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Hot Bear du Jour

04.02.2008 @ 12:35 PM in Lifestream
Saw this Fireplug at Subway while I was with my rec group. Reminded me I haven't done a a hot Bear du Jour in a while. While he had a nice butt and an even nicer belly, I ommited the head because, well, he's a bit of a butterface. That's ok, I'll support my local firemen anytime. now im off to go set somethin on fire. Posted from moBlog – mobile blogging tool for Windows Mobile

Meet Barry the Beaver

04.01.2008 @ 9:38 AM in Lifestream
When I get asked to explain (validate) why I spend so much money on these vinyl toys, I say that they are upscale toys, designer toys, and like a lot of collectors say, they are "toys for adults, but not that kind of toy." Not anymore. barrybeaver.jpg [I got my Beaver from Hero Design on 93 Alllen in Buffalo] Meet Barry the Beaver. he's 5.25" of lovable vinyl, with a flexible rubber tail and he's just so happy to see you. Twist him on the stump (provided you installed the AA battery included) and watch how excited he gets. Created by the amazingly talented and semi-twisted Jeremy Fish, in conjunction with Superfishal and UpperPlayground, Barry was produced by and is available in limited release for ~$45. Pick one up and bury your beaver today. Meet Barry the Beaver from Nathan Strang on Vimeo.
  • Jeremy Fish is a prolific artist who has an extensive history working with Upper Playground. Over the years, he has contributed numerous graphics for Upper Playground's apparel line, with his own line, SuperFishal, being established in 2007. In addition to his clothing line, he has released two popular art books through Upper Playground. Fish's book credits include: I'm With Stupid featuring some notable selections from the Big Stupid series that ran in SLAP magazine and The Next Best Thing, a collaboration with hip-hop artist Aesop Rock that featured a storybook accompanied by a 7" picture disk. For more info on Jeremy,

Video: Skylar and his new daddy.

03.31.2008 @ 9:54 AM in Lifestream
Alright, so it has been almost a week with no updates, and I have been quite mum about the Scranto visit. Work has swizzled my hours around and tossed on a few extra projects, sending me into reorganization mode with almost every one of my daily activities. Not to fear for the blog, I just have to schedule the time I have to update. I really hate responsibilities.. makes me itch. Anyhoo, here is a video clip that me and John took while he was here. Skylar was an attention whore, sapping up to John and winning him over instantly. Watch out for the cute bear at the end... he's MINE. Skylar from John Scranton on Vimeo.

ModBlog: Not Safe For Wimps.

03.24.2008 @ 1:13 PM in Lifestream
People that know me know one thing for sure: I'm a sick puppy. I love the unconventional, the extreme, the things that make you go "OMFGWTFHWARFFF!" get a passing "hmm, interesting" from me. Granted I'm not totally desensitized, I just look a bit differently at things; I'm always looking for that one thing to really set me off. One of my favorite tries is ModBlog, maintained by creator of BMEzine, Shannon Larratt. The site is a mixed gallery of beautiful (and some awful) tattoos and body mods, blatant objectification of pretty pierced ladies, and the (more than) occassional extreme mod like subincision of the genitals or  perhaps a self-amputated finger. Its a crapshoot when browsing, beauty is only half as popular as the bizarre on ModBlog, but it serves a very important purpose: giving you a glimpse into the wide world of body modification. inkedaussie_cut.jpg As a taste, I'll lure you in with this tempting shot of an inked aussie who must bare all to show the extent of his inking. Click on the picture to jump to the original post with a fuller view.

Scranto’s Video Test

03.14.2008 @ 1:38 PM in Lifestream
John bought himself a new digital camera, and sent me this video to show the quality of the recording. I twittered about it, only to have the bears demand viewing rights as well. So here it is, coupled with a testdrive of the new Sprout online flash widget creator.

