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I bought a moleskin

07.10.2007 @ 5:26 PM in Technology

moleskin notebook

This is a new project to help me get back to blogging.  You see, I often thing up great ideas of things I wanna write, but often am never near a computer to write them down.  Now I have no excuse as I spare nothing to acquire the muse of the great, the moleskin notebook. A few things I notice about this thing...
  1. Not actually moleskin, despite that being the name... I was hoping to breath in and smell a tanned dead ground-dweller... nope.
  2. The back cover has this sweet little expandable pocket... to hold phone numbers from guys who get woodies from guys who use moleskins.
  3. For 13 bucks, you think they could have bleached the paper a bit... however, its really sweet to write on.
  4. The ribbon bookmark is purple... come on.. purple?
  5. No Spell check - big disappointment here... These people must live under a rock.
ps. I'm redesigning my blog from the ground up... css everything custom.. this is my project so I can do more with WNYMedia's code...  I'll tell you more as I do more...

Should you wait for the iPhone?

06.21.2007 @ 9:48 AM in Technology


For the past three months, I've gotten so many "are you getting and iPhone?" and "Ooh Man, I wanna get an iPhone," that my response has been memorized and dropped to a single word... Wait. I'm a Mac and a PC.. just call me Boot Camp or Mister Parallels... there is no PC1337 or mac-fanboy in me.. I just love good tech. Apple always manages to come out with a great product and wow the world with innovative user interfaces and intuivity(is that a word? is now). The only issue is that Apple will do everything in its power to control the quality of its product and to ensure compatibility across the board... hardware is locked down.. forcing you to deal. The upside is you get updates most of the time once a year on hardware and software updates spaced in between. Hence what is going to happen with the iPhone. Click here to continue reading this on

Step into the footure

06.19.2007 @ 7:54 PM in Technology
Almost nobody enjoyed my little blast to the past with the ASCII theme I've been running for the past month... Some wanted the gay back, all wanted the black gone, and most of ya wondered why the hell I haven't posted much but SNAP!'s lately. is re-launched... finally.. got a lot o bugs to work on and content to start posting over on.. but I'm gonna cross post a lot and start to build up the tech cred.. hence the title of the Technological Homosexual.  Its my moniker for WNYM and seems perfect name for my site. I know its all hopes and promises that I'll start posting more, but really I mean it this time. Look, i put some flickr pictures down yonder to the right, my twitter tweets are on the left, recent comments, posts.. not to mention I spent a few good hours hacking up the wonderful (but green) theme created by  Still got a bit more to do.. but ya get the point. I also have an idea for a new blog thats a bit... well... lets just say its called "Letters to my Gay Sons." My gay sons... you know what it is...

Digg Button Kit – the Parts

04.27.2007 @ 3:40 PM in Technology

Digg Button Kit - the Parts

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 27 Apr '07, 12.29pm ADT PST.

Here's all the parts that come in a pretty anti-static bag for the low low (actually kinda expensive for a do-nothing toy) price of 19.33 shipped. Now, off to Grumpybear's this weekend to use his soldering tools.
Get your own Digg Button Kit from Adafruit...

Cerwin Vega Drops 21-inch active woofers to help loosen that ugly wallpaper

03.30.2007 @ 5:22 PM in Technology
Blogged for the grumpybears benefit...

