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Cute Dumb Boy with Plunger

01.12.2007 @ 8:51 PM in Lifestream
Just a random find on Youtube. He's so cute... but methinks a tad bit dumb. [youtube]kWOoYJ42F6Y[/youtube]

Office Cake!

01.12.2007 @ 8:28 PM in Lifestream

Office Cake!

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 12 Jan '07, 4.23pm AST PST.

It's VCM Amy's Birthday Sunday at the agency. So like all good interofficers, we eat cake. Actually, its a lot of staff's birthdays here in January, like mine. However, I will be calling in very sick Tuesday (I get Monday off!) because I'll still be in Bradford.

Snap! – snow in lancaster

01.10.2007 @ 5:31 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - snow in lancaster

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 10 Jan '07, 1.31pm AST PST.

Just about to head back to the agency... I had to help out another day program today, and we went to dave and busters. The snow in lancaster is interesting... Seeing that downtown has only gotten a windy dusting.

A new Kind of Apple

01.10.2007 @ 2:42 PM in Lifestream
Apple then and now I visited the Apple website today, and noticed that they finally changed their Copyright line to reflect their new identity. After the keynote and activation of the new site I noticed that the name had not yet been changed. It must be that today was the first legal day with the new name. Anyhoo,,, just a bit of web fodder to tail end (or kick off?) the slew of new Apple posts to clutter digg and the rest of the blogospheric blackholes. Methinks Apple Inc. is more sexy than Apple Computer Inc.

Snap! – Reflections

01.09.2007 @ 11:13 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - Reflections

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 9 Jan '07, 7.13pm AST PST.

Going Home... I wasnt going to leave work so late again... But I needed to make up for the productivity lost drooling over the iphone. Look in the reflection to see my logo instead of T-Mobile's. Did I ever mention I loue to hack my v360?

Give a Mug, Get a Mug!

01.08.2007 @ 6:37 PM in Lifestream
I'm participating in my first blog-by-mail event at C.A.C. We're doing a mug swap, and I was tipped to this fabulous coffee receptacle sharing celebration by the loverly Jennifer. I'm sending a mug to a California blogger, and receiving one from far away but beautiful New Zealand. I haven't been in contact with a New Zealander since I was running my old design forum and had a rambunctious geeky gal on my team with the curious handle of PastyWhiteBoy. She used to tease us with pictures of the beach and her backyard. Ahh, the connections we can make...


01.08.2007 @ 11:58 AM in Lifestream


Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 8 Jan '07, 7.58am AST PST.

I havent made breakfast before work in so long... Maybe its just getting home from the club and being up for 18 hours already that gave me the boost

Snap! – still a mess

01.07.2007 @ 2:20 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - still a mess

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 6 Jan '07, 10.20pm AST PST.

The table hasnt gotten much cleaner... I need an energy boost.

Letter from great aunt

01.07.2007 @ 1:51 AM in Lifestream

Letter from great aunt

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 6 Jan '07, 9.51pm AST PST.

I got a letter from my great aunt Delores today! Im soon discovering how important family is... especially your extended one... I never really knew my grandmother... she died a long time ago... but Aunt Delores has done a great job of filling in and spoiling me. I think I'll handwrite her back.

Snap! – My Shoe

01.05.2007 @ 9:50 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - My Shoe

Originally uploaded by Buffawhat. Taken 5 Jan '07, 5.50pm AST PST.

I really hate the thruway mall Walmart... The customer service dept to be exact. I normally leave work early and stop there on rent day to pick up a money order. In an ideal world... I have just enough time to get my business done before the next bus comes so I can finish my trip downtown. Its neuer ideal at that walmart where the understaffed customer service dept leaves me with a wasted trip.