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Durham Scientist Brewing Caffeine Infused Doughnuts

01.26.2007 @ 7:16 PM in Technology
Doctor Robert Bohannon, a molecular Biologist from Durhman, NC has now made it a bit easier to wake up in the morning: Buzz Donuts

Search the State of The Union Address with Pluggd

01.23.2007 @ 3:01 PM in Technology
Podcasting search engine and directory service Pluggd wants you to Share the Smackdown tonight after the State of the Union Address. Pluggd's unique search service will let you enter a term (like education), and then see the parts of the President's speech (and the Democrats reply as well!) that deal with that topic. Here's how to play: This is a great tool to mull over the speech and see how much was really answered, and who came out on top. Until tonight, you can check out last years speech here.

Yet Another iPhone Post: What can’t it do? / Apple screwing itself by going with Cingular?

01.12.2007 @ 7:36 PM in Technology
It can't do a lot apparently. NY Times Blogger David Pogue list's a myriad of FAQ's explaining what the iPhone can and can not do. Than answers are pretty suprising. Here's a few:
  • Can it be used with anything but Cingular?

Outlook 2007 Chokes on HTML Email Rendering

01.12.2007 @ 6:17 PM in Technology
I suppose there are some very good Microsoft reasons why, but I seem to be below the level of understanding why Microsoft's next release of Outlook (2007, launching in February) will remove Internet Explorer as the rendering engine for html email and replace it with the one in Word 2007. This means goodbye to Outlook being able to correctly display HTML emails formated with divs, floats, custom bullets, and other forms of email-beautifying css. Microsoft released a few docs on Word 2007's CSS support, or lack there of. Here are some of the crippling changes made that will affect Outlook 2007:
  • No support for background images in HTML or CSS
  • No CSS floats, positioning; only tables will work (Come on, now.. Tables?)
  • No animated gif support, only static
  • Flash is not supported, shows up as an "x"
  • Forms are not supported
  • image replacement for bullets will no longer work
  • DHTML is pretty much shot
Microsoft seems to have gone the opposite direction with email. Instead of allowing (or encouraging) email to grow into a new multimedia experience, Outlook 2007 will scramble any attempt at creativity. Only the simplest of HTML layouts will be allowed to pass unscathed. Email designers are now going to be forced to throw out their clean and aesthetic css layouts and pull their old table designs out of the recycle bin. Sure, people have a choice, they can go to Thunderbird or a web-based reader... but what about poor smucks like me that have to use Outlook for work?
Read: Campaign Monitor | SitePoint

Motorola v360 now unlocked

01.12.2007 @ 3:44 PM in Technology
myphone.jpg [the buffawhat is actually on my phone's outer LCD when you flip it open , replacing the T-Mobile mark]
I called T-Mobile 2 weeks ago to get my phone unlocked. When I signed my contract, I received the Motorola v360 for $0. Since October, I've had it replaced one time, for a defect (it had a tendency to drop phone book entries) that turns out to be a hazard of playing around with the P2K system (the hackable Motorola OS). I don't really have a need to have my phone unlocked, I'm never gonna sell it (though I might switch to Cingular for the iPhone). It was more of a test to see if T-Mobile would give me any flack for doing it. I must say, T-Mobile has provided me with the most friendly no-hassle support of any carrier I have encountered. Sometimes I just call them for a random reason to make my friends on Verizon and Cingular hate their own customer support even more. So.. I called T-Mobile one night as me and a friend were rushing to the movies. After cussing out the Voice Automated Switchboard system (T-mobile has a pretty smart and easy to use robot... but I had just gotten off the phone with the Fandango robot, and that bitch was pissing me off, poor T-Mobile got the backlash)... I was connected to a techie and I prompted my request. He said sure, and proceeded to ask me if I could get on another phone so I could check the EMEI number. I kept asking if it was going to cost me, but He assured it was a free service for T-mobile subscribers. I grabbed my numbers and he informed me of the process... Motorola holds all the unlock codes and so they have to send a request to them, and Motorola will send them the numbers, to which time, they will send them to me with instructions. Said it would take about two weeks for Motorola to respond. Yesterday (about two weeks), an email popped up in my inbox from T-mobile, with the SIM code and instructions. 30 seconds later, my phone is now free to desert and go wherever a GSM network can be found. For a contrast, on hearing of my success, a friend of mine with three cingular locked and branded, full-price paid phones bought from Cingular, called with the same request. He has to send in all three receipts to prove he paid for them and then wait 4 weeks.