21 inch Cerwin Vega CVA-121 active woofer

Cerwin Vega, the leader of all things loud and 30Mhz, announced the launch of their new 21-inch (and an 18 incher too) Active subwoofer. Whats so special besides the 1200 watt amp packaged into the selfpowered earthmover is that the box itself will be no bigger than what would hold a 18 inch sub from some other company. You'll have to shell out a hefty 2 grand for 21 inches of pure face shattering power, or a meager $1499 for the 18 incher. Click on for the full press release Via fosfor Gadgets Cerwin Vega! Announces the First 21-inch Active Subwoofer on the Market Using Legendary Stroker™ Technology New line of active subwoofers to launch at Musikmesse include 21-inch and 18-inch Hollywood, Fla. – (March 29, 2007) – Cerwin Vega!, a leading manufacturer of loudspeakers and audio products, proudly announces the introduction of a new line of professional active subwoofers at Musikmesse. The Cerwin-Vega Active Series consists of two unique models, CVA-121 and CVA-118, featuring Cerwin Vega’s legendary driver design and bass performance, incorporated in a small compact footprint. Built-in amplifiers provide a completely integrated active system, and a functional cast aluminum grill doubles as a heat-sink to minimize power compression and maximize driver performance. Along with XLR and ¼-in connectors, the CVA subwoofers have Master/Slave output connectors that allow for multiple CVA subwoofers to be daisy-chained together using a single signal. The subwoofers also feature a 35 mm pole-mount socket to accommodate a satellite speaker for full range performance and the CVA-121 includes removable steel casters for portability. Both subwoofer enclosures are constructed of 18 mm hardwood and finished with the option of a durable Coolex® polyurethane paint or high-grade black carpet finish. From the company who pioneered bass and subwoofer technology, Cerwin Vega is the first loudspeaker company to successfully design a 1200 watt, 21-inch active subwoofer. The CVA-121 features Cerwin Vega’s innovative Stroker technology, which utilizes a three spider driver design to optimize cone excursion and voice coil efficiency. The powerful built-in 1200 watt (2400 watt peak), high-efficiency Class H amplifier provides a highly-qualified amp solution. In addition, the CVA-121 includes a unique onboard parametric equalizer that allows for added adjustment of the gain, frequency and Q for customized performance options. To add to its unique design, the subwoofer is housed in a cabinet the size of a traditional 18-inch subwoofer, and includes a striking cast aluminum grille design. CVA-121 • High-Performance 21-inch Woofer with Stroker™ Technology • Powerful Built-in 1200 watt Amplifier, 2400 watt Peak • Solid 18-mm Hardwood Enclosure Construction • Durable Coolex® Polyurethane Paint Finish or Carpet Finish • Versatile Onboard Parametric Equalizer • Scalable with Multiple Subs using Master/Slave Outputs • Convenient Stereo Crossover Outputs • Weight: 180 lb (81 kg) • Dimensions (H x W x D): 31.75 in x 23.5 in x 23.5 in - 806 mm x 533 mm x 533 mm • MSRP $1,999 The CVA-118 boasts a high-performance 18-inch Cerwin Vega woofer for extreme power handling and exceptional low-frequency response. Like its 21-inch big brother, the CVA-118 features built-in amplification for an integrated, all-in-one solution but with 700 watt (1400 watt peak) of high performance output. The overall size of the subwoofer is also minimal, housed in an enclosure the size of a standard 15-inch subwoofer. CVA-118 • High-Performance 18-inch Cerwin-Vega! Woofer • Powerful Built-in 700 watt Amplifier, 1400 watt Peak • Solid 18-mm Hardwood Enclosure Construction • Durable Coolex® Polyurethane Paint or High Grade Carpet Finish • Scalable with Multiple Subs using Master/Slave Outputs • Convenient Stereo Crossover Outputs • Weight: 115 lb (52 kg) • Dimensions (H x W x D): 25.0 in x 21.0 in x 23.5 in - 635 mm x 533 mm x 597 mm • MSRP: $1,499

Raleigh’s “LED City” not only cheaper, but brighter and safer?

03.30.2007 @ 3:18 PM in Technology
I'm a Buffalo boy now, but sometimes I just have to pat my old state (NC) on the back when they do something good...


When Raleigh officials announced in February that they were rolling out an LED lit city in hopes of using less energy, little did they know that the lights would also make people feel safer. In a recent survey from Cree, the local RTP based company who created the LED's for the city, results showed that an overall feeling of safety from commuters was increased by %76 when the new lights were installed in a parking garage.

Raleigh Garage Before and After

the people of Raleigh also felt for the most part that the lights were brighter and made the parking deck look cleaner. I'm gonna call up the old ex in Raleigh and ask him what he thinks. Via Engadget

iTunes rolls out Complete My Album

03.29.2007 @ 2:39 PM in Technology
99cents a song isn't bad, but that 9.99 an album can often be a deal. But, what happens if you already own a few of the songs from that album, and now you want the whole thing?  Before, it was that little inner struggle... get the whole album, save money and possibly hate the rest of the songs, or just get the music you want and risk spending more dough if later on you want it all. Ok, maybe just me, but it gets annoying. Obviously, I'm talking about iTunes and the iTMS... Today, Apple announced a solution to the song rebuy dilemma with "Complete My Album."  If you own a song from the album list, iTS will credit you $0.99 towards the purchase of the album....  Here's my example...


