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Use Paypal Security Fob and Protect Your Account

03.08.2007 @ 6:35 PM in Technology


Since I don't have a hot chick (or some beefy stud ) to show of my gadgets, the snowbot has been taking on the task with quite skill. Today's item is the Paypal Security Key, and extra measure of protection for those who use Paypal and Ebay to purchase online. Here's how it works...
  • Goto and order one. Costs five bucks one time, but free if you have a merchant account.
  • Wait 7-10 days.
  • When it arrives, open the mailer package... root through all the nice but tree-wasting (but really who cares about a few Canadian trees anyways?) documentation for a little white box.


  • Wrangle out the keyfob and go to again.
  • Click on "Activate Now"


  • Follow the rules and click activate!
If you want the security added to your Ebay account, its the same process, just go here instead. From now on, unless you deactivate the service, your login process will come with an extra screen.


Press the button on the fob and enter the six numbers (it regenerates every 30 seconds) you see. There, now even if someone has your account name and password, they can not login unless they have the fob. This doesn't mean you can be less careful; never give out your information to anyone, not even to a Paypal email (it isn't from them, they don't ask for it in an email, ever). One extra tip: you can skip the extra screen alltogether by simple appending your current password with the six digits that the security key enters.


PayPal Security Key

Scribd is like YouTube for Documents

03.07.2007 @ 3:29 PM in Technology


Scribd is a brand new (came out of private beta yesterday) document sharing service with the aim to be the YouTube of text. From the company that started reddit, scribd offers a social community centered around uploaded documents that can be shared in an enormously accessible amount of ways. Here's some features:
  1. Upload your documents from a variety of formats: .doc (Microsoft Word), .pdf (Adobe Acrobat), .txt (Plain text), .ppt (Microsoft Powerpoint), .xls (Microsoft Excel), .ps (Adobe postscript), .lit (MS reader ebook), or copy and paste
  2. Tag your documents: the almighty tag works in scribd just like YouTube, helping you organize and find your content.
  3. Analytics: Find out who is reading your uploads, how often, and where they are in the world.
  4. Download in a variety of formats: In as many formats as you can upload, you can download, too. Scribd makes great use of Macromedia Adobe flashpaper, allowing you to view your documents online, or embed them in another site with ease. Another great feature is audio playback (powered by nuance); you can listen to your document being read, or download the reading as an mp3.
The social network 2.0 craze is booming, and Scribd looks like a great addition; but will it last? Here's an example of the flashpaper embed at work... [kml_flashembed movie="" height="500" width="462" /] Via - TechCrunch 

Starbux and the fight against touch

03.06.2007 @ 11:32 PM in Technology

Starbux and the fight against touch

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 6 Mar '07, 7.32pm AST PST.

Another step by Starbux to remove ambiance and increase automation... The joy of ordering a iced quint venti four pump hazelnut two pump white mocha soy no whip latte has been diminished as a coded sticker is now being used to mark the drinks... Instead of a confused barista with a grease pen.

I was going to buy a Nano…

02.27.2007 @ 9:37 PM in Technology
So here's the deal...Last week, I almost bought an iPod Nano. Working out at the gym, and walking everywhere makes me long for musical accompaniment. I looked at the nano and loved the size, both physical and storage wise. Looked at the price, $199. Not bad, I could do that... but wait, I have to get Apple Care, the goddamn thing is bound to break.

199 + 39 = $238.00

Ok, now what was my primary purpose for getting an iPod? Working out and walking.. My gyms shorts don't have pockets, so I need an armband. The least gay looking one was from Nike, and ran about 29 bucks.

238 +29 = $267.00

$267... my wallet starts to burrow into my ass. Then looking at a possible everyday case for 24.95... and realized my two hundred dollar iPod would need a hundred dollars in protection. I said fuck it and bought a blue Shuffle.

267 + 24.95 = $291.95

Blue 1GB 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle + Nothing Fucking Else = $79.00

desktoys rockin

I've never been more happy and more satisfied with a digital product in so long. The Shuffle was built to be simple, but it succeeds on so many levels.

snowman shuffle

  • You Don't Need Apple Care -There is no screen to break, no harddrive to eat itself, and very little software to screw up. If it does brick... you paid 80 bucks for it, walk away. I'm no money bags but I don't see the 40 dollar charge on a device I'll probably end up losing cause its so frickin tiny.
  • Its So Freakin Tiny! -Height: 1.07 inches; Width: 1.62 inches; Depth: 0.41 inch (including clip). The Shuffle takes small and then gets ridiculous. I've lost this thing so many times on my body because you can't feel it. I have to touch it every few minutes to make sure I still have it. The size and lightness is great for those times when the headphones get yanked... the shuffle will go for a ride and stay attached. I'm sure you could send it flying, but no worries cause what's going to break?
  • Durable - I personally haven't done any tests, I like shiny things to stay shiny, but with my everyday usage it's banged a few things and never skipped a beat. I read other reviews claiming it can take a plunge in beer or fall from a 2nd story building; I believe it I've only read one report a long time ago about the clip bending in a pocket... but when your 36inch thighs are in 34in jeans I can blame the poor DAP. Speaking of the clip..
  • The Clip is the most innovative feature on a DAP ever! - The clip is small but strong and will securely attach to any piece of clothing it can wrap its little hinge around. Apple does great design and its sad to see a beautiful form covered up in nylon or hard plastic. The shuffle lets you enjoy the design that you paid a little extra to have. If you buy an accessory (but they don't really make them)... you are an 10d10t.
  • Shuffle or Continuous Play - thats it.. Seems like a drawback, but most of my Nano carrying friends keep their iPod on random anyway. If you group your albums together, a simple flick to continuous mode when you hear one of the track will let you play in linear mode when the mix gets to be too much.

shuffle bot

Yet Another Productivity killer: make your doodles dance!

