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Bill Clinton has a dream

01.22.2008 @ 12:55 PM in Lifestream
While I was busy sleeping away my MLK day, like every good state jobbie should, It's nice to know someone else was catching his zzz's. [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube]

Colton Ford and Cazwell: “Thats Me”

01.18.2008 @ 3:05 PM in Lifestream
 [youtube width="600" height="501"][/youtube] What could be hotter than the new single from handsome daddy porn star Colton Ford? The fact that it features NYC's dirty rapper boy Cazwell. Ford steams it up and Cazwell drops his beats in this kinda-not-so-safe-for -work music video. Directed by Joe Oppedisano and off of the new release "Tug of War."

Feb 9: Albany Bombers Benefit Game

01.18.2008 @ 12:57 PM in Lifestream
  • The Albany Bombers, the straight-friendly Hockey Team of the Capital Region is having a benefit game on Saturday, February 9, 2008 at 1pm on the Ice @ Union College in Schenectady
  • Albany Bear, Jim Larson, will be MC'ng the event.
  • $3 in advance or $5 day of game -- oh hell! just give them the $5!!
  • map

Happy Birthday to Me

01.17.2008 @ 1:35 PM in Lifestream

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I keep telling folk I'm not a cute 21 year old anymore. Last year was one of the biggest growing seasons for me; I learned about the deepest darkest side of the social realm, I learned just how much love will blind you, and how easy it is to manipulate an appearance. I've gained the best friends, lost the fake ones, and broken a few hearts. Twenty-Two is the year to sort all I'll I've learned from Twenty-One and learn even more. wait.jpg I'm not too big of a birthday basher. I'm more happy with a few close friends just hanging out and spending some me time. I do have a massive drinking party Saturday with like 15+ Canadians (3 are also celebrating Birthdays too), but the prime moment was Wednesday when I turned 22 and got my first tattoo. Angel and I set this up over a month ago, that we'd bothed get inked on my Birthday. I was getting the Whiteboy cock on my shoulder, and he was getting Shiva on his back. A tattoo parlor is a serious thing to choose from in Buffalo. You have HOD, MaddGraffixx, RedHouse, Hardcore, Cowpok, and Divine Machine, among the other little shit shacks. We chose Randall from Divine Machine, a fairly new shop right across from my Allen offices. Randall.jpg Randall is a real awesome guy, a family kinda bear, he's in my community so to say. His pieces are quirky and detailed, and he always puts the right energy in with your tattoo. Did I mention he was hot? progress.jpg Tattoo went fairly easy, a little more uncomfortable due to the large surface being filled in solid black, but I'm totally happy with what I have now. I've also learned that I have the perfect pun machine tattoo (its a black cock, think about it). Look at the end of the post for a video of the whole thing. finished.jpg Angels' Shiva was a little more complex, but Randall took his time with the outlining and it came out most awesome. angel.jpg And then... we went to a tittie bar. The Colonie Lounge to be precise. So, it was my idea, but my business partners thought it would be extra cool to get me to hang around some laydees for my birthday. It wasn't too bad and the girls were ok, but what threw me was that they were spitting the same game and words to me (I was pretending to be straight) that I play the boys at Marcellas when I'm working. I felt like a mark, a fish out of water... I loved it. I didn't enjoy the beef curtains in my face so much but I did manage a very sexy body shot off of this well blessed pretty shot girl. No pictures of that but yes, I'm still gay.

Weekend Update: Lampinelli, BDSM, and Family

01.14.2008 @ 3:55 AM in Lifestream

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I was Lisa Lampinelli's personal whore

lampinelli_web.jpg Actually, it was our bouncer James, making out with her, but I was her homo hospitality liason for the evening. See, Lisa Lampinelli perfomed at Shea's Theatre Friday night, and like a good fag hag, she brought her ass (and pals) to Marcella's for her after-party. True to her schtick, she latched on to James, our beloved black bouncer who by then end of the night was shirtless showing his "runaway slave" tattoo to her and getting a little Lampinelli action. I hear he didn't get the "bomb-ass-pussy" but that she would make it back to buffalo and "BOOM!" I think I like Lampinelli more than Kathy Griffin, at least Lisa came to Marcella's and she's actually cool people.

Blackout and BDSM

Now, there was a little issue that made my running arounds interesting. We had a black-out party that night. The first this year, a black out party is when we turn the lights out at midnight and folk dance to glowsticks and black lights. Essentially, everyone does their drugs, and a few people get fucked on the dancefloor, but you can't see shit. Since, I'm the light guy, I'm pretty much jobless at Black-out parties. I end up making my coins by dancing or running around for our manager, Richard. When I used to dance and whore around, I would dress up in my leather gear or something fierce and parade around dripping in glowlights. Nowadays, I'm getting older and grumpier and I can't stand to dance for tips and trolls as much, but I always try to do a little something for the black out parties. This time, I decided to borrow a custom made gas mask that belongs to a "boy" of mine. I think I scared a few people with it. If you are wondering why someone would own an Anubis style gas mask, let custom order it, lets just say my "boy" enjoys certain BSDM elements where this would come in handy. Think oxygen and sensory deprivation. I live a full life, eh? anubis.jpg I also realized that night that I've crossed over in my alchohol tolerance for Jack Daniels. I was power drinking that night, and Joseph loves to pour strong drinks for me. Yet, I couldn't even taste the alcohol and I was pretty nimble running around for Lampinelli. However, look below and you can tell I was pretty lit... me.jpg

Dinner with the Folk.

