dork I scrolled to the bottom and started reading up. Day one hailed the unveiling of the long awaited and dissapointingly un-redesigned Intel Mac Pro. Intel Mac Pro
Mac Pro with a familiar exterior
So much for a snazzy new body, I guess we have to wait for the new metal-clad iPod Nano to wow us all. But on the inside, oh baby. Take a look at those compartments, this bitch knows she's pretty.
The sexy guts of the Mac Pro
And with almost 5 Million different possibilities of Mac Pro incarnations, I sense a lot more time will be spent in front of the customize page at the online Apple store, dreaming the futile dream of ever owning one. So much for productivity.