02.26.2007 @ 6:18 PM in Technology
I heard about this a while back, but a recent reddit revival has prompted me to plug it. Pictaps is a sweet little shockwave "toy" that lets you draw anything you like and then send it dancing.


Click here to see my "likeness."  I wonder if I really look like that at Marcellas?

No power!

02.20.2007 @ 5:02 PM in Technology

No power!

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 20 Feb '07, 1.02pm AST PST.

Nothing better than having your room's power shut off by the lady in the other room using her microwave and tea kettle at the same time.

Супербитус, er superbitus, er, Savings Nuke

02.16.2007 @ 8:04 PM in Technology
You've Probably never heard of art.lebedev. But, if you do, then you know full well the talents of these guys; as well as probably having your heart broken by the vaporness of the optimus project. The newest and most available (meaning September, as opposed to maybe never for the Optimus Keyboard... yes i'm bitter) item is the Супербитус, which translates to Superbitus. superbitus.jpg Its a freaking ceramic Piggy Bank in the shape of Nuke!!! How ingenious and glorifyingly messed up is that? A white paint marker comes with the kit, and you write your intended fund on the side. superbitus-cover.jpg Once you have enough coin, let her fly.... then watch the destruction and satisfaction... superbitus-destination.jpg Price is only 550.00 rubles... that's the low, low, American Price of $19.56. (the same year of the first airborne explosion of a hydrogen bomb at bikini atoll) and delivery starts September 1, 2007. I'm gonna order a few of these... if only I can figure out the Russian shopping cart..

“What Goes Around… Comes Around” Launches on iTunes: The Review

02.16.2007 @ 6:16 PM in Technology


Watched the iTunes exclusive release of Justin Timberlake's third video single from "FutureSex/Lovesounds," "What Goes Around... Comes Around." The video had good hype, Scarlett Johannson, and enough web teasers to make me (and i'm sure you too, or at least a bunch of you... ok a few) head on over to iTunes and fork over the buck+99 to watch the damn thing. I bought the Explicit Directors Cut, which was about ten minutes long and had a few f-bombs (mostly spewed from the dirty dirty Scarlett). The plot, I think there was one, centered around Justin and his girl at a party, who he met in the beginning of the video.


They get horribly drunk, Justin trusts his girl with a friend....


and then comes back up a stairwell to find slutty Johannson making out with JT's buddy.


Justin kicks ass chokes the bitch, and Scarlett runs off to her car. She speeds away, Justin in tow.


And then she dies.


The "story" is cut in and out with lots of drunken blurry shots and Justin performing at the party that the "story" is participating in. Its a nice video and all, but I'm sure you could get away with the cut down musical verson and feel like the 1.99 was well spent. Click on for more screen shots.





Talking Urinal?

02.16.2007 @ 3:50 PM in Technology
Buffalo Pundit mentioned on his blog about the new "smart idea" to introduce motion sensing urinal cakes that audibly remind us men to get a cab home when we may have had too many.
"I don’t know about you, but I think I would be somewhat startled by that and probably do something that would make the janitorial staff of that particular establishment hate me and the talking urinal cake."
Now Pundit, just imagine if the urinal in question was one of these... barm_ibiza.jpglkiss1.jpg Yes, these exist, and no they are not modeled after Mick Jagger. Sold by Bathroom Mania, they've been slowly popping up all over the world and making men even more urinal shy since 2005. And yes, Buffalo has a couple sets of lips for you to uh... use, if you should feel so brave at Marcellas Showclub and Lounge on Pearl by Shea's. I work there, and it funny watching the first reactions in the men's room. Not that I hang out in the men's room... thats only at Buddies II. Now imagine, those lips, coupled with the smooth talking urinal cakes... I wouldn't be suprised either that that happens at Marcellas too, as nutted up as our owner is.

Hello grid-server

02.02.2007 @ 6:08 PM in Technology


I'm turning into a nomad of late.. this makes the second server move in two weeks. Sometime Monday, Buffawhat will settle into its new home in a Grid-server (gs) at MediaTemple. First off, let me leave a word of praise for Hostgator, my old host. Never have I been more pleased with a shared-server host on terms of support, uptime, and overall great packaging. I made the move to MediaTemple because I swear they are the absolute best hosting solution that you can ever hope to imagine. I'm on a grid-server, which basically means that my site(s) are handles and maintained by, say, 800+ servers on a nice little cluster. All these servers are hosted in the Garland Building: an earthquake proof, bio-metric entry, self sustainable data center from hell... So I may be down for a little bit... but not to worry.. and I'll post more on mediatemple once I'm settled in and happy.