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Hot Bear du Jour

12.05.2007 @ 11:23 AM in Lifestream
The Big Bitch Sleeping.... Happy Birthday LoLO! The Hot Bear du Jour is my buddy Lorenzo, who picked up and moved out of Buffalo to live in Las Vegas cause he's crazy. Ok, so he got his teaching job there and loves it, but we misses him. Hope your 29th Birthday is a good one.. go get your cakes iced! lolo2.jpg lolo3.jpg lolo4.jpg

Starbucks + (Christmas x Gay)= Totally Gay

12.05.2007 @ 10:36 AM in Lifestream
buxmas Part one of the homo-ness that has come to be expected of me and exerted upon my work population, almost per request, is my addiction to overpriced Starbucks items. I understand Starbucks does not neccesarily scream "fag!" but when you have a custom Starbucks flower arrangement, the rest falls into place. Made by someone I knew who combined his servitude to the *bucks with his previous career as a flower arranger, he only made a few of these to auction off. Mine was a "gift." The Starbucks Advent Calendar just seemed so commercially ridiculous and expensive that I had to have it. I go to a different staff member each day to let them open and take the truffle inside. buxmug Every season the mug of choice changes, and always from Starbucks. The mainstay mug is a 20oz paper cup replica, with my favorite drink recipe scribbled on the side. I had a bright summer mug, but one morning got the best of me before i could get my coffee and the mug shattered. I died a bit on the inside. Right now, I'm rockin the peppermint shorty. For Christ's sakes its only 16 ounces small and yet the cafeteria lady still bitches about how it holds a half pot of coffee... I've warned her I will break out the 24 ounce if she keeps it up. Now, if you look closely in that last picture, you notice that the actual coffee I drink? Its from Wilson farms. Its all about apearances, darling.

Snap! – Buffa-lo

12.05.2007 @ 2:11 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - Buffa-lo

Taken 5 Dec '07, 2.11am EST PST.

This custom art piece that sits in our office was made by the wife of one of our WNYMedia bloggers. Such a pretty orange goes great with the key wall panels. Oh, hey big sister! Thanks for the snap! Be good in that busy city.

I’d totally be blogging right now…

12.04.2007 @ 1:48 PM in Lifestream
I'm getting pulled by three different arms right now getting all the kinks worked out on  The light amount of posts today and yesterday are cause of that... but since I'm a totally giving guy.. here's a reason why we don't mess with drag queens... [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube] A certain bearish hooker-type told me that Jarvis is close to Church St in Toronto. And now, an example of what happens when two trannies get into it. [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube]

Snap! – The Geek Wreath

12.03.2007 @ 3:18 PM in Lifestream

the Christmas geek wreath

Taken 3 Dec '07, 3.12pm EST PST.

Unearthed the legendary tinsel wreath from storage. The only concern right now is that i have the Sabres door up. I need to find a new spot for the wreath, my ginormous stocking and the other decorations. I guess I could take the sabres door down till after christmas.

thanks to Victor for the snap! One thing to note for the previous unsuccessful snappers is that sometimes flickr and my blog miss a beat and the snap takes a day to post or sometimes never at all.. just the glitch of playing with API's

Kitty Wigs: I Can Haz Updo?

12.03.2007 @ 11:23 AM in Lifestream
kittehwig.jpg Seriously, WTF? I want. To think that people could ever do such a thing to their pets is the number one reason why cat owners find dead mice and birds on their beds in the mornings. Mr. Bigglesworth saw The Godfather, too; you might want to take a hint. I know Skylar would hate me at first, but he's a bigger queen than his daddy ever could be. Apparently this project is the brainchild of an overzealous a talented and witty cross-stitcher who is so lonely that her only solace is loves dressing her cat Boone up in wigs and taking pictures. And now you can too. For a swift $50 you can get your choice of a Pink Passion, Bashful Blonde, Silver Fox, or Electric Blue wig right sized for your feline companion. The package comes complete with wig on a hair form with hairnet in a custom hat tin. Also included is a mousey rattle to help your cat forget his torture as you subject him to blinding lights all for your focus Mr. Bigglesworth as you prepare him/her for flickr stardom. kittehwig2.jpg
Each Kitty Wig™ comes in an attractive round metal wig case with our fresh new logo on it. Your wig will arrive on a wig form and covered in a hair net to help keep its shape and luster. The package also includes complete instructions for care, suggestions from professional photographers, and a mouse with rattle to help you direct Kitty's stunned gaze. Every kitty loves the promise of a new toy for model behavior. Please remember, Kitty Wigs should only be used with human supervision, and introduced slowly. When not in use, the wig should always be stored in its pawproof case. Complete directions and safety warnings are included with every package. Please read them carefully and avoid unnecessary dangers.

Vote for Best Dressed Man of the Capitol Region: Alan B. Ilagan

12.03.2007 @ 10:10 AM in Lifestream
alan_dressed.jpg I've been meaning to mention something about Alan for a while; he's the only blogger to ever send me snail mail: a custom postcard in fact. It seems, now, that Alan has gotten himself into a bit of a contest with Times Union for Best Dressed Man of the Capitol Region. Capitol Region being Albany, NY, and best dressed man being Alan, of course. I won't tell you to vote for Alan, I'll let you look at the photos of the other contestants (make sure you click on their pictures from the link below to see the rest of their shots), then make the obvious choice. Oh yea, Alan is a photographer and a great writer, so don't forget to check out his site after you vote for him.

Snap! – Sabres vs Hurricanes

12.02.2007 @ 1:26 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - Sabres vs Hurricanes

Taken 2 Dec '07, 1.26am EST PST.

Chilling at the Pearl St with a new pal. I think that Carolina is gonna get their asses beat! Thanks To Lorenzo for the Snap! Remember to check the button next time, betch!

Morning Link Load

11.30.2007 @ 9:17 AM in Lifestream
I've got to head off to training this morning. Need to get this damn thing over with so I can be eligible for my 3% performance bonus this December. I think its Safety Practices or whatever... Here's a few links to mull over while I mull over the relativity of this training and my job description.

Snap! – Toyganization and Hero party

11.30.2007 @ 2:09 AM in Lifestream

Snap! - Toyganization and Hero party

Taken 30 Nov '07, 2.09am EST PST.

I think I finally have a handle of where and how to display the toys i've collected. Speaking of toys, Hero is having their 13th month anniversary party tomorrow the 30th, from 7-10. I'll be going and you should check it out too! Thanks josh for the snap! I'll reply to that email right now.