 I own "Dancing Box (Featuring TTC)" from Modeselektor's "Hello Mom (iTunes Version)" release.  Regular price on the album is $9.99 (for 14 tracks.. which is the deal in buying the albums). However, since I own a track already, iTS tells me I can buy it for $9.00. Notice the experation date, Apple only gives you 180 days to change your mind and get the discount... If you need more than that to get into the rest of the Hello Goodbye album, you prolly won't like it.  Of course, Apple also gives you the undeniable right to buy the whole album at full price at any time, as well as letting you know which songs you already own. From the press release..
“Music fans can now round out their music collections by upgrading their singles into complete albums with just one click, and get full credit for those songs they have previously purchased from iTunes,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of iTunes. “Complete My Album is a wonderful new way that iTunes helps customers grow and enjoy their music collections.” “iTunes continues to revolutionize the digital music industry by offering music fans innovative ways to explore and enjoy new music,” said Thomas Hesse, president, Global Digital Business and US Sales, Sony BMG Music Entertainment. “With Complete My Album, iTunes is giving music fans the best of both worlds—the ability to discover great new music by buying just the single and a credit toward the purchase of the complete album.”

Fine, Fine, I’ll Twitter Too

03.28.2007 @ 9:00 PM in Technology


So, the latest bandwagon is Twitter: the new form of "ZOMG! WHT RU DOIN? ORLY? K THX!" for the web, your phone, or your OSX Dashboard. Twitter is based around tweets, which are short (14o characters max) bits of information relevant to whatever you are doing at the time. You can text or IM your tweets, as well as updating from the Twitter site itself. With the API tools released, Twitter now makes it possible to send a tweet from anything. Enter in your mobile number and Twitter instantly becomes a tag-your-it game of "this is what I'm doing, what are you doing" with sms notification from everone that you are following tweets from. I've dropped a plugin to display my latest tweet on the sidebar under that cute picture of me. Sign up and start following my tweets!

The Optimus Maximus: for $1500 makes you total 133t, and poor

03.15.2007 @ 7:55 PM in Technology


The folks at Art.Lebedev gaves us some new pictures along with an updated pricetag to the vaporphillic and newly named Optimus Maximus Keyboard. $1490 will get you 114 fully customizable 32x32 pixel OLED keys that can be customized with anything you want.


Keys are replacable for ten bucks if you break one, but to help prevent that, the key is a clear cap that slides over the OLED to help minize wear and tear.


The Optimus will be able to store your keyboard layouts internally. The included software easily lets you change functions for every key and change images as well.


Ten extra function keys have been added to allow you to access some of your most favorite prgrams, information, or whatever, without having to sacrifice any of your standard key layouts.


Art.Lebedev will start to take pre-orders at the end of the month. Can't afford the $1490? The Optimus will also be released with less customizable keys for less money... but why not go for the gold? You'd never forgive yourself would you? You have time to think, ships in dec.

Office Shopping!

03.13.2007 @ 7:04 PM in Technology
Nothing better than raiding your old boss's office for loot and goodies... We miss you Susan, but the ruler and Sharpies make it all better.


The loot:
  1. Box(8 left) of PaperMate Flair felt tip pens - a must for our documentation duties.
  2. Six Sharpie Markers - Brown, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red (no Black) - Almost had to fight Kirk for these.
  3. Small Pocket Flathead Screwdriver - shit breaks sometimes, and sometimes I like to break shit.
  4. Westcott Wooden Ruler with metal inlay - a rare find is an ruler with twelve inches here, kinda like trying to find a guy over 6 inches in Buffalo
  5. Acme Value Stainless Scissors - It says "Acme," so they must be good.
  6. HP Glossy Laser Photo Paper - I don't have a color laser printer, but I know where one is...
  7. Card Organizer with index cards, divider, and case - No need for this, but it makes my desk look important... Makes me look important and busy... busy means people leave me alone.
  8. Two Packs of Avery Big Tab Dividers - Once again, no need.. but adds to the important-busy-left-alone thing
  9. Piece of 8x10 Acrylic - It was shiny, I wanted it, do I have to explain myself?