Virgin Mobile Canada Puts Spitzer’s Shame to Use

03.14.2008 @ 10:08 AM in Lifestream
The Canadians are laughing at us (New Yorkians) right now, and Virgin Mobile Canada is taking the joke all the way to the bank, using our disgraced NY Governor as a part of their new "you call the shots" campaign. The ads will run in Toronto newpapers this week. spitzer_client_9.jpg The copy reads..
  • At Virgin Mobile, you're more than just a number. When you call us we'll treat you like a person, not a client. Whether you're #9 or #900, you'll get hooked up with somebody who'll finally treat you just how you want to be treated.
In addition to Spitzer, VMCa  has plans to release ads poking fun at Hillary and Obama as well. via CNet News

AFA Wants to Stop the Silence

03.13.2008 @ 1:37 PM in Lifestream
aalert_ban.gif The Day of Silence is a day when Students in schools across the United States opt to remain silent during class, to symbolize the "silence faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their allies." Instead they hand out a small card to people that explains that their "deliberate silence echoes that silence, which is caused by harassment, prejudice, and discrimination... that ending the silence is the first step toward fighting these injustices." The DOS is on the April 25th, and has been going on since 1996. However, this year, there is a heightened interest and involvement as a result of the murder of Lawrence King. The AFA doesn't want the DOS to happen, releasing an "action alert" explaining their stance on it and are urging parents to keep their kids home to persuade schools to cancel the voluntary events held on April 25th. Here's the PSA, [audio:] and their FAQ on the event
Read this doc on Scribd: AFA Day of Silence Action FAQ What's Wrong with the Day of Silence? Frequently Asked Questions about the 'Day of Silence' and our protest.... Q. Why should parents be concerned about the so-called Day of Silence? A. This event was started a decade ago by an adult homosexual advocacy group, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), with the goal of promoting homosexuality to all students in a given school. It has grown enormously, unfortunately, as the support for the 'gay' agenda has been embraced by thousands of schools and impressionable students nationwide. The Day of Silence postures every person who ide

Snap! – Hello from moBlog!

03.12.2008 @ 2:36 PM in Culture, Lifestream
if all goes well, there is a (should be two actually) picture above this post and you can are this on im testing some new blogging software, and its a bit buggy, but I like it so far. ill probably be using it to post the snaps again, seeing flickr is wonky atm. Posted from moBlog – mobile blogging tool for Windows Mobile

Salari Ika Fully Dressed

03.11.2008 @ 8:17 AM in Lifestream
Frank Kozik Salari Ika First Look Courtesy of Skullbrain, Frank Kozik teases our wallets with  a first look at his latest Kaiju, Salari Ika. From proto to the finest Japanese vinyl, expect this 22cm corporate squidman to drop its red tape in the next month or so, possibly Wonderwall. SkullBrain via ToysREvil

WANT: KidRobot releases Adult Swim Minis in April.

03.06.2008 @ 10:56 AM in Lifestream


[Assy McGee, Lil' Squidbillie, Robot Chicken, and Grandma Squidbillie]

This is it. Convergence. The love of the toy merged with the love of late night absurdity... KidRobot plans to release a 20 toy blind box series this April featuring an allstar Adult Swim cast. The figures appear to be about 3 inches tall, and will retail at select retail stores for $7.95 Here's the lineup: Definitely I shall definitely be getting up on this series like a fat kid on a Snicker Bar. I'm not a fan of all the shows to be featured, but I plan on getting the ATHF, Robot Chicken, and Squidbillies. I really really hope the two mysteries are Master Shake and Meatwad from teh Aquateen Series...


  • Via Vinyl Pulse because KidRobot is keeping quiet. Apparently, during SDCC 2007, Kidrobot sent out a press release that they had secured the license to drop the minis this February. That never happened. No one really know why but if Vinyl Pulse is on the money (they nearly always are) then we will see these in early to mid April. Hopefully I'll hear more soon and I'll see what I can do about poking Hero Design to carry a box or three.