Job Says Screw You Cisco, We’re Calling It The iPhone Anyways

01.09.2007 @ 9:08 PM in Technology
iPhone Behold, the "revolution of the first order." A little bummed that T-Mobile will not be able to pick this up. Perhaps Apple+Cingular will be kind enough and offer to pay off termination fees to switch and buy the new iPhone, which starts at $499( for 4GB, 8GB is $599) with a two-year contract with Cingular. I nearly fell out of my chair - as I was liveblogging with updates from Macrumors and Engadget - when Jobs confirmed the iPhone. This baby will pack some serious punch in the cellphone market and help Cingular nestle on down as the #1 Wireless carrier in the US. Check out the specs from apple with a little bit of info on each: Screen size - 3.5 inches
This is the biggest screen so far on any multimedia phone, and any iPod period. A built-in Accelerometer senses when you turn the iPhone on its side and changes the display accordingly. open your music player, and flip it on its side, coverflow opens. browse photos, flip it on its side, viewer goes widescreen.
Screen resolution - 320 by 480 at 160 ppi
once again, the highest resolution display of any phone or iPod. the media has really yet to see this thing hand one, but 160ppi gives a new definition to sharp display. This will come in handy when viewing the web; safari can zoom and shrink the whole page... no WAP browser on this baby, she's rockin Safari!
Input method - Multi-touch
Apple has been working on touch technology for a while, and we got a glimpse of this with the new macbooks; you can use two fingers on the pad to scroll up and down. When you try to do this with any ordinary smartphone, you fail. This is because the current touch technology is pixel based and cannot process multiple areas being touched at the same time. Using your finger is bad aim because the screen can't pick which of the 30 pixels you've activated is the one it should respond to. Multi-touch probably uses an algorithm to take the entire grouped touch area and focus it on the median area, and allows for multiple areas of touch.. like two fingers scrolling on the touchpad. This is just my intelligent guess on the technology, I haven't gotten any white papers on the tech yet and Apple will prolly keep them under lock and key.
Operating system - OS X
we're all kinda confused on this one... but I guess Apple has streamlined a special version OSX for the iPhone, kind of like Windows Mobile. however, the iPhone will work for mac and PC... but on the mac better I'm sure.
Storage - 4GB or 8GB
Of course there's a size choice! This is some serious storage.. no need for a media card... store it all right on the flash memory.
GSM - Quad-band (MHz: 850, 900, 1800, 1900)
Quad-band GSM means it "could" work for T-mobile, however Apple has teamed up with so many companies(Google, Yahoo, Cingular, AT&T) that the phone will only work on the Cingular network.

Dress Steve Jobs for Macworld!

01.09.2007 @ 4:42 PM in Technology
If you're bored waiting for the magic clock strike that signals Steve Jobs to the stage... make those minutes fly by with a fun little flash game from the Joy of Tech... cause why would you want to do any real work?

Macworld 2007 Conference Today!

01.09.2007 @ 4:04 PM in Technology
Today is the day every Machead has been waiting for since last September.
At 9am PST/ 12pm EST, Our faithful leader Steve Jobs will get on stage and "boom!" us with a slew of new and put-down-your-pantsable products from apple.... we hope. Rumor Roundup.
  • iPhone - If this baby gets announced, it won't be called the iPhone (Cisco actually owns the rights to the name)... maybe the macphone... mmm sexy... Anyways, diggnation's Kevin Rose is call the deets for this one, claiming GSM and CDMA capabilities launching this month on all carriers. It's going to be sexy small, with various memory sizes available and could possibly be a slider phone. This product has been the desire of so many for so long, and if Apple doesn't give us something we can use to call our mother with... Apple may take a serious hit to its already unstable stock. On the long shot... Apple may give us the holy grail and slam as many mac functions as possible into their first official multimedia mobile computer.
  • HD iTS Downloads - Jobs promised this would happen early first quarter 2007.
  • More Mac OSX 10.5 clues - Job's will very likely be "boom"ing along to a slideshow presentation giving more info on Leopard, along with launch dates and prices.
  • Touchscreen iPod - Talked about for the longest time, the touchscreen iPod could toss Zune into even more of a tizzy. Equipped with a widescreen display, and nixing the cult click wheel for a new intuitive (smudge-free?) touch navigation system. Add wifi or some sort of sharing capability.. and Microsoft will be forced to consider a new approach on the Zune.
  • iTV - Jobs unveiled Apple's first official set-top media connecting device in September... claiming for an early 1Q 2007 launch... however word has spread that the iTV will not be ready for MacWorld... Jobs will probably just give more info and a date and price.
  • Spec boosts! - Draft-n wireless support, Quad-core chips, and bigger displays.. You never know what you'll get, but Apple is always good about beefing up its current products when it launches its new ones.
Come back after Lunch (I'll be eating Chinese and blogging on my lunch hour...) for the goods.


here are "as I get em" updates on the Macworld conference. I also stickied this post for now. Up to the date information gleamed from

11:45am EST - The online Apple store is down... this is normal...

12:05pm EST - Everyone has been let in and the conference will begin shortly.

12:11pm EST - haha!! Sheryl Crow's "Every Day Is a Winding Road" plays in the background as people still take their seats.

