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Two mo’s fighting on a freeway

11.19.2007 @ 10:29 AM in Lifestream
I'm not gonna say which purple hair freak i found this video on, because I don't visit his site, but I had to show this. Homo's are crazy, and by the looks, one was a little hefty, which is my second point: bears are crazy as hell. I'm just saying. Proceed. [flv width="600" height="450"][/flv]
  •  Via - Some Purple Headed Freak whose blog I don't read.

Snap! – Firebrand is zen

11.18.2007 @ 11:37 PM in Lifestream

Snap! - Firebrand is zen

Taken 18 Nov '07, 11.37pm EST PST.

Whats up to Jessica from FireBrand, the hottest new shoe store on Elmwood! Check her out on 715 Elmwood. Thanks for the snap! Rockstar!

Snap! – Bloody Jose

11.18.2007 @ 7:25 PM in Lifestream
11-18-07_1917.jpg Taken 18 Nov '07, 7.25pm EST PST.
Enjoying a bloody Jose at JP Bullfeathers with Angel. The last time I came here for one of them, marcellas was flooded and I had to rush to the nightmare.
  • Update: This is the second time at Bullfeathers that they have made me sad with their preparation of my food. I ordered my steak medium, came out well done. I made them comp my drink, which was the only reason I wanted to go. I don't think I can go back.

No Money on the Internet

11.18.2007 @ 2:55 PM in Lifestream
I've come to accept that Heroes Origins will never be aired, and I'm not too worried when the Bionic Woman goes off the air, but can someone give them their extra bit? I actually get their argument, because I primarily consume my television online by form of legal downloads and network streams. Here's the latest Youtube Video Blog from the writers of the Colbert report. [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube] This whole strike thing has been very entertaining, if it wasn't for everyone else losing their jobs as a consequence.

Hot Bear du Jour: John

11.18.2007 @ 12:00 AM in Lifestream
john_hbdj.jpg Meet John. He's 27, single, and lives in Annapolis, MD.  He's hot, with a killer smile and an exceptionally bright and witty attitude. He loves video games, gadgets and technology, my blog (FTW!), sushi, and art history. So if any guy is looking for a dream man in Annopolis, have your shit together and hunt this hot cub down. That's all.

Snap! Snow Bunny Angel

11.17.2007 @ 8:52 PM in Lifestream

Snap! Snow Bunny Angel

Taken 17 Nov '07, 8.52pm EST PST.

Angel is looking very snowball in his white hoody. We just left the ghetto Walmart. I have to get a picture up of this crazy sweet hoody that Angel made for me, thanks to Chris for the Snap!

Snap! – Sanitize that pole.

11.16.2007 @ 11:54 PM in Lifestream
Snap! - Sanitize that pole. Taken 16 Nov '07, 11.54pm EST PST.
For some reason, we booked a stripper party at Marcellas, I'm not getting back on that pole till they sanitize the hell out of that thing. I do have to give credit to one girl for her pole moves, but overall the girls were hot messes. Thanks to Death Metal Dave for the snap!

Turkey Cannon not as fun as it sounds, but makes you respectable.

11.15.2007 @ 11:44 AM in Lifestream


With Thanksgiving only a week away, Camp Chef brings you yet another new-fangled turkey cooking device for you to get into an argument over with your mother-in-law. The $25 Turkey Cannon will not turn Thanksgiving into fast food (horrible pun, but works everytime). No, its a roasting stand with a speculum curved cylinder attached that you slide the poor bird over and stick in the oven. Oh, yea, you can fill the cylinder with beer, wine, booze, rubbing alcohol, ethyl alcohol, Aqua Dots, or anything else sufficient enough to help ease the pain of having your whole family in your house. I guess spices would work too, like Salvia, or oregeno. Once in the oven, little arrows surround the turkey and turn it beige... this has something to do with the liquid in the cylinder boiling and releasing flavored steam. turkey_cannon.jpg This is essentially a beefier version of the hick tested, Martha approved, Beer Butt Chicken. p.s. - catch my enthusiasm for Thanksgiving?

Hot Bears du Jour

11.15.2007 @ 10:59 AM in Lifestream
steve_n_andy.jpg A Big Happy Anniversary to my boys Andy and Steve!  They are celebrating six years of fur-flying togetherness. I challenge any couple, hetero or homo, to match how much these guys love each other. Now get your asses back to Buffalo soon boys. We miss you guys.

Social Networking will get you Every Time

11.14.2007 @ 9:39 AM in Lifestream
The email you send to your boss because you want to go to that awesome party that your stupid job would otherwise obstruct your attendance of: colvinemail1a.png The picture you upload to Facebook, because Facebook rules your life and demands that you do so: kevincolvin.jpg Then, because Facebook also rules the life of your coworkers, someone notices it and figures out that you really didn't have a family emergency. He shows your boss, who chuckles and sends you this reply, with condemning photo attached, and bcc'd to the entire office: colvinemail2.png Your coworker then, realizes that this is a blogging goldmine, sends this to valleywag, which results in the entire blogosphere reposting it and making you an example of how social networking destroys your privacy and the once foolproof "family emergency email." colvinemail3.png