I paid for it in the morning however. Wasn't a hangover like I expected. No, Nater woke up still drunk at noon with my pops and my (for all intents and purposes) stepmom to take me out to lunch. We headed over to Pearl Street Grill to eat and then I got to show my Bradford living folks a bit of the Elmwood Strip. dadnatejerrie_web.jpg Ooh, I almost forgot, I picked up a new vinyl too. Urban Treeson. After Pearl, we went to Hero so I could introduce my folks to the people who have been taking my money that last few weeks, but they had their intern at the store.... Bah! Regardless, I caved to the Treeson craze and picked up the black and crying model. urbantreeson_web.jpg I skipped out on Saturday at the club, since Mike and I broke up, I've been wary of going out and dealing with fallout. I thought for a moment that since we ended things amicably that everything was ok, turns out he back to his bitter self again, this time talking about his "whore of an ex husband running off and fucking the Canadians," and how "he should break up every week, he feels so good." I'm trying to not let shit like that affect me, it just sucks to see another ex go the shady route. least I didn't have to break his ribs... yet.

The Third Installment, still shitty as ever

01.11.2008 @ 3:01 PM in Lifestream
 lame.jpg I'm not gonna post a reaction video because this shit (literally) does not phase me anymore. Maybe cause I'm a sick fuck to begin with or because I have had to deal with situations at work in the back end of the ballpark like this. Anyways, 2girls1cup had a sequel, called 2girls1finger. It featured the same shit, a little more fiber in this one, but ya know.. gross.  Well, I just found out about the newest edition, 4girlsfingerpaint.  figure it out. Remember a time when tubgirl and goatse and lemon party were the only ways to freak out your friends?

Wilfred Wood: 7 inch Coot Vinyl

01.11.2008 @ 1:57 PM in Lifestream
wood.jpg Wilfred Wood is a master of creating unique and lovable expressions of humanity from polymer clay. Drawing his inspiration from unconventional sources, like fat people, androgyny, contortionists, and freaks, he will occasionally release his figures as resin casts. This time, he's given us all his newest oddity: Coot.


Isn't he adorable?  Coot is a alternate to Juggernaut, a vinyl cast of the same form but carrying a club instead of a hair dryer. Hair dryer? What do you need one of those for Coot? You are bald, even your nuts are hairless! From the smile to the absurdity of it all, Coot is another great new vinyl to just be released. He's also limited to 400 worldwide, so get him while you can. Produced in cooperation with Gum Productions.

Want: Size? Burgerman Umbrella

01.11.2008 @ 9:41 AM in Lifestream
I would never hint hint for gift ideas around near my birthday (WEDNESDAY JAN 16TH!!!!). Eff that, I want this! sizeburgerman.jpg Jon Burgerman is a doodle fiend. He probably scribbled these awesome exclusive pieces for size? in an hour and then cashed the check. I'm not sure what makes these so striking, is it the "?" riddled amidst a cast of contoured characters? Maybe. Is it the limited 300 per piece run worldwide availability that makes me wanna skip a rent check right now to get these the whole set? Perhaps. However it could just be the fact that this is the coolest umbrella I have ever seen in my entire life and I want it in my hands like Obama (nObama 2008!) wants Hillary (FTW!) in the back of his trunk. All that life changing, rain repelling, pimp statusing Mark-Brickey-Piss-your-pants-you-jealous-Mofo could be mine for £11.99, or ~$40US. The rest of the set is pretty slick: the Hoody is reversable (black with pockets lined) and along with the shirt and sweater they all feature unique drawings of their own. A belt was created too, but I couldn't find it for sale.

VibraExciter: cyberdildonic pleasure for the man who twitters a lot.

01.10.2008 @ 12:18 PM in Lifestream
vibra_2_1.jpg What do you get the guy who has every cellphone gadget imaginable? You get him the VibraExciter, one the the few cyberdildonic devices tailored for men. In short, it's a cock ring with two eggs attached to a hands free unit that goes off for when your phone gets a call or a text. I'd be afraid to get this, with the amount of tweets i get on my phone, especially after @keithburtis or @jowyang gets on a roll, I don't think I'd be able to maintain a flaccid state. vibra_1.jpg

An early Birthday present.

01.10.2008 @ 9:59 AM in Lifestream
ledbetterkozik_web.jpg [Ledbetter Finders Keeper and a Kozik Monger] I got these little items the other day from a good pal Mike, in Texas. He's kinda a cooky sort, and my oldest interweb pal; he's always been there over the years no matter how crazy things have been for me. I wasn't expecting a birthday gift, but when it arrived I wasn't surprised to see a cock ring and some rubbers included. I love my friends. It's crazy, but I sometimes feel more connected with my peeps from the web than the ones I have locally. My moving around a lot has something to do with it I guess, I'm kinda amazed I'm still in Buffalo for almost three years, and not all that restless to change it. pinkelephant2_web.jpg This beautiful vinyl piece came from Hero as a present for myself. A bit pricey, but the absolute top quality paint job and idea of it all makes the Pink Elephant w/ Drunky McSkunky a must have for any toy collection. its probably one of the best new vinyls to come out for the new year. Pink Elephant was designed by Amanda Visell and producedby Munky King. Visell is simpy amazing with her illustrations and its a delight whenever her work gets put into this medium. drunky_web.jpg Drunky McSkunky has a magnet on his bum so he stays on top of the pink elephant. Now thats radtastic.  You can get this at Hero on Allen or online at Munky King.