12:16pm EST - Steve is on Stage! Click the link below to catch the rest of the updates!

12:16pm EST - Steve talks about the success of the native Intel macs.

12:25pm EST - Steve talks about the success of iTunes, disney partnership. Confiirms Paramount Partnerships. Makes fun of Zune... Chinese arrives...



12:30pm EST - the iTV... err.. Apple TV as it's called now. 40GB HD, 720p HD video, hdmi component usb rca wireless, 802.11 g,b, and n, intel powered, store videos music and photos, use iTunes to sync, dl content form iTS, stream up to 5 computers, uses apple remote. Steve gives a live demo.

12:35pm EST - Steve demo's photo streaming with the iTV/AppleTV

12:40pm EST - Apple Updater just prompted me to upgrade iTunes to 7.02. I've been neglecting for a while... what a coincidence it reminds me again at this time.... hmmmm.

12:42pm EST - Job makes every go nuts as he announces three new products.. the widescreen ipod, the mobile phone,, and an internet communicator.

12:45pm EST - Oh Snap! Jobs tricks us! Its three devices... in ONE! and it IS the iPHONE!!!!!!

12:48pm EST - Jobs talks about how every phone, even smartphones, are simple and not good enough.. talks about the iphone being years of research in the making. The iphone is meant to be simple and easy to use, with simple navigation and big features.

12:50pm EST - Jobs talks about how they got rid of all the buttons and invented a heavily patented tech called "multi-touch." No keyboard, no stylus... just a smart system to use your fingers with.

12:55pm EST - It RUNS OSX!

iPhone demo [image from Engadget's live coverage.]

12:57pm EST - 8GB, music, widescreen video, 2MP camera, syncs with itunes, cingular branded, can sense if you are holding is widescreen or portrait, 11.6mm thin

1:05pm EST - GSM, EDGE, Wifi + Bluetooth 2.0, quadband.... steve demo's phone capabilities. no 3G.

1:10pm EST - Visual voicemail allows you to pick which message to listen to... instead of having to sit through 5 to get to the 6th.

1:15pm EST - onscreen keyboard claimed to be easier to use than those "plastic keys on a smartphone." boy... Jobsy hates those smartphones eh? SMS messaging, pick up conversations where you left off.

1:17pm EST - rich featured HTML email with IMAP or POP, uses real web browsing with safari.

1:18pm EST - intelligent connection switches automatically between EDGE and Wifi for optimal speed. push-imap mail free from yahoo, same as blackberry.... (I hopes this will work for T-mobile.....)

1:25pm EST - Steve spends a while showing how well safari works on the iPhone... goes to multi-touch technology lets you zoom in and zoom out of fully rendered pages with pinch and pull gestures...

1:30pm EST - Steve calls this a revolution of the first order... This phone is serious business

1:32pm EST - Apple CEO Eric Schmidt on stage... they joke about a merge... "merge without merging," talk about the push for collaborations and new technologies for consumers... pats Steve on back for a good job.

1:35pm EST - Oh man, Yahoo in the house too! Co-Founder Jerry Yang walks up and they chat about all the yahoo apps designed for the iphone.

1:40pm EST - Steve's gives a demo situation of the iphone and then ask jokingly how it stacks up to other phones

1:45pm EST - Shows features and some accessories... and talks about pricing....

1:48pm EST - 4GB model $499, 5GB model $599, available in June...

1:49pm EST - on Cingular.. the exclusive US carrier.. in japan for 2008.. ahahaha bout time japan gets fucked out of a good phone!

1:57pm EST - after the grande ole Partnership speech with Cingular... Steve's clicker stops working and they rush backstage....

2:00pm EST - Chaos subdued as Jobs announces that Apple Computer Inc. is no more... say hello to Apple Inc.!

2:03pm EST - Oh look... last keynote (Showtime 2006) had John Legend... this year... John Mayer....

2:05pm EST - John Mayer plays "Gravity" Steve gets choked up thanking everyone... (it also seems that John Mayer is a staple at Macworld.

2:08pm EST - John Plays "Waiting for the world to change"

2:10pm EST - Steve and John hug, and John thanks Steve for making the world fun.

2:12pm EST - Show's over guys... James Brown "I Feel Good" comes on and thats it.

Google Apps for Your Domain: Gmail for Buffawhat!

01.05.2007 @ 7:57 PM in Technology
When I heard about the beta for Google Apps for your Domain, I signed my agency up for a beta invite.

Google Tips – Killed by bloggers?

01.05.2007 @ 4:55 PM in Technology
Blake Ross had a fit, bloggers huddled in agreement (even Matt Cutts of Google), and Google listened, for now. "Tips," or Google's way of offering its myriad of extra services at the top of certain search results (i.e - "photo sharing" would result in Google recommending